The best quotes from the 18th episode of season 9 of Supernatural. Also, check out my recap of this episode .

#20 “What makes a story work? Is it the plot, the characters, the text? The subtext? And who gives a story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you?”


#19 “Honor bar. What’s honorable about a miniature bar in a motel room?”

-Cas to Sam and Dean

#18 “I miss my wings. Life on the road, it smells.”

-Cas to Dean

#17 “You can’t take the trick out of the Trickster.”

-Gabriel to Cas

#16 “I assume you faked your death”

Cas: “I assume you faked your death.”
Gabriel: “And I assume you weren’t let into Mensa while I was gone.”

#15 “I got hurt in the Fall too. Used most of my juice to get back into porn. That came out wrong. So did that.”

-Gabriel to Cas

#14 “I’m getting the band back together. We’re going on the Kill Metatron Tour. And you’re looking at the new frontman.”

-Gabriel to Cas

#13 “Hey, what’s up shorties? Remember me, the guy who died for your sins. No, not the cat with the beard and the sandals. The hot one.”

-Gabriel to Dean’s voicemail

#12 “Total nigh Biblical chaos. Crowley and Abaddouche duking it out. Good times.”

-Gabriel to Cas

#11 “You’ve been God more often than dad has”

Cas: “I’m just a soldier.”
Gabriel: “Bitch, please. You’ve been God more often than dad has.”

#10 “I really hate continuity errors.”

-Gabriel to Cas

#9 “I have been you, Sam Winchester. Your insides reek of shame and weakness.”

-Gadreel to Sam

#8 “You have been around since scaly things crawled out of the muck. Would it have killed you to pick up a book? Watch a movie?”

-Metatron to Cas

#7 “I know it’s a bit of a ret-con, but it’s gonna make this whole conversation a lot easier.”

-Metatron to Cas

#6 “I just gave you every book, movie and TV show I have consumed int the last couple of millennia. Now do you understand that the universe is made up of stories, not atoms.”

-Metatron to Cas

#5 “We’re not at this five minutes and you’re already going Liam Neeson on his ass.”

-Dean to Sam about Gadreel

#4 “I like you. Truly. Among all God’s little wind-up toys, you are the only one with any spunk.”

-Metatron to Cas

#3 “I’ve been in your brother’s body, Dean. He would not trade his life for yours. He told you that he’s always felt that way. That he thinks that you are just a scared little boy who’s afraid to be on his own because daddy never loved him enough.”

-Gadreel to Dean about Sam

#2 “He is right, isn’t he? Right to think that you are a coward. A sad, clingy, needy, pathetic bottom-feeder who cannot even take care of himself. Who would rather drag everyone through the mud than be alone. Who would let everyone around him die.”

-Gadreel to Dean about Sam

#1 “What writer doesn’t love a good twist? My job is to set up interesting characters and see where they lead me. The byproduct of having well-drawn characters is they may surprise you.”

-Metatron to Gadreel

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