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It‘s back!  Ready or not, another man is about to attempt to find true love and the woman he‘ll spend the rest of his life with.  Forget the fact that the last 11 relationships have yet to end in marriage.  In fact, most of them have just ended.  Matt Grant told the media in a press conference last week that he doesn‘t care about the show‘s track record.  He feels that he‘s different and he knows what he‘s looking for.  He assured us that he has found true love so now, we‘ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.  Tonight on The Bachelor, he meets 25 women that he‘ll have to whittle down to 15.  I‘ll be updating live throughout the hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! Read more »
On tonight’s premiere of The Bachelor season 12, we were introduced to Matt Grant. He is the youngest of five brothers and values his relationship with his family. He has a secure job and is looking for love. His father had a stroke, which caused Matt to make settling down and raising a family the focus of his life. He traveled to Malibu for The Bachelor and met 25 beautiful women, one of whom could be his future wife. After a night of getting to know them, Matt cut 10 women and got ready to embark on a journey with the 15 women he did choose. Read more »
On last night’s season premiere of The Bachelor 12, Matt Grant met 25 beautiful women. Each one got out of the limo and had a few seconds to introduce themselves to him. Other than that brief moment alone, the women had no private time with this man who had to cut 10 of them at the end of the night. Put 25 women in a room, pump them full of alcohol, stick 1 hot guy in there, and you’ll see some pretty interesting behavior. These women stopped at nothing to grab a rose and it seemed that, for the most part, the ones who just tried to be themselves were the ones who were sent home first. Read more »
On Monday night’s season premiere of The Bachelor, 26 year old Stacey certainly drew a lot of attention but not for the right reasons.  After getting a little too drunk on the first night, she let the curse words fly and tried to monopolize as much of Matt‘s time as she could.  When she shoved her underwear into his pocket while he chatted up another woman, it was the last straw for Matt.  She didn‘t get a rose and was sent home on the first night but she didn‘t seem to care.  Today, Stacey participated in a conference call with the media where she said that she had zero interest in Matt from the get go! Read more »
Let the attention hogging begin!  On tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor, some women are taken to a fashion show where they found out that they‘ll be the models while the other women head to Vegas.  I‘d rather go to Vegas!  The stakes are high since Matt will have to cut 3 women by the end of the episode.  Though Stacey the underwear-in-the-pocket-stuffer is long gone, it doesn‘t mean the drama is.  The word is that tonight, Shayne has an emotional confrontation with Matt.  Already?  Over what?  We‘ll find out as we head into a new episode of The Bachelor.  Keep refreshing throughout the hour for live thoughts and post yours as well! Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, the first group of women receive their date box and find out that they’ll be heading to a runway show. When Ashlee, Kristine, Mashana, Noelle, Michelle, Amanda, Erin H, and Holly arrive at their destination, they find out that they’ll be the ones modeling the clothing. Kristine said that given the choice between doing that or jumping out of an airplane, she’d choose skydiving. Ashlee tried to command attention by bringing Matt up on the catwalk with her. When the girls finished flaunting their stuff, the partied continued as the girls fought for that coveted rose, keeping them safe from elimination (and heartbreak). Read more »
Here‘s what‘s unfortunate about The Bachelor.  The show constantly puts women in severely uncomfortable situations and if they don‘t want to participate, they‘re either made to feel bad or sent home.  They‘re also put in an environment where emotions feel very real, very fast.  I don‘t know what the production staff does to get them to fall for each bachelor so hard.  No one ever says, "Eh, he‘s not my type."  He‘s everyone‘s type!  When I‘m out with my friends, we don‘t always agree on who‘s good looking or who would make a good boyfriend.  In any event, on last night‘s episode, the girls who didn‘t want to play were put down by Matt.  If they didn‘t want to do as they were told, he wanted them to take their ball and go home. Read more »
25 year old Carri Perrier made quite an impression on The Bachelor‘s Matt Grant.  On her first night in the house, she displayed her talent for chewing through a soda can for him.  Her bold move won her a rose on the first night but on the second episode, her opera singing didn‘t quite cut it for Matt.  She was eliminated Monday night along with Michelle and Erin H.  Today, she spoke to the media in a telephone press conference and opened up about her unique talents, her feelings about Matt, and whether or not she felt pressure to perform in order to get his attention. Read more »
