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"We get it ~ you (John) don't care for country music. :/ Personally, as much as I enjoy Blake's team (and most of those remaining), I thought Holly was a goner last week. When she sang with the rest of her team and Amber, it was clear the she had the weakest voice of them all. By "weakest", I mean, not as full and strong. She sang right after Amber and it was very obvious who the more powerful singer was. She was saved by poor song choices and not the best performances by Judith and Sarah. (They were my bottom three.) Amber is a very talented vocalist, and I am hopeful that she, Michelle, and Danielle are the final three. Sasha is a great singer, but I just can't connect with her. She seems overconfident in her interviews in the SkyBox, and she annoys me. She's performed on Broadway, and that may factor into my perception of her. She kind of reminds me of Chris Daughtry on AI ~ when he started seeming overconfident, he went home."


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