Identity Crisis

Season 4, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 8/21/2012
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From USA: "Mozzie buys a storage unit that leads him, Neal, and Peter on a dangerous treasure hunt, following clues left by what Mozzie believes to be the modern day remnants of a revolutionary spy ring."

Parallel Reality ‘White Collar‘ Would Be Amazing TV

While tonight‘s episode seemingly ignores the anger that Peter would have rightly felt towards Neal after what he pulled last week, and it does nearly nothing to advance the season long plotline of Neal uncovering his father‘s secrets, it was still an entertaining episode -- but had the episode focused entirely on the first ten minutes, it might have been amongst the series‘ best.In the first ten minutes, Mozzie tells a story to Neal and Peter about uncovering a storage closet that seemingly contains National Treasure-like clues pointing to a long-lost American artifact: the flag that George Washington carried across the Delaware River.
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