The Fourth Hand

Season 1, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 8/19/2013
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A mysterious woman makes an appearance in Chester‘s Mill.

‘Under the Dome‘ Recap: Chester‘s Mill Takes on the 2nd Amendment

A couple weeks ago, I suggested that the Under the Dome writers had accidentally made Big Jim the hero of their story, but even I didn‘t expect to see him become such a progressive force in Chester‘s Mill government: between his drug decriminalization efforts and his common sense gun control initiative, the guy is becoming a regular Dennis Kucinich.It‘s a relatively interesting evening under the dome this week, particularly as the show alternately explores Big Jim‘s sketchy past in illegal drug manufacturing and his present effort to reduce gun violence -- the former is a bit obvious at this point, but at least the story‘s moving now; the latter is most interesting on a meta level for its obliviously apolitical take on a hot-button issue, like an abortion-themed episode that politely acknowledges Roe vs. Wade but never engages with it. Quibbles aside, I‘ll take a plot line that‘s interesting either in spite of or because of its faults over the silly pink star monarch gobbledygook any day.
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