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Twelve astronauts embark on an important mission in space, one that could prove crucial to the survival of everyone else left behind on Earth.  Just as they are faced with a critical decision regarding their task, they are faced with a problem that could affect their psychological well-being.  So goes the plot of Virtuality, the two-hour special airing on June 26 on Fox. Read more »
Unlike most, I have yet to see Virtuality, that two-hour special which airs this Friday night on Fox.  I‘m no sci-fi head either, but after reading up on the show for the past week or so, I‘m actually intrigued as to how this will turn out.  Imagine this: twelve astronauts head to a ten-year mission to some far-flung star system.  Part of the show‘s funding comes from some television network, which means the whole mission is a reality show for the folks back home--probably meant to forget that the mission they‘re watching is ultimately for their survival.  Chaos?  Sure, so those virtual reality modules are made so they can retreat to their custom-made scenarios and unwind.  And then that, too, gets messed up.Intriguing, right?  Catch is, Virtuality is just a two-hour special at the moment.  Sure, this thing--co-written by Battlestar Galactica‘s Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor--is supposed to be a series, but Fox decided not to pick it up as one, but instead air the pilot as it is.  The creators themselves have hoped that it becomes the case, although they also admit that the possibility is slim. Read more »
What else do we have to know about Virtuality?  We‘ve pretty much exhausted the premise, talked about its history and mentioned the early reviews.  So we‘re pretty ready for tonight, right?  8pm on Fox?  Bah, I‘ll throw in a few more just for kicks.  Or, not really.  But anyway."It‘s more about the technology we are already dealing with and how that will change our lives," co-creator Michael Taylor told io9.  "I would say that, that reality is the internet ... We conduct a lot of our lives though websites dating sites, Facebook, email, phone links that allow us to get in contact with people on the other side of the world.  But there‘s no physical contact.  In other words we‘re already living our lives in a kind of virtual reality.  This is what the show Virtuality looks to explore. How that kind of technology will change us." Read more »
Thereare certain television creators whose work is not to be missed.  Anytime a new J.J. Abrams or Joss Whedon show premieres, you know you‘rein for something +different and brilliant.  The same can be said forRonald D. Moore, whose reimagining of Battlestar Galactica redefinedscience fiction.  Now he‘s done it again with Virtuality, a specialpremiere presentation tonight at 8pm on FOX.The best way todescribe Virtuality is as a cross between 2001: A Space Odyssey and thereality series Big Brother.  A crew of 12 men and women live togetheron a space station traveling to a far off galaxy to search forinhabitable life while Earth is less than a century from totaldestruction.   Read more »