The Power of Veto hasn’t been used on Big Brother 17 for the past two times. With Austin in power and Steve and Johnny Mac on the block, have the nominations changed or are one of the Rock Stars going to join Shelli, Jackie and Becky in competing to come back into the game on Thursday?

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Vanessa won the Power of Veto.

She did NOT use it.

Vanessa seemed to try quite hard to convince Austin and the twins to let her use the PoV to backdoor Meg or James, but it failed. Austin, Liz and Julia are now extremely committed to their five-person Brass Tacks alliance with Meg and James and realized that getting rid of them didn’t help them, it only helped Vanessa, Steve and John.

Now the only question is which of them will be evicted? Austin and the twins seem to be switching back and forth quite a bit, so nothing is set in stone. The argument against John is that he’s boring, no fun to hang out with and less likely to be controlled. They also think he’d be less likely to hold a grudge and also less likely to come back.

As for Steve, his resistance to being a pawn and his alleged Final 2 deal with John are making him quite the target for his allies in the Scamper Squad. It didn’t help that James reported back to Austin that Steve told him Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa are an extremely tight, four-person “fortress.”

Right before the PoV ceremony, John told Vanessa about the five-person group he made with Steve, Austin and the twins to take out Vanessa, which Vanessa reported back to them and somehow it all got blamed on Steve orchestrating the whole thing.

Odds are they will continue to debate this decision all week. Austin and the twins aren’t very decisive and all they seem to care about is having a good time at “adult summer camp” with Meg and James, pulling pranks on each other. At this point, those five only care about having a good time while Vanessa, Steve and John don’t seem that interested in the social aspect, they just want to play the game.


-Austin, Liz and Julia are now the 16th, 17th and 18th HGs to survive 10 evictions without ever facing a vote. Last year there were four HGs who did this: Victoria, Christine, Frankie and Derrick.

-John is the first person this season to face three eviction votes.

-Since the PoV was introduced in season 3, this is the eighth season where the PoV has not been used three times in a row.

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