Big Brother 15 has already seen its fair share of controversy with racist and homophobic remarks made by some of the houseguests. But tonight the focus is on the game, and the second live eviction promises to be the most shocking one ever.

The entire game is going to change tonight. Elissa, Helen and Nick are on the block, and no matter what happens, some of the house is going to be furious. In the last 12 hours, things have completely changed and now it looks as if four people are going to be left out in the cold, with the entire rest of the house against them. I suspect we’re in “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” territory. There’s a good chance that people who hate Aaryn Gries and want her to suffer more than she already has (losing her showmance, being exposed on national TV as a racist and unknowingly losing her job) will be very happy.

I promise to try and keep my complete and utter contempt for the MVP twist, Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner and the appalling manipulation by production this season to a minimum. However, there’s only so much bile I can choke back down.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

Julie Chen gives us the lowdown on the three strong nominees and promises that no one is safe. I immediately find it hilarious that in a “no-floater summer,” the strongest competitors are targeted right away and it’s actually creating a whole legion of Super Floaters, people who may have chosen a side, but who can comfortably skate through the first couple of weeks with nothing to worry about. Honestly, people like Judd, Andy and Jessie seem to have an Easy Pass to jury.

The Campaign

Jeremy and Nick are confident that the Moving Company will come through. Helen isn’t worried at all because she’s the pawn, and with three nominees, the pawn is ALWAYS safe.

Candice is still pushing her “Run the World (Girls)” alliance with Elissa and Helen. They are ruthless and quite impressive. Well, Helen and Candice are. I still think Elissa’s only real value to them is winning MVP.

Helen recruits Andy to take out Nick, despite the fact that he’s one of those wafflers who always doubts himself.

Elissa zones in on Jessie and convinces her that Nick is going to win if they don’t take him out. This is like taking candy from a baby, so easy that even Elissa can pull it off because Jessie is an insecure girl whose only desire is to be loved and accepted. Elissa hands her off to Helen, who makes the hard sell and convinces Jessie that being the low woman on their total pole is better than being the low woman on the other side’s totem pole.

The Yoko Factor

Howard and Nick begin to worry that Amanda is infecting McCrae against the guys, namely the Moving Company, and that she will ruin their alliance. Spencer agrees that Amanda needs to go because they don’t trust McCrae to be his own man.

Spencer goes to McCrae and tells him about wanting to cut Amanda loose in the future. This is probably the biggest mistake they could make. Yes, Amanda is going to be a problem, but why bring this up now? Just keep calm, make sure Nick is safe, THEN focus on Amanda next week. They’re putting the cart before the horse, trying to plan too far ahead.

McCrae goes off to think and Amanda wants to save Elissa and get rid of Nick because she doesn’t trust him at all. This 23-year-old pizza delivery boy is literally in a “bros vs. hos” internal struggle. Hmm, one woman or four strong guys? I suspect Amanda’s wild, topless evening may have given her an unfair advantage.

Julie and the HGs

Julie talks about people wanting to be in showmances and then goes to Jessie. Wow, way to put the desperate girl on blast. Jessie sort of outs her friendship with Judd.

Julie then talks to Amanda about whether she forgets that there are cameras, subtly referencing the topless evening. She also talks to Aaryn about this and offers a very loaded “Yes, we all do” about how much America knows about Aaryn.

The Great Race Debate

We then get a deeper dive into Aaryn’s racist comments about black fish and white fish segregating themselves in her fish tank. Amanda thinks it’s not intended to be mean and gives Aaryn a pass. Candice doesn’t.

Here’s the thing: Aaryn is trying to be mean and she is saying insensitive things, but I think it’s possible the two are unrelated. She hates Candice, but I don’t think it’s because she’s black. What I’m saying is that this isn’t a black-and-white issue (pun intended), it’s more complicated and isn’t going to be resolved in a two-minute segment on Big Brother 15.

Amanda tells Aaryn that people are saying things about her racist remarks, and Aaryn dismisses it. This is hard to watch. Amanda just tried to give Aaryn a life preserver, and Aaryn threw it back in her face.

The Live Eviction

Elissa wants an “equal opportunity” to play the game and thanks America’s “discernment.” She once again gives a shout-out to the Brenchel Army and throws Nick under the bus.

Nick is very cheery, references the “Company” and specifically pays compliments to Andy, Amanda and Judd.

Helen says she could never campaign against Elissa or Nick. Wow, way to lie.

Jeremy votes to evict…Elissa
Kaitlin votes to evict…Elissa
Andy votes to evict…Nick
GinaMarie votes to evict…Elissa
Judd votes to evict…Nick
Spencer votes to evict…Nick (sigh)
Jessie votes to evict…Nick (and Julie just called her a floater)
Howard votes to evict…Elissa (wow!)
McCrae votes to evict…Nick (Judas!)
Amanda votes to evict…Nick
Candice votes to evict…Nick

Nick is evicted by a vote of 7-4-0!

Oh well. But you know what, I kind of love Howard. I don’t think he was staying true to the Moving Company, I think he made a crazy vote at the last minute so he can try to throw Spencer under the bus and get in good with Helen and Candice. I’ll be curious to see his reasoning, because shortly before the live show, he and Spencer seemed to agree that voting out Nick was what they had to do.

When Julie reveals the vote, GinaMarie sobs uncontrollably. Is that what you wanted, Elissa fans? To make a grown woman cry? I’m not sure, but it sounds like the studio audience is laughing. If it’s at her, then they’re the worst.

Nick thinks Spencer turned on him because he had all the power. Oh Nick, you’re way off if you think Spencer is running the house. Julie says he’s “super right,” which is kind of a lie. Yes, Spencer voted to evict Nick, but McCrae turned first.

Nick then blames his eviction on creating a fake game too fast. Yeah, he’s right. But this interview is disappointing, because he’s coming across as less intelligent about the game than I gave him credit for being. I thought he was Big Brother 10  winner Dan Gheesling, but he’s actually Brian Hart, the guy evicted first from season 10.

Goodbye Messages: McCrae apologizes for having to turn on his alliance. Helen calls him one of the strongest and smartest competitors and admits to playing a huge part in his eviction.

Julie then gets in the best line ever by saying Nick should’ve kissed Jessie to get her vote. ZING!

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About BB15 Houseguest Nick?

The HoH Competition

Late last night (or rather, very early this morning at 2am), an alarm went off and the HGs went to the backyard to see the Big Brother XPress, deliveries with a bunch of boxes on a carousel.

It’s a simple True or False game, and if you’re wrong, you’re eliminated.

Question 1: Judd and Jeremy are out
Question 2: GinaMarie, Andy, Amanda, Spencer and Elissa are out
Question 3: Candice is out
Question 4: Everyone is right
Question 5: Everyone is right
Question 6: Everyone is right

We go to a tie-breaker and closest without going over wins.

They must add the total number of BB Cola cans delivered.

The answer is 168 and everyone is right except McCrae.

Tie-Breaker #2: How many seconds did it take for Jeremy to win the Power of Voet?

Helen is the new HoH!

I’m genuinely happy for her, but it doesn’t matter. Jeremy needs to win the Power of Veto or he’s going home. If he does, Aaryn will probably go, or Spencer. I like Helen a lot, but seeing Elissa so happy is going to nauseate me, and the fact that she will probably get MVP again and they will control all three nominations is crazy.

Proving that Helen really is the best and nicest person ever, the credits roll as she comforts GinaMarie about Nick getting evicted. OK, I kind of want Helen to bring GM over to her side so she can ditch Elissa in a few weeks.

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