Scandal had sex on the brain this week in “Wild Card.” Jake is sleeping with Olivia and a mystery woman, Davis is sleeping with Liz and Susan, Fitz is sleeping with Lillian and Cyrus is sleeping with God only knows who.

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While the episode’s big punches involved Cyrus’ assassination set-up to raise Governor Vargas’ profile and Olivia finally getting a clue and questioning Papa Pope’s agenda, there were several burning questions left lingering after all of the sex.

Who Is Vanessa Moss?
It’s still a bit unclear why Olivia is still sleeping with Jake (and why Jake is sleeping with Olivia), but what is very clear is that Jake is also sleeping with a woman named Vanessa Moss, who he assures Liv is clean. But who is this woman and why is Jake dating her?

As we learned when he first appeared, Jake’s choice of girlfriends are usually assignments from Papa Pope, so could this woman be the secret to uncovering Rowan’s evil plans? As the promo suggested, we should learn more in two weeks.

scandal-tomtowel.jpgWhy Was Tom in a Towel?

Perhaps the biggest mystery in all of Scandal at the moment concerns evil former Secret Service Agent Tom. After Cyrus got the rundown on Governor Vargas from his assistant Ethan (the adorable Vanya Asher who we haven’t seen since last season and who deserves a bigger role), Tom emerged from a backroom wearing nothing but a towel.

The show offered zero explanations for Tom’s wardrobe choice, but as any Shonda Rhimes fan knows from Mark Sloan, a character emerging in nothing but a towel usually implies sex. So is Cyrus cheating on his prostitute husband with a hired assassin? Wow, even for Scandal that question seems crazy.

Is Quinn Gonna Get Pregnant?

After spending the day “babysitting” a kid with Charlie, Quinn ended the episode by commenting that he’ll make a great father some day. Does this mean the biological clock is starting to tick for the woman formerly known as Lindsay Dwyer? Could Quinn get pregnant before the season ends, giving her and Charlie an Election Day baby? Or is one of Shonda Rhimes’ other Thursday night dramas using up all of the baby twists?

scandal-fitzlilliansex.jpgWill Fitz’s New Girlfriend Be a Problem?

This episode revealed far more than I ever wanted to know about the lengths the Secret Service must go to when dealing with Fitz’s sexual relationships (like removing all DNA from the scene). But more importantly, his fling with Lillian Forrester seems like an inevitable problem, especially since the press already has photos of her leaving the residence with sex hair. Will the relationship blow up in Fitz’s face? And is Lillian really that into him, or just using him to write a behind-the-sheets expose on the philanderer-in-chief?

How Submissive Is David?

David Rosen has never been an alpha male, but somewhere along the way he became a total pushover. He’s caving to Liz North’s every demand, from sleeping with the Vice President to rolling over in bed. That should definitely raise some questions. Does Liz just prefer to be the big spoon or is David into some stuff that would make Paul Giamatti’s character on Showtime’s Billions blush? If you don’t get the reference, consider yourself lucky or just watch the first scene of the pilot.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9pm on ABC.

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