Last time on Bones, the team solved a murder, but more important, Booth and Brennan marked their daughter’s first birthday with a party and rousing game of tag in the park. Tag was Brennan’s favorite game as a child, so this had sentimental significance as well.

This week’s episode of Bones, “The Turn in the Urn,” has the crew trying to identify the remains of three people found in an urn. It also marks the return of one of my favorite interns, Finn Abernathy.

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Lady in Black

We kick off with Brennan and Booth prepping for the funeral of Mr. Todd Mirga, a hedge fund manager who funded some of Brennan’s research. Although they have never met, Brennan wants to pay her respects, while Booth wants to watch the Flyers game. As they arrive at the opulent outdoor service, Booth is catching the game on his phone. Classy!

When Brennan tries to offer her sympathy to Mirga’s mother, she calls her a whore and says that Todd slept with her. Booth is not amused.  Things get interesting when the deceased arrives and tells everyone to leave. If Mirga is alive, then whose cremains are in the urn?

Costa Rican Alibi

Mirga tells Booth and Sweets that he was in rehab in Costa Rica, and just learned of his funeral. The victim was found in the safe room of Mirga’s house and had apparently been there for three weeks. It was assumed that it was an accidental drug overdose and the case was closed.

Opie and Thurston’s Hot Sauce

Finn is back, and he is thrilled that Opie and Thurston’s Hot Sauce is going national. That is great news for both Abernathy (Opie) and Hodgins (Thurston). Both Cam and Bones caution Finn about his interest in wealth and material goods.

Brennan pours the ashes out of the urn, and it’s time for the Jeffersonian team to get to work. The ashes have much larger than usual fragments of bone in them, and when multiple fragments of the same bone are found, it is clear that something weird is going on here. There are remains from three separate bodies, and Brennan is excited about trying to identify the victims.

More Money, More Problems

Sweets and Booth discuss how Mirga’s mother made the arrangements for his funeral. Sweets fills Booth in on Mirga’s addictive personality and how money was another drug of choice for him.

Hodgins and Finn examine some uncontaminated evidence from the safe room. The syringe found at the scene had never been used. Hodgins also discovers some soil particulates that are only found in Mongolia. Finn also finds a non-human bone in the urn. Hodgins, too, cautions Finn about his new spending habits.

Angela works her magic and is able to regress the photo of the body so they can get an accurate picture of the victim. The victim is Daniel Barr, who is Mirga’s “personal concierge.” Apparently, sometimes wealthy people have other people to help them spend their money. Mirga becomes even less charming when Booth accuses him of murdering Barr.

Mommy Dearest

Sweets is shocked that Barr has no prior criminal arrests, but Mirga’s mother sure does!  She has racked up larceny, theft and fraud charges.

Booth and Sweets bring her in for questioning, and she tells them that they are persecuting her because she is of Romani descent. She also explains that Todd gave her things and then forgot.  She even filed a restraining order against Barr, but he continued to have her removed from her son’s home. Mrs. Mirga points the finger at Sarah Metzler, Todd’s girlfriend, and explains that Barr was the one to get rid of Todd’s girlfriends when he was through with them.

Meanwhile, Finn and Michelle meet for coffee. When Finn suggests that she transfer to Georgetown, she tells him that she likes her school. She seems a bit distant. I wonder if her feelings for Finn have changed?

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Ancient Artifact

Hodgins identifies the piece of animal bone in the urn as carved narwhal tusk, and it is over a thousand years old. He also finds flecks of silver and gold on the tusk. Brennan theorizes that Barr was struck in the head by an ancient artifact that was later removed from the scene.

Booth meets with Sarah Metzler. She is not wealthy, and she claims she would love Todd even if he was poor. She also says that she was friends with Barr and would never hurt him.

Brennan has managed to identify the rare artifact as “The Slaughterer’s Chalice,” which dates back to 2018 BC.  Brennan and Booth discuss the chalice over lunch. Booth doesn’t like Todd because he is entitled and selfish. Booth soon finds out that the only dealer with the correct connections to bring the chalice into the US is Satima Najjar.

Stealing History

Booth and Brennan go to meet Najjar, who doesn’t know that Barr is dead. She is shocked when they ask about the chalice and insists that no one has seen it in over 300 years. Finally, she admits that Barr offered $50 million dollars if she could locate the chalice. Najjar states that she turned down the job and doesn’t sell stolen artifacts. Brennan proves her wrong by pointing out another rare artifact that was, indeed, stolen. Booth promptly arrests her.

Hodgins performs another wild experiment and finds that some additional particulate evidence is diamond dust, but it is not from the chalice. Brennan and Booth meet with Todd, who denies knowing anything about the chalice. Mirga admits to knowing Najjar, but has never met her in person. Booth accuses Mirga of having Barr locate the chalice for him. Mirga is so smug that poor Booth can barely stop himself from slugging him.

A Shot in the Dark

Brennan has the equipment from the crematorium brought into the Jeffersonian as they are missing part of Barr’s remains. The mortuary’s furnace was not operating properly, leaving behind pieces of flesh and bone. Finn notices that Barr was shot about two weeks before his death. Seems like a mighty popular guy!

A Change of Heart

Michelle arrives to talk with Finn. She breaks down as she tells him how much she has changed and that she is too young to make a commitment. She returns the expensive bracelet that Finn bought for her from the hot sauce money.

Cam discovers heroin in Barr’s tissue from the crematorium, and Hodgins finds that the metal from the bullet points to it being an antique. There were only two of the guns in existence, and guess who just happened to purchase one several weeks before Barr was shot? Todd Mirga!

A Strange Confession

Mirga admits to accidentally shooting Barr while they were high and then paying off Barr for his silence. When Brennan mentions the diamond dust, he confesses to hitting Barr with the chalice because he was stealing from him. Mirga does ask for an attorney, but Booth is suspicious because of the way Mirga confessed.

And the Killer Is…

Bones suggests to Finn that he swab the inside of some of the bones to look for particles that may have melted from the heat of the crematorium. She also suggests that he cry about his breakup with Michelle. 

Hodgins also finds more diamond dust and Angela remembers something about diamond manicures. It turns out that Sarah Metzler purchased the expensive nail polish at a charity auction. Brennan and Booth bring in Metzler, and she says that she saw Barr putting drugs in the safe room for Todd, and she snapped. She also admits to obtaining the chalice from Najjar to surprise Todd.

Cam and Finn have a heart to heart and Cam tells him that Michelle is better because she knows Finn. Finn is still sad, feeling that his preoccupation with money is why Michelle broke up with him.

Brennan is giddy with excitement when they see the chalice on display. Booth favors the Stanley Cup and picks up the chalice for a selfie. I love it!

I really likes this episode of Bones, but I am sad that Michelle decided to break up with Finn.

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