With Carrie and Michelle out of the way, let‘s hope that The Bachelor Talent Show has come to a close.  Now, we can move on to just some good old fashioned catfights and drama.  The girls will have an all out war in tonight‘s rugby match in order to impress the bachelor.  During her time with Matt, Shayne finally reveals that her father is Lorenzo Lamas (while Matt scratches his head and says, "I thought it was going to be someone cool!").  I‘ll be here throughout the hour with live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your comments as well! Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Chris informs the girls that there will be one group date and two one-on-one dates. If a woman does not receive a rose on a one-on-one date, she will immediately be sent home. Holly is the first to receive an invitation to a private date with Matt. They’ll be headed to a private premiere of the new Patrick Dempsey movie, Maid of Honor. Before they could head in to watch the movie, though, they faced an onslaught of paparazzi, answering questions and posing for pictures.  The two cuddled together in the theater and Matt comforted Holly when she cried at the movie. Read more »
The Bachelor often likes to switch between 60 and 90 minute episodes.  Tonight is a 60 minute one and they are the ones I prefer.  Matt will take one girl on a 1950s themed date and, in true Bachelor fashion, she‘ll either get a rose or go home.  He‘ll take two others on a two-on-one date (which are always fun and awkward) and only one will get to return to the mansion.  The rest get a tea and tennis date.  BORING!  Three girls will be eliminated tonight.  Boy, the show is just moving things along isn‘t it?  I‘ll be here throughout the hour with live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your comments, too! Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Kelly, Chelsea, Shayne, Ashlee, Noelle, and Robin receive the first date box. The note from Matt says that he’s looking for “a perfect match” and the box contains tennis rackets and tea cups. The girls take to the tennis court to try to impress Matt. Ashlee sings, Kelly flashes, and Shayne does back handsprings. Robin grabs Matt’s attention when she displays her knowledge for tea and British culture. Shayne confronts her for not playing fair and making enemies, bringing Robin to tears. Chelsea leaves the group date with the rose, for playing a good game of tennis and looking good while doing so! Read more »
I’m going to give Matt some credit on The Bachelor. He has yet to make an elimination that I disagree with. It’s not that I think he should have chosen Marshana over Holly. I just think he doesn’t really a connection with either one of them. Holly went last night, Marshana will go next week. What really made me happy was to see the exits of classless Kelly and immature Ashlee. I think both had worn out their welcomes and needed to head home to perhaps do a little self-reflecting. We hope. Here’s a look back at the two women who left the mansion last night without a rose, without a man, and without their dignity. Read more »
On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt chose to eliminate Holly, Ashlee, and Kelly. He didn’t feel that he had a connection with Holly, Ashlee seemed too focused on her music and not on him, and Kelly as a bit too wild for the Brit’s taste. Ashlee, the 22 year old singer/songwriter from Florida, didn’t earn many friends when she threw her connection with Matt in the faces of the girls she was competing against. Today, she participated in a conference call with the media to talk about how she felt when she was dumped on national television and who she thinks Matt will end up with. Read more »
It‘s only the 5th episode of The Bachelor and already, we‘re down to 6 women.  The show is certainly moving things along quickly, aren‘t they?  He‘ll get rid of two more tonight which means that hometown and overnight dates are rapidly approaching.  Will Matt really be able to make a decision after such a short amount of time with these women?  I predict that Marshana and Chelsea will go home tonight.  Chelsea goes on a one on one date with Matt and, according to the previews, really does herself in.  I don‘t see her getting a rose at the end of the night.  We‘ll see how things play out and I‘ll be here throughout the entire hour with live updates.  Keep refreshing and post your comments, too! Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison told the girls that, with hometown dates right around the corner, no roses would be given out before the ceremony. All the girls are headed to meet Matt in Sun Valley, Idaho for some fun in the snow. The minute they arrive, a snowball fight breaks out and Matt starts wrestling girls in the snow. Chelsea finds out that she’ll be headed out on her first one on one date with Matt.Read on for more details about tonight‘s episode of The Bachelor. Read more »
