Tyra said it best: it’s hard to believe that next week, cycle 10 will be kicking off of America’s Next Top Model. Tonight is part 2 of the Top Model special, Exposed, which shows highlights from the past 9 seasons and interviews with former contestants. This week, we caught up with Toccara, Dionne, Eva, Bre, Jael, Heather, and Bianca. Memorable moments included naked photo shoots, wild animals, and unforgettable Cover Girl commercials.  Here’s a look back at part 2 of America’s Next Top Model: Exposed.

Memorable Photo Shoots

Usually, when I think of controversial Top Model shoots, I think of nudity. We all remember season 1 when Shannon and Robin broke down when it was time to take their clothes off. If you want to see more model tears, just put them on a photo shoot where they have to be up in the air. Cycle 2’s Katie and cycle 9’s Ambreal are just some of the girls who couldn’t handle not having their feet on the ground. In cycle 8, the girls had to pose as men and Natasha’s inner gangster came out to play.

Super Spokesmodel

Man, what happens to some of these women when they get in front of the camera for the Cover Girl commercial? They just completely fall apart. How many times have we seen promising models blow their chance of winning because they can’t deliver a strong commercial? Here are a few memorable train wrecks: Cycle 9’s Heather and Bianca, Cycle 8’s Dionne and Brittany Hatch and, of course, Cycle 6’s Jade.

Fear of Animals

Nothing makes a model scream like working with an animal. Cycle 1’s Robin kept calling out for Jesus when a snake was draped around her neck. Cycle 3’s Eva lost it when she had to pose with a tarantula but pulled out an amazing photo.  Cockroaches sent the models into hissy fits in cycle 6, especially Gina.  I’m not one to talk, though.  I wouldn’t want to pose with any of those! 

A Go-See To Remember

Models should wear watches when they’re out and about on their go-sees.  Every cycle, without fail, girls get disqualified for not making it back in time.  Cycle 9’s Heather wandered the streets of Shanghai, hardly making it to see anyone.  No one took getting disqualified harder than cycle 8’s Brittany, who launched into an expletive-filled tyrade, blaming her cab driver for not getting her back in time. 

Competition Catfights

The girls on this show just can’t seem to get along sometimes, especially when the stress of the competition gets the best of them.  In cycle 1, Robin and Ebony had it out after Ebony hid a Tyra Mail from the other girls.  Robin responded by trying to exercise the demon out of Ebony.  It was quite a moment to remember!  Cycle 9 winner Saleisha came under fire when her fellow models found out that she had previous experience.  Bianca and Saleisha almost came to blows over that one, getting in each other’s faces.  One of the most memorable fights was between cycle 5’s Corinne and Lisa, after Corinne verbally slapped Lisa for offering her opinion without being asked.  However, nobody knew how to fight it out like the ladies of cycle 3!

America’s Next Top Model, cycle 10, kicks off next Wednesday, February 20 at 9pm ET.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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