Big Brother 10 is off to some incredibly solid alliances that look to be sticking rather quickly. The Alliance of 8 responsible for Brian’s eviction has deteriorated into two four-person alliances, with Dan, Jerry and Renny just trying to dodge the crossfire. In fact, Jerry seems to be an afterthought, someone they’ll keep around simply because he causes no real threat.

Tonight’s Big Brother nomination episode saw Keesha throw the first punch, nominating two people from her rival four-person alliance.

Who’s to Blame?
Now that Keesha’s best friend Steven is gone and she is the new Head of Household, she’s desperate to find the person responsible. Seeing as how he went with a vote of 9-0, the correct answer is: everyone. However, Keesha fixates on Angie for no apparent reason. Making things worse, Libra admits to Keesha that she wanted to break up Keesha’s friendship with Steven. If Keesha were remotely intelligent, this would cause her to nominate Libra. Since she didn’t, the only conclusion is Keesha is a huge moron who goes along with the herd mentality.

Dead Pig Bride and Groom
In one of the more random conversations, Michelle tells everyone about her love for pig’s feet and anuses. She proceeds to tell a hilarious story about some huge Portuguese party where they took two dead pigs, one male and one female, dressed them like a bride and groom, and then made them dance across a dance floor.

There’s also a food competition in the style of a 1960s sock hop where the houseguests must find matching socks to win food. They get quite a few items, including beer and pig’s feet. Michelle is very happy about the latter, everyone else is ecstatic over the former.

Stupid People Talking About Stupid Things
Ollie and April have a talk about their shared love for self-help books, both explaining how they’ve completely helped them. This lowers my opinion of them to virtually nothing. Then they talk about lives and how they both use road signs like “Slow” and “Detour” to make sense of their interpersonal relationships. Congratulations, April and Ollie, you’ve found new depths of contempt I didn’t know I had.

The Alliance of 8 is Over
Despite the original plan to put up Jerry and Dan, Keesha has decided to nominate two people from the Alliance of 8. April, Ollie and Libra want to target Angie and Memphis. Jessie, Angie and Memphis want Libra out.

In the end, Keesha goes with the awful group and nominates Jessie and Angie. In a strange way, it makes sense, because if she put up Memphis like her group wanted, she feared he might’ve gone instead of Keesha’s primary target of Angie.

Tuesday at 9pm on Big Brother 10, the Power of Veto competition and ceremony will be shown, then on it’s new day, Thursday at 8pm, the third houseguest will be evicted from Big Brother 10.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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