On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt eliminated Marshana and Robin, opting not to head to their hometowns for the next round of dates. He offered no explanation to either of them. Marshana seemed hurt but at peace with the decision while Robin took the rejection very hard. Earlier in the episode, Chelsea had said that Marshana did not want to be on the show or fighting for Matt but she denied every saying those words. Her intentions were genuine and she truly was there to find love. Today, Marshana spoke to reporters during a conference call and said that she has no hard feelings about what happened during her time on The Bachelor. Read more »
Six episodes in and it‘s already time for hometown dates on The Bachelor.  I always love this episode because The Bachelor‘s visit to at least one family‘s house is always a train wreck.  As if meeting someone‘s family for the first time isn‘t awkward enough, Matt has to do it in front of all of America.  Ooh, and he‘ll meet Lorenzo Lamas tonight.  Sexy!  Matt hits the hometowns of Amanda, Chelsea, Noelle, and Shayne.  As I write this, a commercial just came on during Samantha Who and someone‘s mother kisses him right on the lips.  I literally laughed out loud.  God, I love the hometown dates episode!  I‘m settling down and will be here all hour with live updates.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt headed out on the dreaded but always comical hometown dates. He traveled to meet the families of Shayne, Chelsea, Noelle, and Amanda. Matt had to deal with revelations and being grilled by family members and one woman, who decided to play a huge prank on him. With four women left, he only had three roses to give out tonight, ending his relationship with one of them. Here are more details on Matt’s hometown visits on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. Read more »
On this week’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt visited the hometowns of four different women. During Noelle’s date, he told her sister that he was falling in love with more than one woman. At the time, he said that one of those women was Noelle but clearly, it wasn’t. At the rose ceremony, he dumped Noelle and sent her home, feeling that their connection started too late. What he really meant was that he’s falling in love with two different women. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Chelsea. Read more »
On Monday night‘s episode of The Bachelor, Matt headed out for hometown dates with the remaining women.  In Colorado, he met Noelle‘s family, who asked him if he was falling in love with any of the women.  Matt admitted that he was falling in love with more than one woman and even said that Noelle was one of them.  However, at the rose ceremony, he felt like had cared more for other women and sent her home.  Noelle seemed to understand, even to agree with him, and took the rejection well.  Today, she spoke to the press in a conference call about her time on the show and with Matt. Read more »
It‘s down to only 3 women on The Bachelor, in only 6 episodes.  The show must do a really good job of making sure that Matt falls in love in the shortest amount of time possible.  Tonight, he takes Shayne, Amanda, and Chelsea to Barbados for exciting, overnight dates.  At the end of each individual date, Matt will offer the woman a "fantasy suite" date card.  The sad thing is, that if they don‘t take it, they‘ll surely be sent home.  That‘s a lot of pressure on a woman to spend the night with someone she hasn‘t had much time with to get to know.  They‘ll all take the card, though.  You know they will.  I‘ll be updating throughout the hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!Pre-Episode Prediction: Chelsea will go home tonight. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt takes the three remaining women to Barbados. He’ll take each one out on an individual date and present the fantasy card suite to them, where they’ll have the choice to spend the night with him or not. At the end of the dates, Matt will send one woman home, leaving only two in the competition. It’s all leading up to a proposal, in what ABC is calling “the most romantic finale in Bachelor history”. Here’s more details on the overnight dates and a rose ceremony that you never saw coming. Read more »
On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt headed out on romantic, overnight dates with the three remaining women. He took Shayne jet skiing, headed down a zip line with Amanda, and swam with sea turtles with Chelsea. At dinner, he offered each woman the opportunity to spend the night with him and each said yes. Shayne said that she was falling in love, Amanda said that she couldn’t picture life without him, and Chelsea said she was eager to show him that she can be romantic. At the rose ceremony, Matt handed Shayne the first rose and then, surprised everyone by giving the second one to Chelsea, eliminating Amanda. She seemed like the frontrunner to win the whole season so how did she end up going home before the finale? Read more »
On Monday night‘s episode of The Bachelor, Matt surprised viewers by sending Amanda home.  Earlier in the episode, he had told her that if he could draw a perfect woman, he would draw her.  The two seemed to be forming a genuine and strong connection but it all came a screeching halt at the rose ceremony.  Upon being eliminated, Amanda was very shocked and angry.  Certain that she would go to the final two, she let loose on Matt, saying that she felt that he wasn‘t genuine with her.  In the limo, she broke down, saying that she could have seen herself marrying Matt.  Today, she spoke to reporters in a conference call, assuring everyone that she‘s moved on and has no hard feelings. Read more »
