Thea left Roy and Oliver behind and took off with her father, Malcolm Merlyn, last season. In “Sara,” she reappeared in Corto Maltese a changed woman. She’s turned into a fierce fighter under her father’s guidance. Over the next two episodes, Thea will be reunited with her brother and return to Starling City.

Last week, BuddyTV joined other reporters on the Arrow set to talk with Willa Holland about her new haircut, Thea’s activities over the last five months, her love for Roy, her relationship with her father, and her new skills.

Instead of showing flashbacks of Oliver’s time in Hong Kong, Arrow Season 3 Episode 3, will take a look back at Thea’s months in “Corto Maltese.” Before talking with Holland, Stephen Amell sat down with us and teased how Oliver’s reaction to his sister’s whereabouts.

“She’s been saying she’s in the Amalfi Coast and she’s not. And Oliver calls her on that immediately, but Oliver comes to the realization that the only way to bring her home — when it was lies that drove her away — is to tell her the truth. How much truth he has to tell her is one of the crucial points of the episode.”

Will Oliver open up enough to get his sister back to Starling City? Holland believes that he’s the one would could convince her, “I think the one thing that could always pull her back is Oliver and her love for him.”

For more from the interview with Holland, watch the video interview or check out the highlights below.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Holland’s happy about the haircut. She’s wanted to cut it for a while and now made sense.
  • She’s been training a lot, which includes weight training, martial arts and sword training.
  • Caity Lotz (Sara) is the only female who’s done the salmon ladder.
  • Over the last five months, Thea’s been with her father and “under his wing.”
  • There is “some trust between Thea and Malcolm.” He’s protected her and cares about her, though it’s not easy for her to trust him because of his past.
  • The flashbacks in “Corto Maltese” will explain their relationship.
  • Oliver could pull her back to Starling City. And, Roy too.
  • Looking back to season 1 when Tommy and Thea made comments about each other, Holland says, “[it’s] kind of creepy now knowing the circumstances.”
  • Oliver will be more honest with Thea when he meets up with her.
  • “There is always going to be a lot of love and a huge bond between Thea and Roy.” 
  • That doesn’t mean Thea and Roy will get back together. Holland doesn’t believe “They’re going to be rekindling any time soon, but there’s definitely that hope in the future.”
  • Thea’s “gotten to a good place.” She’s afraid of being hurt again.
  • She’s got a “kick-ass attitude,” though she’s still dealing with what happened to her mother.
  • “She’s always going to be the little girl who watched the horrifying happen to her mother. I don’t think that could leave anybody easily.”

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the CW.

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