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"I have been waiting (as I think just about every True Blood fan)for Eric and Sookie to get together. I think Eric before he was bespelled really grew to care for Sookie in his own way. The no memory Eric is probably the Eric before he was turned. So a thousand years of being a vampire "hardened" him. The no memory Eric was in there locked away, I think. Tommy will probably shift into Sam because if you remember what Luna said. They can become a skinwalker when they kill another member of their family. This will cause all kinds of problems for Sam. I wonder if Tara will go back to New Orleans or will her girlfriend meet up with her. I wonder if Jason will actually change into a panther or will he be some sort of hybrid. In the books because he was bitten not born a panther, Jason became a sort of hybrid panther-man on the full moon."


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