I don‘t envy Matt Grant, or any Bachelor for that matter.  It sounds great, dating and making out with 25 beautiful women all season ... until you get to tonight.  Tonight is perhaps, my favorite episode of the season: The Women Tell All.  Matt got an easy out, dumping women one by one, and sending them off in a limo.  Now, he‘ll have to face all of them and answer tons of uncomfortable questions.  I‘m hoping for some catfights, some tears, and lots of Matt wishing he were somewhere else.  Hey, he signed up for it!  I‘ll be here throughout the hour with live updates so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! Read more »
On tonight’s special episode of The Bachelor, Matt Grant faces the women he rejected on “The Women Tell All”. Things get started with Stacey, one of the most infamous eligible women in Bachelor history. On her first night in the house, she got belligerently drunk, told the women she would kill them and their families, and shoved underwear in Matt’s pocket. She was quickly eliminated from the competition. Stacey said she was embarrassed by her behavior and tried to convince everyone that she is really a sweet person … but nobody was buying it! Read more »
Next Monday, Matt Grant will get down on one knee and propose to the love of his life on the season finale of The Bachelor. He had been warned about previous Bachelor relationships, that they never work out, and never make it to the altar. Matt promises, though, that he’s different. He swears he’s found true love and says he’ll do whatever it takes to make things work. Unlike previous seasons of The Bachelor, Matt has been allowed to see the woman he chose and the two have talked every day since parting. He can’t wait until next Monday, when he and his fiancé can head out into public for the first time as a couple. Today, he spoke to reporters in a conference call about this season of The Bachelor and the upcoming finale. Read more »
Matt Grant is the envy of many men.  25 beautiful and interesting women from all over the country came to meet him, in hopes that he would be their soul mate.  He spent the 12th season of The Bachelor, taking them on extravagant and romantic dates.  He kissed more women in a month than some men kiss in their lifetimes.  Yet, there‘s part of the job of being The Bachelor that certainly isn‘t enviable.  Each week, he must break a woman‘s heart, sending her home, and running the high risk of encountering a meltdown.  Now, Matt is down to only two women: Shayne and Chelsea.  It seems the two stand an equal chance to hearing Matt say, "Will you marry me?" on Monday night‘s finale.  If Matt‘s having trouble deciding, here are a few reasons why Chelsea would be the best match for him. Read more »
Matt Grant is the envy of many men. 25 beautiful and interesting women from all over the country came to meet him, in hopes that he would be their soul mate. He spent the 12th season of The Bachelor, taking them on extravagant and romantic dates. He kissed more women in a month than some men kiss in their lifetimes. Yet, there‘s part of the job of being The Bachelor that certainly isn‘t enviable. Each week, he must break a woman‘s heart, sending her home, and running the high risk of encountering a meltdown. Now, Matt is down to only two women: Shayne and Chelsea. It seems the two stand an equal chance to hearing Matt say, "Will you marry me?" on Monday night‘s finale. If Matt‘s having trouble deciding, here are a few reasons why Shayne would be the best match for him. Read more »
On tonight‘s finale of The Bachelor, Matt will propose to either Shayne or Chelsea.  Personally, I think the guy‘s nuts.  He‘s hardly known these women and has had very limited interactions with them but reality tv will make a person do funny things.  He‘ll take both women back to England to meet his family, who will give their opinion as to who he should choose.  As in every finale, I expect him to say things like: I‘m in love with two women, I‘m so confused, this is the hardest decision I‘ve ever had to make, and the like.  Many viewers feel that the preview gave it away that Chelsea won but we‘ll see for ourselves.  I‘ll be here all hour with live updates so keep refreshing and post your comments, too! Read more »
On tonight’s season finale of The Bachelor, Matt brought Shayne and Chelsea home to London to meet his family. Chelsea was up first and took a trip with Matt in The London Eye, an observation wheel, before heading home with him. At dinner, she was polite and charming and Matt’s mother seemed to like her very much. Matt was worried that Chelsea doesn’t feel as strongly as he did but felt better after seeing her with his family. Chelsea left London feeling like things could not have gone better and looked forward to seeing him again in Barbados. Read more »
