Last night’s premiere of Big Brother 9 was extremely promising.  It may not have been all that drama-filled, but we need to remember that on Big Brother, things get better as the season progresses.  There’s usually a bit of a Honeymoon period, though last night there wasn’t much of one, thanks to Sheila and her immediate hatred of parter/possible soul mate Adam.  Tonight, we’ll see who Parker and Jen decide to evict from the house.  Should be a tough decision.  I’ll be here throughout the episode giving live updates as the episode goes along.

We obviously get the long recap.  Sheila keeps talking smack about Sheila.  I can’t stand her.  She keeps complaining about him.  She takes offense to Adam calling some if the kids he works with “retards.”  Personally, I think he was trying to make a joke.  Adam works with these kids all the time – he can probably call them what he wants. 

Ryan tries to pretend that he might be interested in Allison, while Jen looks on.  Allison feels like a connection was made. Jen cries about it in the Diary Room.  Aww.

Later, Ryan and Jen secretly make out.  I’m going to predict they get caught sooner or later.

Alex and Amanda are really hitting it off.  She’s a more extreme Jessica Hughbanks. 

Jacob’s speaking voice is really weird.  And, he’s totally paranoid.  Jacob calls Parker gutless and heartless.  I think that might be a little extreme.  Jen, being a good person and a good partner, tells Parker about this.  Parker goes outside and decides to confront Jacob about the whole thing.  Here’s the thing – Jacob is saying that people in the house are calling Parker a “snake.”  Calling the bluff, Parker wakes everyone up and asks who called him a snake.  Jacob ends up looking like an idiot.  A huge idiot. He won’t say who he heard talking about Parker. 

To summarize: Jacob is an idiot.

Sharon tries to tell Parker that Ryan was the dude who was talking smack about Parker, which is a total lie.

Parker tells Jen about this and, smartly, she tells Parker the truth about her and Ryan.  Ryan is surprised to hear about this and, in return, Ryan tells Allison about him and Jen.  Allison is pretty taken aback.  She’s also bummed – she likes Ryan. 

I like where these two teams are going.

Sheila whines about Adam’s snoring.  How can you get mad at someone for snoring?  Finally – we get a people talking about Sheila’s negativity.

It’s getting close to eviction.  Parker and Jen are having a difficult time coming up with who to evict.  This is a brutal decision.  Jen starts crying during the eviction ceremony. 

They evict Jacob and Sharon, not surprisingly.  Sheila is surprised it wasn’t her.

Jen says that it should have been Sheila and Adam.  Adam is really pumped that he’s not going home. 

All right….time for HoH!  They really went to town on this one.  There is a make shift river, plus 7 separate boats.  Hosting the challenge tonight are Eric and Jessica from last season.  They explain the HoH.  It’s basically The Newlywed Game.  A question will be asked, the teams are separated, and if they both give the same answer they get a heart.  The first to some random number of hearts wins HoH. 

This game goes on for a long time.  It involves costumes and whatnot.  Kind of fun, especially seeing the girls in nurse outfits. 

Ha! Big Brother is so brutal.  They “If you had to change one part of your body, which would it be?”

Eric is in a suit – I like it.  Eric and Jessica are two of my favorites, though Jess looks weirdly different these days. 

Seriously, this competition is going on fro like 20 minutes.

Guarantee:  Amanda and Alex will be hooking up this season.  They win the first Head of Household.  For some reason, I think I should I should dislike Amanda and Alex, but I actually like them.  Good people.  They’re like the Rich Man’s Eric and Jessica. 

And that’s it for tonight.  Literally, the last half an hour was taken up by the HoH competition.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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