The Arrow season 2 premiere will introduce viewers to characters and a city that continue to deal with the aftermath of the Undertaking’s destruction of the Glades and Tommy’s death. Five months have passed, but the troubles continue.

This summer, David Ramsey, Katie Cassidy, Emily Bett Rickards, and Colton Haynes spoke with reporters about what to expect when Arrow returns. Check out the full video interviews and highlights.

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David Ramsey and Katie Cassidy Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • They were sad to see Colin Donnell (Tommy) leave.
  •  Ramsey’s first thought was “I’m glad it’s not me.”
  • The show is about the hero’s journey. Oliver isn’t the hero yet, he’s a vigilante. They will have to mourn Tommy’s death.
  • Laurel will still be grieving for Tommy when the show returns even with the time jump. It will stay with her, like her sister’s death. She will “take another step in her journey of her evolution.”
  • Laurel will be involved in the criminal aspect of things.
  • Team Arrow has been affected by what’s happened. And, they will have to reel Oliver in.
  • Laurel gets a new job. She continues to work in law and wants to make sure that justice is served.
  • Diggle and Merlyn on the roof – no back story on that initially. There will be back story about Diggle and Argus. Deadshot is tied into his past.
  • “Diggle does have a little bit of a dark side.” – Ramsey
  • Diggle isn’t part of the DC comic universe, but he will be joining it in the future.

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Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Felicity and Roy haven’t had any interactions … yet. Though, they did share a scene when she walked by him in the office building lobby.
  • During that scene, Rickards ran into the door. It was supposed to open both ways, but didn’t. When she turned around she saw John Barrowman mooning Colton.
  • Roy is devastated about the destruction of the Glades, but it’s also about the families, hospitals, medicine. He wants to be a hero for them. 
  • He’s committed to his relationship with Thea. It won’t be without troubles.
  • “He’s getting a little too big for his britches. He’s thinking he’s more powerful than he is and he’s about to get knocked down a few pegs by one or more of the other characters.” – Haynes
  • Roy’s almost taken on the role of the vigilante himself. 
  • Filming for episode 1 left them both bruised.
  • Emily was hired for one scene in one episode. Haynes complimented her on making the role a fan favorite and becoming a series regular.
  • Felicity’s home life will be revealed in season 2.
  • Felicity had 5 months to redecorate the lair. “It’s suped-up.”
  • Isabel Rochev meets with Oliver in the premiere to discuss Queen Consolidated.

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Arrow season 2 premieres on Wednesday, October 9 at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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