On last night‘s season finale of The Bachelor, Matt Grant got down on one knee and proposed to Shayne Lamas.  He presented her with a Tacori platinum and diamond ring, valued at $60,000.  Minutes earlier, he said goodbye to Chelsea Wanstrath, after telling her that he could not picture a life with her.  Chelsea kept it together, for the most part, but took a shot at Shayne before she left, calling her "the fakest person in the house".  Matt had already made up his mind, though, and popped the question to a very happy Shayne.  Today, the happy couple participated in a conference call, filling in the press about where they‘re going to live, how they dealt with watching everything on television, and beating the odds as a couple! Read more »
When Matt Grant dumped Chelsea Wanstrath on Monday night’s season finale of The Bachelor, she was shocked that he would choose Shayne Lamas over her. On her way to the limo, Chelsea stopped and told Matt that Shayne was the “fakest girl in the house”. There had been much speculation that Shayne only joined the show to help her acting career and get some exposure. Her own father, actor Lorenzo Lamas, even verified that to Matt during the hometown date episode. Matt, blinded by love, ignored the warnings of others and plowed full speed ahead into his relationship with the California blonde. The two are currently engaged but it’s not certain how long it will last, especially considering Shayne’s post-Bachelor projects. Read more »
On season 11 of The Bachelor, Brad Womack came to California to find the woman of his dreams. A bar owner from Texas, he had been in some serious relationships but none that had managed to last. During his time on The Bachelor, he courted 25 women and narrowed them down to two: Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas. At the final rose ceremony, he dumped both women and decided to stay single. Rumors flew that he was involved with his ex and the backlash from the fans was harsh. There is no doubt that Brad is trying to escape his past but with Pappas as the new Bachelorette, that’s proving a lot tougher than he probably thought! Read more »
The 12th season of The Bachelor recently concluded with a Matt Grant choosing celebrity daughter Shayne Lamas over Pharmaceutical sales representative Chelsea Wanstrath from Durango, Colorado.  The season finale featured a bitter end for Chelsea, who expected to win the dating game.  Before walking away from the show, she had a word with Shayne, telling her that she was the “fakest person” Chelsea ever met.  Recently, Chelsea spoke with Reality TV World to discuss what went on her mind as the final rose was given to Shayne, and not to her.Despite being “completely confident,” Chelsea said, “I definitely thought I was about to get proposed to.  There was almost no doubt in my mind that I was going to end up with him.”  Things took a turn for the worst, though, when Matt decided to let her go. Read more »
The happy ending that was The Bachelor’s season 12 saw Matt Grant picking celebrity daughter Shayne Lamas over pharmaceutical sales representative, Chelsea Wanstrath.  Matt gave Shayne the last rose and an engagement ring, and since then, they’ve been living happily ever after—until now, that is.  Recently, Shayne posed for some rather revealing photos for the Girls Gone Wild magazine.  Shayne says that the magazine is all about “fun and freedom,” and “a way for a girl to express confidence in herself.”Apparently Matt Grant approves of this photo shoot, as he previously stated the obvious—“Shayne has a genuine ‘girl next door’ quality, but she also happens to be very hot.” Read more »
Season 12 of The Bachelor saw Londoner Matt Grant pick celebrity daughter Shayne Lamas over pharmaceutical sales representative Chelsea Wanstrath, who believed that she would be bagging Matt’s heart by the end of the season.  However, things took a turn for the worst for Chelsea as Shayne was given the last rose in the final night.  Since then, Matt and Shayne have been going strong and have been living together at her condominium.  However, more recent reports have surfaced about the two planning a Las Vegas wedding set to take place as soon as next week! Read more »
With 12 seasons of The Bachelor and four seasons of The Bachelorette behind us, we only count with one hand the number of successful relationships these reality dating games has spawned.  Surely, the latest and 12th season of The Bachelor gave us Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant, who admit that they are still together months after the show has ended.  In fact, they’ve been rumored to be getting married as soon as next week rolls about.Before the two lovebirds, though, there was Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, who emerged with a successful relationship from the first season of The Bachelorette.  The two, whose December 2003 marriage was televised, have recently become proud parents of their first baby, Maxwell Alston.  Now that they are a family, it seems that controversy is still at their heels. Read more »
Well, what a surprise. Note my sarcasm here. According to In Touch magazine, another Bachelor couples bites the dust. There are only two to choose from since the only pairs still together are Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado and Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas. Since Velvick and Delgado have proved to pass the test of time, and a dramatic domestic dispute, that leaves only one couple left. Yes, it seems Matt and Shayne couldn’t make it work and have called it quits. Read more »
