People are unpredictable.  When casting a show like Big Brother (or Survivor) CBS will never be able to fully predict how different people will react to each other once the cameras start rolling.  This fact is no more apparent than in these first two episodes of Big Brother 9.  CBS thought Sheila and Adam were soul mates.  Apparently, they didn’t take into account that Sheila was just about the most shallow, judgmental, and negative person on earth.  No matter how extensive your background checks are, it’s impossible to know how a group of people will interact until they’re thrown together.  Tonight’s episode of Big Brother purged the house of two people – one who probably deserved it and one who didn’t (but probably wasn’t opposed to getting the hell out of that house). 

Big Brother 9: Week 1 Eviction Recap

A Glorious Call-Out

Who knows where this began, but Jacob decided to tell a group of people that he thought Parker was a snake.  Then he prefaced this by saying he had overheard someone calling Parker a snake.  Why such nonsense would emerge so early in the game (what could Parker have done at this juncture?) is beyond me, but the ensuing melee was great.  Jen heard Jacob discuss this and, being a good partner, immediately went and told Parker.  This, of course, offended Parker.  He confronted Jacob, who wouldn’t admit to who (if anyone) had been talking smack about him.  So, in an outlandish and awesome move, Parker woke up everyone in the house, called a meeting, and asked the crowd who called him a snake.  No one said anything, and Jacob wouldn’t name who it was.  This made Jacob look really, really bad.  Sharon, already upset with Jacob, became even more upset when she realized this verbal blunder may have put the two of them in danger of eviction, especially since Parker and Jen had sole elimination power. 

So, That Was Fast

In the aftermath of the snake situation, the next day Parker is told by Sharon (in a desperate attempt to deflect) that it was Ryan who made the snake comment.  Parker then tells this to Jen and, no longer able to keep her secret, she tells Parker the truth that she and Ryan have been dating for 9 months.  Parker is a bit shocked but unfazed.  When Ryan hears that Jen told Parker, he almost immediately lets his partner Allison know the truth.  She’s bummed.  Big Brother ends this saga with a clever, and contrived, montage of every one of those four people admitting to not being able to trust their non-partner, forced-alliance counterpart. 

Snake Kills the Mongoose

In a very anti-climactic eviction ceremony, Parker and Jen evict Jacob and Sharon.  Sharon seemed like a nice girl, but Jacob deserved to be evicted.  No big loss there. 

My First HoH

Jessica Hughbanks and Eric Stein, our favorite Big Brother 8 couple, returned to the Big Brother house tonight to host this season’s first Head of Household challenge.  The couple is still together, which I’m sure made Big Brother fans all warm and fuzzy.  So, the Head of Household competition was, basically, a version of The Newlywed Game.  There were a set number of questions and each question had a different point total.  Eric and Jess asked a multiple choice question (“If your partner had to change one part of their body, which would it be?”) and if both teammates answered the same, they get the points.  For fun, there were costumes involved.  The teams with the seemingly best chemistry all fared the best.  Going into the last question, it came down to Parker/Jen, James/Natalie, and Alex/Amanda.  In the end, it was Alex and Amanda who won it all.  They are the first dual Head of Household. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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