The Big Brother 15 cast has been announced, and it’s full of 16 new strangers! I know, it’s kind of shocking. The twists, however, will come in the form of three HGs being nominated each week and a new MVP that America votes on every week who will have a mysterious special power.

To help decide who should be the first MVP, CBS has video interviews with all the new HGs. I’ve already introduced you to the ladies, now it’s time to meet the men.

If there’s one glaring similarity, it’s age. All eight new male houseguests span a very narrow range of 23-31. This makes sense, since the average age of winners on this show is 27.

Check out the videos, then go vote for who should be the first MVP of the season. My vote goes to McCrae, because he’s the only person to mention watching the live feeds.

Nick Uhas

He’s a stunt roller blader. He’s also kind of a mega-douche. He uses the phrase “all the cute little fly honeys” without a drop if irony. He’s half Matt Hoffman, half Mike Boogie. Regardless, I could find myself possibly liking him if he just calms the heck down.

Spencer Clawson

This guy is a railroad conductor from Arkansas, and he seems to have a very comfortable, folksy charm. He’s easily the biggest guy and I really like that he’s a fan. He’s like a sweeter, gentler Lane. I can see him going far, but not winning.

Jeremy McGuire

He comes across as kind of simple. I imagine the ladies are gonna go crazy fighting over him. I could maybe see him succeeding simply because he will be able to fly under the radar despite being a strong physical player, like Hayden Moss.

Judd Daughtery

He says his nickname is “J-U-Double D, Party Daughtery.” The moment he said that, he was dead to me. He rambles on and on like a redneck with ADD. The other HGs are going to get tired of his nonstop jabbering very quickly.

Howard Overby

He’s a nice Mississippi boy who helps kids. He’s got the big heart and giant muscles. He comes across as the most likeable guy from these videos, but I assume people will take one look at his muscles and want him evicted.

David Girton

Oh look, Braden Bacha from Big Brother 11 is back in a Hayden wig. The clueless surfer thing could make him the most entertaining HG, but I doubt anyone will respect him or take him seriously.

Andy Herren

If Ragan Fox and Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson had a baby, it would be Andy. The token gay ginger (well, he doesn’t say he’s gay in the interview, but I think it’s safe to assume), he will inevitably fall into the same obnoxious cliches of every gay contestant on this show. He’ll be all fun and silly and no one will take him seriously but they’ll keep him around until they just evict him because there’s no other choice.  Fun Fact (that I just made up): In 2013, gingers are more discriminated against than gays.

McCrae Olson

He follows the live feeds, which makes him one of my instant favorites. But then he says he’s a pizza boy and tries to act like it’s a cool job. I really don’t know what to expect from this guy. He might be able to pull off an Ian-style win by lowering people’s expectations (who would possibly see the long-haired pizza boy as a threat?).

So there are the new guys of Big Brother 15. Jeremy is definitely going to have his pick of the ladies while Nick comes on too strong and David just lays back and hopes they come to him. Comparing them to the girls, I definitely think the guys could have the advantage and dominate like they did last year. Based solely on watching these brief interviews with Jeff, I’m picking Jeremy or McCrae to win, depending on whether the season takes a Hayden Moss route or an Ian Terry route.

Big Brother 15 premieres Wednesday, June 26 at 8pm on CBS.

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(Image and videos courtesy of CBS)

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