It seems Andrew Firestone is soon to be a bachelor no more. In the current issue of US Weekly magazine, the former cast member of ABC’s The Bachelor reveals that he’s ready to take the plunge with fiancé, Ivana Bozilovic. Bozilovic, originally from Serbia, is a model and actress who grew up in Chicago. She has appeared in a number of movies including National Lampoon’s Van Wilder and Wedding Crashers. The two have been engaged since 2007 but have decided on a July wedding date. Read more »
In 2004, Byron Velvick became the 6th man to become ABC’s The Bachelor. That season, the show featured a new twist, where the eligible women actually got to choose between two men. Byron won over Jay Overbye, a real estate agent from New York City. No group dates were allowed in season 6 and Byron was able to live in the house with the women. He ended up choosing Mary Delgado, who was rejected by Bob Guiney in the previous season, and they are one of the very few Bachelor couples still together. The two have been through some turbulent times but have found a way to make their love last. Read more »
In 2004, Jesse Palmer, a pro football player, became the latest star of ABC’s The Bachelor. In season 5, he famously gave the wrong woman a rose at the first rose ceremony. He brushed up on his names and ended up choosing Jessica Bowlin in the season finale. The show had hardly finished airing before the two announced their breakup. He said that their lives were going in different directions while she blamed the distance. Jesse had asked Jessica to relocate to be with him after the finale taping, but she declined. With little success in love and in the NFL, Palmer headed home to Canada. Read more »
In 2003, Andrew Firestone starred in the third season of ABC’s The Bachelor, where the lucky man got to date 25 beautiful women. Among them was Jennifer Shefft, who Firestone chose and proposed to in the season finale. The engagement seemed to end before it really began and the two called it quits in December of that year. “It is totally amicable and, though we care for each other deeply, we have come to realize that our future goals are different,” Firestone told Extra at the time. Shefft went on to become The Bachelorette the next year while Firestone wore out every second of his 15 minutes of fame. He eventually settled down and says that he has found real, true love. Read more »
In 2007, Andy Baldwin won the hearts of women everywhere when he became the latest man to join ABC’s The Bachelor. Baldwin was more than just a pretty face. This resident of Hawaii was a Navy doctor with a big smile and an even bigger heart. He came to the show convinced that he would find true love and he found it with Tessa Horst. There was speculation in the media that she did not accept his proposal at the final rose ceremony but the couple has stated on several occasions that that was not the case. Not even two months after the finale aired though, the couple first called off their engagement then the whole relationship soon after that. Read more »
Last year, Brad Womack stunned America on ABC’s The Bachelor, when he decided not to choose DeAnna Pappas or Jenni Croft at the final rose ceremony. Womack said that he came to the show to find true love and to find someone to share his life with. Yet, when it came time to get down on one knee and pop the question, Brad got cold feet. He was supposed to choose DeAnna and even flew her father out for the occasion. Instead, he left her heartbroken and confused. Since then, Brad has tried to maintain a low profile but the women he hurt the new star of The Bachelorette, it’s more difficult than hoped. Read more »
For the ninth season of ABC’s The Bachelor, they decided to step it up a notch and sent the women, hoping to fall in love, to Italy. There, they met a real live prince. Lorenzo Borghese was the lucky man that season. ABC added two Italian women once everyone arrived in Rome, which added tension in the house. Neither made it to the finale and Lorenzo ended up choosing Jennifer Wilson, a teacher from Florida. The two barely made it out of the gate before calling it quits and Lorenzo decided to try his luck with the runner-up instead. Read more »
When Matt Grant joined ABC‘s The Bachelor for season 12 this year, he earned a place in the show‘s history.  He became the first non-American to star on the show.  Sure, there was Prince Lorenzo Borghese on The Bachelor: Rome but he spent most of his life in Jersey for crying out loud!  Matt Grant was born and raised in England and had never spent a lengthy amount of time in America before The Bachelor.  A global financier from London, Matt said what all Bachelors do.  He was there looking for love, for the right woman to settle down with and raise a family with.  He found love with a Hollywood drama queen and it has not been an easy path since the two became engaged. Read more »
