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It has been a long nine weeks!  The Daily Show and The Colbert Report last ran new episodes on November 1 and the fans have been slowly dying ever since.  Due to the excessive reruns, both shows have lost more than 50% of their audiences but tonight, those numbers will change.  It will be interesting to see how both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will handle returning to tv.  We still expect political, smart humor and it‘s going to be a challenge considering neither one of them can write a single word.  They‘ll have to improv the whole thing, which may work for Conan or Dave but will it work well for the Comedy Central duo?  Here‘s how each show played out as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report return with new episodes. Read more »
British-born comedian John Oliver entertains late-night television audiences with his humorous takes on American politics as a foreign correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. When asked what he really thought of nation‘s political environment, especially this election year, Oliver‘s answer was not short of humor. “My ‘real‘ take on American politics is buried in a treasure chest somewhere in Utah,” Oliver told The Standard Times via email. “As soon as someone finds it, my career is over. There is a map for how to find it, and that map is buried somewhere in Ohio.” Read more »
The Academy Awards played out without incident last night from Hollywood‘s Kodak Theater, and The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart is at least partly responsible.  The duties of an Oscars host are as important as the host makes them.  Over the years we‘ve seen extensive pre-taped bits, elaborate set pieces, choreographed dance numbers and one ill fated Oprah-Uma-Uma-Oprah sketch.  Jon Stewart did a admirable job last night as host because he mostly just stayed out of the way.  The simplicity and natural ease of his performance gave the whole festivities a very laid-back feel.  Some may call it boring, but don‘t kid yourselves - the Oscars are always boring.  We all just forget this fact over the course of the year.  There were no big numbers, no costume changes – nothing extravagant.  Stewart came on stage for the opening by himself, gave a funny monologue, and then spouted off tasteful one-liners for the rest of the night, while no creating any awkward or cringe-inducing moments, which are generally staples of any awards show. Read more »
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Steve Carell‘s path to movie stardom was unexpected.  A veteran of underground comedy, Carell‘s first break was on the short-lived, but critically-acclaimed, Dana Carvey Show.  Though that series was quickly canceled, one of his cast mates and fellow writers on the series was Stephen Colbert.  Colbert subsequently became one of the first break out correspondents on the Jon Stewart version of The Daily Show and, serendipitously, suggested that The Daily Show bring on Carell as a correspondent.  Carell shined on The Daily Show for 6 years, and eventually left to ply his trade in Hollywood.  He landed the role of Michael Scott on the American version of The Office, which was originally a British sensation starring Ricky Gervais. From there, things got interesting. Read more »