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The Shield, the series known for its controversial portrayal of corrupt police officers, returns tonight for its seventh and final season.  Last season, Vic and Detective Ronnie Gardocki learned that Shane killed Lem, which ultimately destroyed Shane‘s relationship with the rest of the Strike Team. Now, Vic faces threats from all directions, first and foremost from his damaged protégé Shane, as well as Captain Claudette Wyms, who is on the brink of pushing him off the force so she can clean up Farmington without the tinge of police corruption.Read on for a preview of The Shield‘s season 7 opener entitled “Coefficient of Drag.” Read more »
Now that The Shield has kicked off its seventh and final season, fans have only one question on their minds: How will it end?  While details on how Vic Mackey‘s story ends aren‘t being disclosed, series creator Shawn Ryan promises that crime drama will go out with a bang.The Shield has won praise for its realism and controversial portrayal of corrupt police officers as well as gang violence in some of Los Angeles‘ roughest neighborhoods.  Season 1 gave an introduction to the Strike Team and the other characters of the Barn, season 2 mostly revolved around a brutal new drug-lord Armadillo and the Strike Team‘s plan to rip off the money train of the Armenian Mob, while season 3 mainly focused around the aftermath of the money train heist and its effects on the Strike Team.  The action continued in the fourth season with the he fallout from the Strike Team disbandment and Internal Affairs‘ investigation into the Strike Team in season 5. Read more »
As Vic Mackey on The Shield, Michael Chiklis is known as a corrupt police officer who is described as "a cross between Hannibal Lecter and Dirty Harry."  In real life, however, that‘s certainly not the case.  In fact, the 45-year-old actor cried as the crime drama wrapped up its seventh and final season. As reported last week, details on how Vic Mackey‘s story ends aren‘t being disclosed but series creator Shawn Ryan promises that the crime drama will go out with a bang and is determined to give The Shield the ending that fans deserve. Read more »
With only 10 episodes left, including tonight‘s installment, The Shield is about to close its seventh and final chapter.  And while fans are sadly mulling over the conclusion of the acclaimed police drama, lead star Michael Chiklis is more than bummed that the show he spearheaded since 2002 will now come to a end. "Listen, if you‘re a Shield fan, I feel your pain, but think of how I feel about it," Chiklis, who plays Vic Mackey, said in his good-natured way.  "I‘ve heard people say, ‘What will I do on Tuesday nights when it‘s over?‘  My response is: ‘What am I going to do Monday through Friday?‘ " Read more »
With The Shield taking its final bow on the last week of November this year, many fans are wondering what‘s going to happen next.  The FX network has been plagued with questions for the replacement they‘ll be offering once curtains are closed for the show, and they finally have the answer.  Apparently, the hit series is going to be followed by a new police drama known as Staten Island.Coming straight from The West Wing‘s writer/executive producer Lawrence O‘Donnell, Staten Island focuses on a compromised police chief based in the district.  FX has teamed up with O‘Donnell for the show, and the network has already labeled it as the natural successor of The Shield. Read more »
Tonight on the second to the last episode of The Shield, the anticipation for the finale grows higher.  On the previous installment, Corrine (Cathy Cahlin Ryan) agrees to work with Dutch and Claudette, while mediating between Vic (Michael Chiklis) and Shane (Walton Goggins).  After investigating the murder of a high school football player, the action continues on the last season of FX‘s The Shield.On “Possible Kill Screen,” Olivia (Laurie Holden) joins in the work of the Strike Team in order to capture a Mexican drug lord.  They need to uncover what‘s going on before any more damage is done.  Meanwhile, Dutch (Jay Karnes) finds it in himself to clean up Billings‘ (David Marciano) mess. Read more »
A show gets one chance to end its run with a bang, and it‘s over before you know it.  That‘s probably how the seven seasons of The Shield played out – firing bullet upon bullet of tension down the throats of fans.  Tonight, one of the most highly praised series of the generation is all set for departure.  But the series creators made sure you won‘t forget it as quickly as it goes.The 90-minute special episode was penned by series creator Shawn Ryan, aptly bestowing upon it the title “Family Meeting.”  He and the writers burnt more than the midnight oil for the groundbreaking drama‘s send-off, targeting the perfect approach to take. Read more »
Ever since show creator Shawn Ryan has decided to make season 7 the final chapter of The Shield, fans have been sadly mulling over how the series would come to a close.  With seven years worth of action, gang violence, corrupt police officers and complex storylines, Ryan was determined to give the show the ending fans deserved.Yesterday‘s episode marked the conclusion of the police drama but certainly not the end of Vic Mackey. If you have yet to watch The Shield finale, stop reading now! Read more »
One of TV greatest shows ended last night, and I‘m not talking about season 7 of Dancing with the Stars. The Shield, FX‘s breakout drama series about a dirty cop, came to an end last night in an explosive and shocking finale that provided closure without tying everything up with a bow.The Shield series finale delivered everything fans could‘ve hoped for. It didn‘t end with a sudden, unsatisfying blackout like The Sopranos, but it also didn‘t finish everyone‘s story like Six Feet Under. Instead, the series that catapulted FX to the major leagues of cable networks when Michael Chiklis won an Emmy for Lead Actor in the show‘s first season found just the right note to close on. Read more »
After the flawless ending of The Shield last week, we‘re bound to hear what the actors have been up to since then.  But for those who are still unable to let go of their favorite FX network cop drama, you better go talk to Michael Chiklis.  The star, who plays the corrupt lead character Detective Vic Mackey, had a lot to say about the finale of one of TV‘s masterpieces. “I had many thoughts about where Mackey might end up,” Chiklis began.  “None of them matched up perfectly with what finally happened.  But Shawn [Ryan, the show‘s creator] and I have been on the same page through all of this.  Specifics aside, my general notion of what would happen is what happened.”  Read more »