Every woman wouldn’t mind a good looking, successful doctor to call her own. That’s exactly what 25 women got in 2006 when Dr. Travis Lane Stork became ABC’s latest Bachelor for season 8. That season, the women competed for Travis in one of the most romantic cities in the world – Paris, France. A resident of Nashville, Travis chose a girl from his own hometown to give the final rose to. In the season finale, which aired in February of 2006, Travis chose 26 year old Sarah Stone, a kindergarten teacher. Like most Bachelor couples, though, the honeymoon ended quickly and soon the two called it quits. Read more »
In late 2003, Andrew Firestone went down the way most Bachelors before and after him did: a quick proposal on the season finale followed by an even quicker breakup. Just because Firestone couldn’t find love among 25 beautiful, eligible women didn’t stop him from keeping his heart open. It’s a good thing too, because soon after, he met model Ivana Bozilovic and fell madly in love. Us Weekly magazine got the exclusive details and reported on everything from the engagement to the wedding date to the nuptials itself. Read more »
It’s safe to say that Jason Mesnick walked away from this season’s The Bachelorette broken hearted. He was convinced that he was meant to be with DeAnna Pappas, and credited her with teaching him that he could fall in love again. A single father, Mesnick was left by his ex-wife for another man, a move that caused him to close himself off emotionally. One would never know that watching The Bachelorette. Jason was open and honest from the beginning and always let DeAnna know how he was feeling. She took him all way to final two before turning down his proposal while millions of Americans watched in shock. DeAnna ultimately chosen Jesse Csincsak, a pro snowboarder and quite the opposite of Mesnick. Since the show, Jason has stated that he’s not sure he’s ready to date again but that doesn’t stop his female fans from trying to get a little attention from this eligible bachelor. Read more »
If one begs the question: “Are The Bachelor’s Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas still together?” they might get a different answer every time they ask. They became engaged on the 12th season finale of the reality dating show earlier this year and quickly moved in together. Soon after, they decided that separate pads would be best for them and took some space. Rumors swirled that Shayne had kicked Matt out and that Matt was only in the relationship for a little fame and a green card. They two appeared on The Bachelorette’s “After The Final Rose” special recently, assuring fans that they are still together and happy. This week, the New York Post reported that an eyewitness caught Shayne cuddling up with a cutie in Vegas… and it wasn’t Matt. Read more »
My, how quickly things can turn ugly when a relationship ends. It was no surprise when The Bachelor’s Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas ended their relationship this summer. Many accused the couple of being publicity hungry and found themselves the subject of much tabloid fodder. After a story ran saying that Shayne cheated on Matt, the two called it quits for good. He had already moved out but the two promised to remain good friends. That is, until Shayne publicly announced that she wasn’t giving back the engagement she received on the finale of The Bachelor this year.  Instead of settling this privately like most couples would, the two took to People magazine to fight it out in the public eye. Read more »
You didn’t really think they’d make it, do you? Ever since Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas became engaged on the 12th season finale of The Bachelor, viewers have been crying foul and calling their relationship nothing more than a publicity stunt. Even Shayne’s own father admitted to Matt, while taping the show, that his daughter thought it would be good for her career to be seen on a major network. Matt ignored the warning signs and got down on one knee to propose to his little “monkey”. Since then, the couple has been the subject of tabloid fodder, with stories being generated constantly about whether or not the two are together. The New York Post’s Page Six gossip column this weekend ran a story that said that the two are history and Matt had to find out in the worst way possible – a cell phone call. Read more »
On the last day of July, a star of The Bachelor‘s tenth season visited the campus of the University of Washington, but he wasn‘t looking for love, after the failure of his relationship with Tessa Horst toward the end of the summer of 2007.Instead, U.S. Lt. Andy Baldwin of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman is there as part of a tour of the country‘s universities to advocate the U.S. Navy scholarship program.  Baldwin is an undersea medical officer, Navy diver, and an Ironman triathlete. Read more »
Whether you like it or not, ABC keeps cranking out seasons of The Bachelor. Let’s face it. No one really watches it in the hopes that a couple will find true love. That seems like a lost cause at this point. No, it’s more entertaining to watch for the shocking eliminations, the breakdowns, the confrontations, and the awkward moments that the show seems to have an endless supply of. With the new season on its way, it’s easy to start imagining who we women would like to see as the new Bachelor. MSNBC offered their suggestion this week and I certainly won’t argue with it. How about Michael Phelps handing out roses next season? Read more »
