The concept of Bachelor “villains” is a tricky one for me. As much as I enjoy taking these people to task for the rude, obnoxious and stupid things they say and do, I also try to maintain a healthy sense of skepticism that anything that happens on this show is remotely real.

How can I call out Bentley for saying all these terrible things while at the same time acknowledging that much of what he said may have been spliced, edited and taken out of context to make him appear worse than he actually is? If I say he’s a terrible guy, I sound like I don’t know this show’s drama is exaggerated and sometimes fabricated. If I say he’s just getting edited, it sounds like I think his comments in tonight’s episode are acceptable and not totally disgusting. Which, for the record, THEY ARE. Very disgusting. I just want to hear one soundbite from him that doesn’t sound like it’s been chopped into eight pieces. Such are the complex issues that come with this job of recapping “reality” shows as they become increasingly unrealistic.

Anyway, that’s just where my head is at, going into tonight’s DRAW-muh filled episode that will have everyone screaming, “Did he really just say/do that?” at their TVs tonight. Seriously, this makes that time Frank dumped Ali in Tahiti look like a cake walk at a baby kitten daycare center.

See what I mean? Disgusting stuff, stuff which he definitely said, but it’s all edited up, too. I want to hate his guts, but I want to hate them on their own, unedited merits! But here is something I know for certain: Ashley isn’t acting. Bentley’s exit tonight will send her on a breakup breakdown like you’ve never seen on The Bachelorette before. So don’t miss the episode, and be sure to come back here for the full recap!

Take a walk down Bachelor bad guy (and girl!) memory lane while you wait for tonight’s controversial episode to air (8pm on ABC):

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