The Original

Season 4, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 2/26/2013
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From USA: Peter and Neal get closer to finding out the mystery behind Ellen‘s evidence box while simultaneously chiseling their way through the world of sculpture forgery.

‘White Collar‘ Recap: Peter Meets the New Boss, Neal‘s Father Returns

While we‘re back to another case of the week for Neal and Peter, there‘s significant progress made as a new boss finally arrives for Peter and Neal‘s father returns.The episode opens with Mozzie conducting surveillance near the Empire State Building by manning an ice cream street cart. Peter comes by to share what he knows, as well as the fact that Elizabeth told him that she told Neal to leave him out of it.At the FBI office, we finally meet the new boss in the White Collar Division: Amanda Callaway, who promises to take a more "involved" approach. After her speech to the troops, Callaway introduces herself to Neal and re-introduces herself to Peter. She also puts them on a new case involving art forgery of the works of someone named DuBois.
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