Female Bachelorette fans have had their wish come true! Today, ABC announced that last season’s runner up, Jason Mesnick, will become the newest Bachelor in the upcoming season. No one could forget Mesnick’s shock and heartache last season when DeAnna Pappas rejected his proposal in favor of snowboarder Jesse Csincsak. Jason couldn’t understand why DeAnna would have let him get all the way onto one knee before telling him that he wasn’t the one that she was in love with. DeAnna told host Chris Harrison, during a special Bachelorette episode, that she and Jason will remain lifelong friends and the two had put their past behind him. That may or may not be true but it seems that Jason is ready to move on and find love! Read more »
It was a shocking season finale of The Bachelorette when DeAnna Pappas rejected Jason Mesnick‘s proposal.  Fans cried foul and female viewers from all across the country said that they would date Mesnick in a heartbeat.  It seemed that the single dad from Seattle would not stay single for much longer.  After all, his fellow competitors Jeremy Anderson and Graham Bunn quickly found love off camera when the show ended.  One month ago, Mesnick said in a press conference call, "I am in a place where I could start dating again, but to be honest, I don‘t even know how right now. My focus is on getting back to work and just being a dad."  It‘s pretty hard to focus on those two things when you‘re off shooting another reality show, though! Read more »
The Bachelorette’s DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak are hoping to beat the odds and make it to the altar. If they get there and go through with the wedding, they’ll be the second couple in Bachelor or Bachelorette history to tie the knot. The only other couple to have a happy ending is The Bachelorette’s Trista and Ryan Sutters, who have currently been married for 5 years. DeAnna and Jesse are planning a wedding for May 9, 2009 in the Bahamas. The date and the location have special meaning for them since it’s the place that they fell in love and exactly one year from when Jesse first proposed. There has been talk of the two televising their wedding, in the same way that Trista and Ryan did but it’s still just a rumor. However, should the nuptials make it on television, you might just recognize the minister. Read more »
I don‘t mean to be a pessimist but when I watch The Bachelor, only one question comes to mind: Why are you here?  I can‘t help but question these contestants.  Some are really there to find love but they hardly ever make it to the end.  Some are there to win a competition but their aggressive nature usually gets them the boot.  Then, there are those who are looking for a little attention, a little camera time, a little fame.  Why would anybody be there for love?  The Bachelor is many things, but a matchmaking service isn‘t one of them.  The show has never had a couple successfully continue their relationship once the show ends, never mind get married.  The fact that there is even a proposal at the end is, at times, laughable (I‘m talking to you, Matt and Shayne).  Though there‘s a spotlight hungry woman every now and then, the people really seeking to gain fame from being on the show are the men who claimed they were there to find true love! Read more »
Over the years, The Bachelor has provided guys who have the total package.  They‘re good looking, they‘re athletic, they‘re smart, and they‘re romantic.  That‘s right, Andy Baldwin, I‘m talking to you.  Every Bachelor, though, has to break hearts along the way, especially of the one that they don‘t choose at the final rose ceremony.  Some have handled it well, treating the women with respect and making sure they leave with dignity.   Others have shown the women the door without too much care or concern.  There have been Bachelors who are truly there to find love and others who are looking for a little camera time.  Let‘s forget the good ones and take a look at The Bachelor‘s 5 Biggest Jerks and how they ended up making this list. Read more »
UPDATE: Mary Delgado has been arrested...AGAIN!  Read all the juicy details and check out Mary Delgado‘s latest mug shot HERE.November wasn‘t exactly a stellar month for The Bachelor franchise. First Brad Womack decided that he wasn‘t going to pick either DeAnna Pappas or Jenni Croft in the finale. That was great for generating buzz, but not so great for making the fans of The Bachelor feel very positively about the show‘s success at matchmaking.And right after that news, one of the few relatively successful couples to come from the series – Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado, who met on the sixth season of The Bachelor had also just appeared on Brad Womack‘s season of The Bachelor – went through some very public rocky times when Mary was arrested for assaulting the former Bachelor.The couple recently spoke about the incident and clarified what was behind the trouble between the two. Read more »