When Oliver told Felicity he loved her in the season two finale, fans knew that wasn’t the end of their story. Unequivocally Arrow season three has been the year of Olicity. Arrow has seen the two crime-fighting lovebirds, get together, break up, date and even marry other people. Though ultimately they ended up together. They even got to drive away into the literal sunset in “My Name is Oliver Queen” Throughout the tumultuous relationship rigmarole there have been several great moments but here are ten of the best.

#10 The Fern

Everything was coming up Oliver in the Arrow season premiere “The Calm”. The mission was going well, the team was working but most importantly there looked to be a real future with Felicity. Felicity thought the Foundry needed a sprucing up with a nice potted plant. Oliver’s reaction is positive. Possibly the happiest anyone has ever been to see purely decorative shrubbery. Whether it was just a joke for fans or intentional by the creative team of Arrow “The Fern” became the symbolic hope for their relationship.

#9 “I don’t want to be a woman you love.”

There was several “break-up” scenes when it came to Oliver and Felicity this season of Arrow. This was one of the more powerful. Up to this point, it had mainly been Oliver pushing Felicity away but here she took the initiative. It was sad, honest and completely earned as Felicity told Oliver she didn’t want to be a woman he loved.

#8 Mama Smoak Knows the Truth

Even though Oliver isn’t directly involved in this moment, it’s still important for the development of their relationship. Felicity’s mom was a great new character this season, especially due to her openness. When Felicity was still in a relationship with Ray, her mother knew where her heart really laid. She helped Felicity come to her decision to choose Oliver.

#7 Oliver Sees Ray and Felicity Kissing

This type of scene is almost a prerequisite in any romantic subplot. The hero has to walk in on his love interest and her new boyfriend in an intimate moment. The thing that makes this scene special is that which makes any special scene on Arrow special, Stephen Amell. His shock and sadness at seeing Felicity happy with someone else is raw. It’s also a nice moment of maturity as Oliver leaves silently; where in season two he acted like a petulant jerk when Barry showed interest in Felicity.

#6 “You know how I feel about her.”

“The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” was a great Arrow episode for Ms. Smoak on her own. There are plenty of nuggets of goodness when it comes to her relationship with Oliver though. Their final conversation of the episode is one of their sweetest. Oliver tells Felicity whatever happened in her past, he’s glad it happened because it made her the person she is today, the person that he loves. So many Felicity and Oliver scenes are about her belief in him, it’s nice to get the reverse.

#5 Oliver and Felicity’s First Kiss

Any discerning fan knew that Felicity and Oliver’s happiness in the beginning of the season would be short-lived but this was an incredibly sad scene. This won’t be the first or last time that a hero breaks up with their love interest for their protection but it was effectively moving. When it’s considered that this is also their first kiss, its the perfect moment of bitter sweetness and tragedy.

#4 Felicity Makes Oliver Realize His Mission (Again)

One of the best part of Felicity and Oliver’s dynamic is her ability to understand and reach him. When Oliver is tempted by Ra’s offer to leave Starling and become the next Head of the Demon, it’s Felicity who brings him back. It’s a moment that proves the value of their relationship, it’s not just physical or even emotional attraction. It’s that Felicity is able to bring out the best in Oliver and vice versa.

#3 From Nanda Parbat with Love

It’s easy to go with the sex scene from this episode and it’s certainly the expected choice. However I thought there was more power to Felicity and Oliver’s goodbye as he stayed in Nanda Parbat. It’s the fact that Oliver so immediately accepts Felicity to try to kidnap him away from the League and even loves her more for it. If it was any other two characters who did understand each other so well there might be so anger or bitterness. There’s nothing but love in their parting and is very emotional. A surprising development considering the two barely went an episode in season three without saying goodbye to each other in some fashion.

#2 Almost Saying “I Love You”

“Broken Arrow” is one of the best episode of Arrow not just of the season, but the series. It‘s incredibly engaging as Oliver struggles with the ever increasing toll that Ra’s is imposing upon him. So naturally Felicity comes to pick up him and calm him down. It’s one of their best written and acted scenes. The real attraction is Felicity almost saying “I love you,” unintentionally. It comes so easy for her to say those words to Oliver in casual conversation but she couldn’t bring herself to do so when responding to Ray’s declaration.

#1 Oliver’s Last Thoughts of Felicity

The fact that Oliver didn’t technically die in his mountain duel with Ra’s was incredibly cheap. In the moment though Oliver’s life flashing before his eyes as he thinks about the most important people in his life was beautifully executed. His last thoughts being of Felicity were incredibly well acted by Amell and props to the editing on picking the most moving montage of previous Olicity moments. It served as a greatest hits to make the audience’s heart swell right before they ripped it violently out of our chests.

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