The clock has been reset and a new day is beginning on FOX. Following the Super Bowl the network premieres its reboot, 24: Legacy, featuring the same basic premise and format as the original 24, but with a brand new cast. Your enjoyment of the new series probably depends on how much you appreciated the original.
24: Legacy has all the hallmarks of the adventures of Jack Bauer. There’s a terrorist plot, a conspiracy with plenty of potential moles in the government, nonstop action and a hero who frequently goes rogue, disobeying orders to do what’s right.

The new series centers on Eric Carter, a former Army Ranger who led a team in an assault against a terrorist mastermind six months ago. As 24: Legacy begins, there is retribution for that attack and Carter, along with former head of CTU Rebecca Ingram who planned the initial assault, are the only ones who can stop a new attack.

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The show feels familiar and different. The ticking clock and CTU remind viewers of Jack Bauer, but there are no familiar characters to latch onto. The CTU employees and politicians are all new and it will take time to get to know them, but the action is so fast-paced that there’s little time to really get to know the characters.

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The original 24 had 24 episodes to tell the story, allowing the action to occasionally slow down and giving us a chance to really know and understand the characters. With just 12 hours, 24: Legacy doesn’t really have that same opportunity and the entire series seems to be more focused on the plot and action.

24: Legacy manages to feel familiar and new at the same time. We’ve seen presidential candidates with personal drama that threatens to destroy them. We’ve seen heroes disregard the orders of the CTU director in order to do what’s best. We’ve seen shady analysts at CTU who may or may not be moles and who also have workplace romantic problems. And we’ve seen the hero’s wife stuck in an absurdly ridiculous subplot.

It has all happened before and it will all happen again. 24: Legacy even features an analyst who happens to be the cousin of Edgar Stiles, which is a nice nod to the original series, but also a painful reminder of how great and fresh this show once was. None of these new characters have half of the personality of an Edgar or a Chloe, or the edge of Jack. The people on 24: Legacy all play their roles, but it’s more about the story than the characters.

24: Legacy premieres after the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5 and airs regularly Mondays at 8/7c starting February 6 on FOX.

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