If you were hoping to find out which eliminated male contestant would be returning to the competition, you’re going to be disappointed. If you enjoy watching a filler show of otherwise cutting room floor footage, than you are in luck. Tonight’s episode of ANTM includes: a countdown of the show’s top 10 flirtiest moments interspersed with an unbearable amount of Phil’s antics. And, if you did happen to miss an episode, Tyra gives a brief rundown of key events as well as the occasional “amusing or entertaining” anecdote.

Flirty Moment #10

Marvin and Hayley’s sexy masquerade-themed runway walk.

Flirty Moment #9

Jeremy and Jourdan’s sexually charged bickering out in the hot tub witnessed by Cory. Jeremy admitted to Jourdan that he thought she was a nice girl, he liked to flirt, and she was the current object of his attention. Jourdan tried to act disaffected but was called out by Cory. She denied, denied, denied any mutual attraction since she has a boyfriend at home. Cory, tried to play cupid, but to no avail.

Can You Phil the Love Tonight?

Phil gets a ton of face time during this episode, primarily so viewers can enjoy his eccentric behavior. First, we learn that in addition to looking homeless – and that’s after the makeover – he lives a “free-spirited” lifestyle crashing on friends couches, in cheap sublets, gazebos and on park benches. Even after moving  the plush models’ mansion, Phil spent at least one night sleeping on the practice runway. Tyra decides to devote moments throughout the show to Phil, my least favorite of the bunch, and even gives them a cutesy name called “cycle 20 PHIL-ER.”

The first PHIL-ER was his impersonation of photo shoot designer Johnny Wujek, complete with his signature lisp. It’s no big surprise Johnny walked up behind Phil and caught him in the act. While some of the models looked as if they were afraid for their lives, Phil stayed in character and was just lucky Johnny must take the old adage ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery to heart.’

All of the footage isn’t new. Tyra narrates each challenge and shoot the models have participated in up to, and including, last week’s episode. She also reminds us who outperformed the rest as well as who got eliminated.

Flirty Moment #8

Cory giving the “fierce, flawless and fabulous” Mike tips on how to relax. Some of you may remember Mike had the worst walk Kelly Cutrone had ever seen.

Flirty Moment #7

Marvin telling Bianca he had the Tyra Suite, one condom and five minutes if she would care to join him. I’d say that exceeds mere flirtation and leans towards solicitation.

Flirty Moment #6

Mike was far too hot to not be getting any action during his stay in the house. So, it’s not a shocker when it is revealed that he had an intense flirtation with Bianca. They did some making out in the confessional but this story is G-rated. The night ended up with them in the same bed, sleeping.

The next PHIL-ER is actually a montage of Phil jumping around as Jourdan describes him as comedic relief in the house. Phil likes to put out his “aura” or energy because it is usually contagious. Please don’t let this hippie, hipster be the returning male model.

Flirty Moment #5

Petite little Nina is that girl in the park during the concert dancing around with the hula hoop. She gave her roommates a semi-private dance with a glowing hoop that got Jiana a bit hot and heavy.

Save the Drama for Your Grandma

There’s always drama when it comes to makeovers, but usually the tears are of anger or sadness or both. This time, Renee cried for joy when her long locks were spared. She thanked Kelly and explained how her grandmother died of cancer. Some of her final advice to her granddaughter was that she should never cut her hair since she lost all of hers due to the illness. Ice queen Kelly thawed out just enough to give the girl a hug.

Flirty Moment #4

After being in the bottom two, Don needed some TLC and found it in the welcoming arms of Alexandra. Even though Don has a girlfriend, he admitted how sexy he found Alexandra and how attracted he was to her. Alexandra revealed that despite having a significant other, there were some hidden feelings going on, at least on her end. The two didn’t progress past being cuddle buddies.

Flirty Moment #3

Jiana and Phil never bothered to hide their mutual attraction, but who would have figured Phil for the possessive type. Jiana and Renee shared a platonic bubble bath. The sight drew boys from every corner of the house, all of whom seemed to feel the need to supervise.

Truth, Tooch or Dare

When the models weren’t busy trying to win challenges or look flawless in front of the camera, they found other ways to kill time. They played a modified version of Truth or Dare which included occasionally having to execute a rump-shaking booty dance move known as a Tooch.

Flirty Moment #2

Kissing is inevitable when it comes to playing Truth or Dare, and Jeremy was dared to kiss the person of his choice for five seconds. Surprisingly he chose Jiana over Jourdan but the kiss was lackluster, at least for Jiana.

Flirty Moment #1

Renee had a dream that she was cuddling with Marvin. Her reaction didn’t seem to be a proportionate response, so I’m guessing things were a little dirtier in dreamland than she was willing to let on.

Other tidbits that might interest you or not: Marvin got an erection during a photo shoot and during judges panel, Chris H. drinks raw eggs, Marvin and Phil did imitations of the judges, the girls sing songs with the same recurring lyrics, not getting eliminated, Marvin has had a crush on just about every girl in the house and Kelly brought an “intuitive profiler” or a psychic, if you’re not trying to sound completely pompous. 

Can’t wait to get back to business next week when one more eliminated contestant returns and the models head to Bali.

America’s Next Top Model airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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