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Season 17 of The Amazing Race takes off in Gloucester, MA. Right away we meet our 11 teams, Brook and Claire (the home shopping hosts), Chad and Stephanie (the fast movers), Katie and Rachel (the volleyball players), Connor and Jonathan (the Gleeks), Nat and Kat (the doctors, STAT!), Michael and Kevin (the asian sensations), Nick and Vicki (the tattooed dimwits), Ron and Tony (Broadway BFFs), Jill and Thomas (the . . . normal couple who is perfect for this show), Mallory and Gary (Miss Kentucky and Dad Kentucky), and Andie and Jenna (the biologically reunited). And our host,  Phil, who kind of looks like a vampire, but only because that‘s popular these days. There‘s a new twist this season: The Express Pass. If a team wins an express pass, they can use it at any time with any challenge they don‘t want to complete. So basically they can skip a whole task. Immediately everyone is thinking back on times this season when a team could have used that blessed pass. Phil drops another bomb: there are two flights leaving for their first destination but one of them leaves thirty minutes earlier and there‘s only room for three teams on board!  Read more »
Last night‘s Amazing Race premiere brought us many moments that, in the 90‘s, would have provoked a "d‘oh!" but now it‘s all about the facepalm. So here are the moments that made us slap our foreheads with second-hand embarrassment. And yes, most of these moments are courtesy of Vicki.Ron and Tony: "One of our strongest suits is being able to navigate really well." Unfortunately, despite their compass, London‘s crazy backwards driving sent Ron and Tony into a downward spiral. Read more »
From Eastnor Castle, the teams will fly to Accra, Ghana. They will find their next clue at Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. Jill and Thomas, who won the Express Pass last time, head out first and Jill is ready to prove she can do things. The doctors, Nat and Kat leave second, followed by Gleeks Connor and Jonathan, who wait for Brook and Claire. Mean Girls Katie and Rachel leave next, and accompany the Gleeks and the Home Shopping Hosts. Brook uses her sexuality to find their way to the airport. Why, Brook, why. Gary and Mallory, who are impossible to hate, leave next, followed by Michael and Kevin. The unforgettable Chad and Stephanie leave next, followed by Andie and Jenna. Nick and Vicki, who are just lucky to be here, bring up the rear.The leads any teams got mean nothing, however, because there‘s only one flight to Accra, which will even everything out. I like flying on The Amazing Race, because it takes no time whatsoever. If only all flights were like that. In Accra, Brook and Claire are amazed by the locals, who "all have stuff on their heads." The teams are all hounded for money in their cabs, which frightens Connor and Jonathan and makes Mallory feel bad. Andie gave the guy some change, and I‘m hoping it will give them a karmic advantage. Read more »
We were just getting to know the recently-reunited Andie and Jenna as their time on The Amazing Race was cut short in Ghana. We got a chance to chat with Andie about their time on The Amazing Race and whether or not she will ever drive a stick shift again.Whose idea was it to get connected and be on the show?"After we had written to one another for almost two years, we knew we would meet at some point, but had not planned when or how. One day I saw Jenna had tweeted "watching the Amazing Race - wish I could do it!" I too love the show and I knew enough from the letters to know that Jenna and I are both adventurous and love to travel. So I asked her if she wanted to apply and she immediately said yes!" Read more »
Last week, Brook and Claire the home shopping hosts arrived first at the Pit Stop, and Andie and Jenna were eliminated. This week, teams will depart from the marketplace in Accra to Jamestown and find the Akotoku Boxing Academy. I‘m perplexed to see Brook and Claire so excited to take another hit to the head at this boxing gym. For the Road Block, they will wrap their hands and hit the bag for 60 seconds, then jump rope for 60 seconds. This leaves me wondering "really?" But who am I to judge the Amazing Race Road Block designers? And now, each part of the episode will have a corresponding Britney Spears song title.You Drive Me CrazyIt turns out Brook and Claire train at a boxing academy back home (of course they do!) so Brook is even more pumped than usual. Volleyball Mean Girls Katie and Rachel are having cab trouble, which seems to be the real road block in Ghana. Chad and Stephanie arrive at the boxing academy, and of course Chad will use this opportunity to work out his aggression. Katie and Rachel arrive third. Read more »
