After 10 seasons, Supernatural is an anomaly in the TV world. While most shows have a deep bench of major characters, Supernatural only has five characters who have appeared in more than 15 of its 200+ episodes (Sam, Dean, Bobby, Cas and Crowley). However, it also has plenty of recurring characters and the show loves bringing back minor characters after being gone for multiple seasons. Here’s a look at 10 such characters who should definitely be brought back onto the show at some point.

#10 Adam Milligan

The 200th episode reminded everyone, including Sam and Dean, that John Winchester had another kid. Adam became Michael’s vessel in season 5 and was subsequently locked in the Cage with Lucifer. While Sam escaped (minus his soul), Adam is still there, presumably, rotting away. Hopefully the 200th episode is the kick in the pants the Winchesters need to finally do something about that and reunite with their long-lost brother.

#9 Lucifer

Like Adam, Lucifer is presumably still in the Cage, though hallucinations of him were trapped in Sam’s mind, later transferred to Cas. Either way, Mark Pellegrino’s whimsical performance was delightfully wicked, and it would be great to see him return, especially if he could interact with Crowley. Those two together would be killer.

#8 Death

As one of the Four Horsemen, British actor Julian Richings adds a level of sophistication every time he appears, balanced perfectly with humor. He’s calm and reasonable, and his promise to one day reap God could make for a very interesting storyline.

#7 Jesse Turner, aka the Antichrist

You can’t introduce the freaking Antichrist and then ignore him. But that’s what happened with Jesse in season 5, a little boy who is half-human, half-demon. He fled at the end of the episode, but it would be nice to know what the Antichrist is up to.

#6 Joshua

Supernatural has teased us with references to God for years, but the show has never gone all-in with the character. The closest we’ve come (aside from the theory that Chuck is God) would be Joshua, an angel in the Garden of Heaven who talks to God. Between the Fall and the re-opening of Heaven, his return could play an important role in Heaven’s storyline.

#5 Dorothy Baum

If the CW wants a Supernatural spin-off so badly, how about centering one around Dorothy, the bad-ass female Hunter who travelled to Oz? She was tough, fearless and went back to Oz with Charlie, so bringing her back would just make good sense.

#4 Don and Maggie Stark

Not only was the Buffy/Angel reunion of James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter as a pair of bickering, married witches a delightful treat, they were also incredibly interesting. And since Don helped save Sam and Dean before leaving, it would make sense for them to come back.

#3 Becky Rosen

I love the meta episodes and, I don’t care what anyone says, I love Becky. The Supernatural super fan (and Sam stalker) is always welcome back as far as I’m concerned, especially since she hasn’t appeared since marrying Sam in season 7.

#2 Marie and Maeve

Sure, they only just appeared in the 200th episode as the writer/director and stage manager of Supernatural: The Musical, but I instantly fell in love with these characters. They’re smart, tough, funny and well-rounded. It’s rare for guest stars to so effortlessly craft interesting characters with limited screentime, but I want to know a lot more about their love for Supernatural and how they adapt to living in a world where monsters are real.

#1 John Winchester

It’s highly unlikely, but every fan wants to see Sam and Dean’s father again. He may be dead, but that’s never stopped the show before, and a visit from dear, old dad would be extremely dramatic.

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