You might have been one of those who contributed to the fame of FX‘s gritty cop drama The Shield, but you weren‘t enough to help the series top the Nielsen ranks.  The season 7 finale of the show, which wrapped up the entire story, didn‘t produce as much ratings as it should have.  Despite a brilliant end to the gripping story of Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis), The Shield just wasn‘t able to garner enough viewers that night.According to Nielsen Media Research data, the ground-breaking series was able to haul in 1.9 million total viewers for the November 25 premiere run.  It was way less than the 2.1 million audiences who watched the opener of The Shield‘s final season.  Read more »
Vic Mackey‘s fate has been left unknown ever since The Shield ended its seven-season run.  But there‘s a lot more in cards for his portrayer, Michael Chiklis.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 45-year-old actor is developing a new series at FX called House of Cards, continuing his behind-the-scenes work after serving as producer on the last few seasons of The Shield. The new series will sound familiar to anyone familiar with the Bernard Madoff scandal, which saw Wall Street businessman Bernard Madoff arrested and charged with securities fraud in what is traditionally referred to as a Ponzi scheme.  Chiklis didn‘t lose any money in the escalating scandal. But he did fall victim to another Ponzi scheme early this year.  And now, he‘s developing a TV series fueled by his experience. Read more »
The ballotsare out, the race is on, and soon we will know which lucky shows andactors will be nominated for this year‘s Emmy Awards.  This year themain categories have been expanded to six nominees due to theincreasing volume of shows produced.  The official Emmy ballot forOutstanding Drama Series lists 76 eligible shows, but that includeseverything from last year‘s winner, Mad Men, to "no chance in Hell:submissions like The Secret Life of the American Teenager.Sowho is actually in the hunt?  Last year proved that cable networks havefinally broken through as it was the first time a cable network otherthan HBO scored a nomination in this category. Read more »
It‘s Emmy nomination eve as TV fans are looking forward to tomorrowmorning‘s Emmy nominations, announced at 8:35am ET by Grey‘;s Anatomy‘sChandra Wilson and The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons.This year there are plenty of interesting changes and storylines goinginto the announcement.  As always, Grey‘s Anatomy has plenty of drama,with Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight‘s behind-the-scenes decisions andPatrick Dempsey‘s choice to submit himself as a supporting actor forthe first time.  Expanding the major acting and series categories tosix nominees each should also add some extra spice into the morning.  Read more »
Many of our favorite TV shows are celebrating their final curtain call this month--some are season finales, some endings are just for a series. And this got us thinking of TV endings that left us scratching our heads or screaming at our TV screens, and quite possibly left us in our own little world of loathing. It‘s hard enough to deal with the fact that your favorite TV series is coming to a close, but it‘s even more frustrating to see an ending that didn‘t live up to its hype. Here‘s our list, with some help from our Facebook followers, of some of the most controversial and disappointing finales. Read more »
There is only one thing better than amazingly good TV shows, and that‘s when aspects of those shows get together to create something even cooler. And it looks like this amazing synergy is going to happen during season 5 of Chuck. Why? Danny Pudi from Community will be a guest star! Read more »
This is my viewpoint, from the far end of the interview with actress Julie Ann Emery, spending part of my Memorial Day weekend with Adam Ferrara, and talking up TV writers who don‘t get enough credit. Read more »
White Collar, Psych, Suits, Necessary Roughness, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains and Burn Notice are making room for new faces in the coming days. Read on to find out who‘s appearing on your favorite USA Network shows.   Read more »
On Sunday‘s The Strain, "Creatures of the Night," we saw a major character killed off after a failed attempt to rid of him of the worms that cause vampirism failed and he was gunned down, with permission, by a new member of his group.This was a shocking turn of events since we‘re in the middle of the first season and while this character is by no means the lead of the show, he was one of the co-leads. He, however, is not alone in being a major character to die early--and by early, we mean in the first season of what are multiple-season shows. Read more »
Who needs cable when you can just stream? Instead of waiting for each episode each week, why not try a show that has a few 100 episodes behind it? Or one that‘s already finished? Hollywood is pushing out more TV shows than ever onto streaming sites so you can enjoy a few sleepless binge sessions. So cut the cord. Here‘s what you can watch whenever you want. Read more »
The 2015 nominations for the Television Critics Association are in, with freshman shows Empire and Transparent getting the most nominations with four each. The two will compete against each other for Program of the Year alongside HBO‘s Game of Thrones, FX‘s The Americans and the final season of AMC‘s Mad Men.  Read more »
Lucifer and Empire adds new faces, Supernatural‘s spin-off takes shape and a young reality star lands her own show. Read on to find out more. Read more »
Shemar Moore isn‘t coming back to Criminal Minds but he will be on CBS this fall in S.W.A.T. Moore is trading in his role as a team player for the team leader. His S.W.A.T. character, Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson, will be leading a squad and trying to save the city he calls home. In a pair of the behind-the-scenes previews, Shemar and the rest of the cast promise that S.W.A.T. will be a accurate but incredibly exciting look at some real-life heroes. Read more »