In the wake of the recent SciFi Channel Digital Press Tour, various details concerning the upcoming fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica have begun to circulate the web.  Ever since the announcement from David Eick and Ron Moore that season four would resolve the Battlestar Galactica story, for the time being, fans of the award-winning series have been clamoring for even the smallest nuggets of info.  Here is a wrap-up of some of the interesting twists awaiting us in season four.  Be warned, minor spoilers will follow. is reporting, via, that there may be a shocking turn-about in the Cylon community.  Mutterings from the set state that the mechanical Centurion models might rebel against their human-styled counterparts after learning that their ability to develop free will is being oppressed. Plato would have loved Battlestar Galactica, nuff said.

A new interior set is being built for what is described as the submarine-like Demetrius.  The claustrophobic ship will apparently feature prominently in early episodes of the show, but no specific plot details are known as of yet.

One major revelation in the MediaBlvd piece is that according to series star Aaron Douglas (Tyrol) the mysterious final five Cylons are a completely different critter from the other iterations.  In fact, Douglas said the final five were immortal and the equivalent of the Cylon’s Gods. If Douglas’ expose was accurate, the Cylons have risen over the colonists in the past, and the cyclical themes of the show will become a major part of season four.

Douglas surely overstepped the spoiler boundaries, but it is difficult to imagine a vigilant producer or writer resisting the impulse to clap a hand over his mouth.  If the info is correct, it very well could mean that the arrival at Earth is also a part of the cycle.  On the other hand, let’s not forget the hard work the BSG producers put into convincing us that Starbuck would die.  Now as to who is number five in the final five…

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