This week we got to watch a really great leg of the Race. Not only were there a lot of different challenges, but the order really switched around and kept us on our toes. Some of the teams won us over, some kept their spots on our list of favorites, and some fell way, way out of favor. So let‘s examine some of the teams‘ finest and worst moments on this leg of The Amazing Race in Ghana.The GoodBrook and Claire were actually quite charming, especially when Brook was on the speed bag and said, "Thank you, Coach, I like you" between calculated breaths. I don‘t know whether I‘m just acclimating or if I‘ve finally fallen under the Home Shopping Hosts‘ spell.Connor and Jonathan and Gary and Mallory managed to keep their positive attitudes, and it put them ahead in the end. Maybe a positive attitude is the secret to keeping a clear head in the Detour?Michael and Kevin also had some of the show‘s sweetest moments, with Michael‘s breakdown and tears over disappointing his son. Then they weren‘t eliminated and I was overjoyed. Read more »
After their sad departure from The Amazing Race, BuddyTV caught up with the cute a capella singers from Princeton, Connor and Jonathan, to ask about their strategy, where we can find them next, and you know, their love lives.You two were definitely one of our favorite teams, we will miss you. What was your strategy going into the Race?Connor: We wanted to run a clean, fair race, while still being competitive. We also wanted to have as much fun as possible to celebrate our graduation and the last four years of our friendship.Jonathan: Our strategy was to stay positive, sing, not take ourselves too seriously, and to do the best we could on each challenge.  And we definitely remained true to that strategy.  Read more »
To start off the episode, the teams are helping to renovate the Asebi D/A Primary School and it‘s not a competition so it made everyone feel great. But then everyone goes to Kiruna, Sweden in the Arctic Circle. There they will drive to the Icehotel (Seal and Heidi Klum have stayed there!).Connor and Jonathan leave first (for the plane ride that will even out the race). This leg of the race is taking place over Connor and Jonathan‘s graduation so they really don‘t want to get eliminated. Brook and Claire have decided to start this leg wearing 80‘s-style workout wear but they‘ll have to put on more for Sweden. All of the blonde girls are excited because they think they will blend in, even though they don‘t speak Swedish. The teams all have tickets for the same flight, but they can take a different flight if they want to. Kevin calls the airport to find a faster way to Kiruna. They decided to tell Gary and Mallory about the earlier flight, too. So nice! Read more »
Whether you loved them or loved to hate them, Katie and Rachel were eliminated from The Amazing Race this week and left us deprived of our favorite Volleyball Mean Girls. We had a chance to catch up with them and find out what they struggled with (to be fair, that last leg went pretty clean for them), how they‘re representing New Jersey, and you‘ll never guess their favorite team.What was your strategy going into the Race?Rachel: Our strategy was to play the game as we do in Volleyball.. don‘t worry about what the other teams are doing, just focus on what we think and what works for us. Katie: Our strategy was to run our own race, to always try and stay in the top half, and to never give up. We spoke about using our strengths (i.e. our athleticism, stamina, strength, and quickness) and to choosing detours according to those strengths. We simply tried to prepare the best we could: we studied countries, tried to develop upper body strength, practiced driving and directions, and set up "make believe" obstacles (to tell you the truth - the make believe obstacles were mostly for our own entertainment). In the end I think all of our preparation paid off. What most people don‘t realize is that no matter how much you strategize or prepare the race always throws curveballs at you that could change your game completely. Read more »
For their first "challenge" tonight, the Amazing Race teams will go to Narvik and ride a gondola. It‘s more fun than challenging, but I have a feeling things will get much worse for the Amazing Racers. It‘s the fifth leg of the race, and somehow Brook is still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Good news for us, though, Thomas is starting to lose his cool (and tonight he mentions proudly that he went to Notre Dame, yet still ended up with Jill somehow).Nat and Kat encounter a Fast-Forward where they will participate in a "traditional Norwegian Christmas ritual," which is eating a roasted sheep‘s head. Where the gondola ride made Nat nervous, this Fast-Forward will pose problems for Kat, who is a vegetarian. The other teams choose to skip the Fast-Forward and go to a bridge, where they will take on a Road Block. The gondolas are making everyone incredibly impatient. Read more »