If you’ve read enough of my Arrow recaps this past season, I’ve made it abundantly clear that I think Oliver and Felicity should get together–comic history be damned!

And while I cheered — yes, literally cheered like a teenager — during the scene in the season finale when Oliver appeared to downright declare his love for Felicity, there are some issues that might pop up if the two of them actually get together for real.

Here are the pros and cons for Olicity, with hopes for what could happen if they got together–and fears for what might happen if they did.

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Pros for Olicity

They’d probably be pretty happy together. There’s sexual, but also emotional chemistry between the two of them. While it might have started more on Felicity’s side, there’s no doubting that Oliver feels a lot for Felicity as well. On a purely sexual level, they’d be happy. On an emotional one as well, they’d probably be even happier.

Laurel would be forced to get her own plotline. Without the worry that Laurel had to eventually get together with Oliver, perhaps the former lawyer would get her own plotline? If being single would accelerate her ascension to Black Canary, I’m all for it.

Felicity might get some one-on-one training. While Felicity has already gotten some fighting training with Diggle, perhaps her boyfriend, who would desire to make sure she’s protected even more, would start to officially train her. Even though Felicity doesn’t have a superhero identity in the comics, there’s no reason she couldn’t also become an “Arrow.”

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Cons for Olicity

Felicity might become Oliver’s girlfriend first, trusted team member second. Even though Felicity is very much in love with Oliver, she’s also one of his most trusted teammates, alongside Diggle and increasingly, Roy. If she became Oliver’s “girlfriend,” would she still be a regular teammate? Would Oliver start to rely less on Diggle’s counsel because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings? We’d hate for their relationship to kill the team dynamic.

The show could become a relationship show. Between Roy and Thea’s drama; Oliver having histories with Sara and Laurel, as well as a new relationship with Felicity; and Diggle having a kid with his ex-wife, CW’s Arrow could very, very quickly become Dawson’s Creek with superheroes. We all don’t want a comic book show that puts relationships above super villains, right?

It straight up violates comics mythology. In the comics, Oliver’s lady love is Black Canary and that’s Laurel. While we all wanted Clark to get together with Chloe on Smallville, he was destined to fall for Lois, something that played out over the final two seasons of the show. And it was kind of amazing to watch it happen because it was so rigid in adhering to the comics history.

Those are some pros and cons of Olicity. So what do you think?

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Alan Danzis

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV