America’s Got Talent revealed the first five acts to move to its season 4 semifinals. Some were shoo-ins, expected and arguably well deserved, while others are more prone to debate. Acrodunk, for instance, was a given after the electrifying performance they delivered the night before. Some AGT fans may be a little skeptical at first if they can improve on what they showed during the auditions (what else can they do, really), but they surprised everyone when they combined good music, exciting choreography, and just plain spunk to get the votes.

Also making it to the semifinals were Drew Thomas Magic, Kevin Skinner, Grandma Lee, and Arcadian Broad. This means that some of the acts eliminated include Manuela Horn, Breaksk8, Lake Houston Dance, Mosaic, The Platt Brothers, Thia Megia and the Diva League.

Everyone in this top five except Acrodunk got some criticism – Drew Thomas Magic for being oh-so-slow on stage and his lack of showmanship; Kevin Skinner for being off-pitch most of the time; Grandma Lee for not having new material, and Arcadian Broad for, well, Thia Megia supposedly being better than him.

Broad and Megia received the fifth and sixth highest votes, placing the burden of choosing to the three judges. Piers told Thia, “I thought you got much better. Arcadian, you confused me with the piano playing, I wasn’t quite so convinced by your second performance. My vote goes with Thia.” Both Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff chose what they called as an American Billy Elliott, meaning he essentially got bullied and sought refuge in, well, dancing.

America’s Got Talent season 2 winner Terry Fator and host Nick Cannon’s hubby and Eminem’s BFF Mariah Carey performed, but among those acts shown the door, it seems that it’s Thia, Mosaic, and The Platt Brothers who are the most heavily debated. Thia’s downfall was her song choice (Miley Cyrus‘ The Climb), while the other two were criticized for being too all over the place, losing focus in the process.

What do you think? Did the right acts advance?

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Glenn Diaz

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