Any Arrow fan knows that when things are going well, it’s time to expect the worse. The happier the characters are in the moment, the more likely it is that disaster is waiting right around the corner. This certainly was the case in “Code of Silence.” While Team Arrow had a rocky start to the episode, Oliver chalked quite a few victories towards the episode’s end. So obviously, the very final scene of the episode left things on an uncertain and dark (or you could say “Darhk”) note.

Secret, Lies and Smoak(s)

The team is desperate to find some kind of information on Damien’s wife, Ruve. Any attempts turn up dry. In fact, the only information that is recovered is by Thea and it’s not about Ruve at all. Thea learns that Moira gave a million dollar check to Oliver’s baby mama, Samantha. Thea, of course, doesn’t know Samantha is Oliver’s baby mama. She just knows that Moira was handing out huge checks to mystery women. When Thea comes to Oliver with this information, he gets all grumpy, as per usual and brushes her aside. 

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Oliver isn’t the only man lying to the women his life. Damien Darhk attempts to kill Lance by collapsing a building with Lance inside. The attempt is (sadly) unsuccessful. In response, Lance decides to temporarily break up with Donna for her own protection. Donna, sensing he is hiding something, gets really vicious awesome. She tells Lance that it’s simple; he either he respects her enough to tell her the truth or he doesn’t. (Now Donna just needs to make sure that her daughter has this talk with her husband-to-be.) 

Instead, Donna has a very depressing conversation with Felicity. Donna tells Felicity that she and Oliver are not the kind of couple who lie to one another and a couple that everyone roots for. She’s about half right here. 

At the same time, Thea figures out everything about Samantha and learns that Oliver has a son. This is just further proof that Thea is the unsung MVP or MVV (Most Valuable Vigilante) on Team Arrow. When confronted, Oliver tells Thea the whole truth. Thea says that he is doing the right thing by keeping William safe. She’s almost completely wrong here.

Team Arrow Uncovers HIVE’s Plans

Team Arrow goes on a mission to raid a possible base of HIVE. They try to retrieve a hard drive inside but it’s been more or less destroyed. The team narrowly escapes with their lives as well. The building collapses just like the place where Lance was nearly killed. Felicity takes the hard drive to Curtis and he manages to recover some information from it. 

Curtis finds the blueprints for a blue print of a building. It is the same building that Oliver and Ruve are going to hold their first mayoral debate in. HIVE is planning on destroying this one in well. Whatever HIVE’s ultimate master plan is, it involves a lot of property damage. Felicity assumes that HIVE plans on killing everyone but Ruve inside the building. 

Flashback Break

I’m going to try to get through this as quickly as possible because the flashback story is so dull. Oliver promises to free all the slaves on the island and defeat Reiter. Oliver attacks and kills Conklin. As Conklin dies, he tells Oliver that he is a fool because Reiter is going to kill everyone anyway. (So that’s four sentences, that’s pretty impressive, if I say so myself.)

Hollow Victories

While Oliver and Felicity stutter about how to evacuate the building, Thea pulls the fire alarm. (Like I said, Thea’s the MVV.) The team dresses up in their suits and try to find Darhk’s men inside the building and take them out. 

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You can guess how things go from here. There’s a lot of punching, kicking and grunting. Thankfully, the fight scenes are far better choreographed then they were in previous episode. The team manages to neutralize the bombs. For some reason, despite the possible terrorist attack, they hold the debate anyway. 

Oliver wins the debate. Oliver and Felicity hold their engagement party. Lance tells Donna the truth and they make up. Curtis arrives at the party and gives Felicity a microchip that could allow her to walk again. There are far too many happy things happening in this finale so Arrow has to ruin them and it does.

Damien Darhk is shown at his mansion with his unnerving doll-like daughter. Darhk walks into the room and tells his daughter that he wants to introduce her to someone. It’s William. Damien tells his daughter that William will be staying with them for a while. Cue the creepy and menacing music. 

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