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It seems there are an inordinate amount of people out there whose favorite pastime is hating on Saturday Night Live. They claim the show is useless. That they are in the midst of a catastrophic downfall. That the show should be canceled. They are wrong. Saturday Night Live has always gone through bad periods and good periods. You just have to ride the wave. People quickly forget the previous low tides of SNL. They forget the late 70‘s and early 80‘s, after the original cast was gone and before Eddie Murphy rose to stardom. They forget the mid-to-late 80‘s after Eddie left and before Phil Hartman and Dana Carvey arrived. They forget the mid-90‘s after Sandler, Farley, and Myers left and before Will Ferrell became a star.  Read more »
Yesterday, The Writers Guild of America announced its nominees for their annual end of the year awards. This is the season for awards and, while largely inconsequential, I‘m a sucker for all of it. I love awards, I love nominations. I like to intelligently discuss (read: argue incoherently) the nominations with my friends and foes. Whose deserving? Who got the shaft? All good topics.The Writers Guild are, obviously, concerned with the written aspects of television, so it‘s right up my alley. I‘m generally in agreement with the group‘s nominees this year, although I have a couple of minor nitpicks.The nominees are... Read more »
Saturday Night Live has shown, over the past six weeks, that it is on its way back. Suffering from a severe downturn in quality since Will Ferrell left a few years back, the institution has taken its time regaining its comedic stronghold. But now, with a pared down cast and some young performers hitting their stride, Saturday Night Live is coming back with a vengeance.Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
Saturday Night Live has been a fixture on late night television since 1975.  While some readers may not have been born during that decade, most remember the Saturday Night Live sketches of the 90‘s.  If not, you can always catch up on the best of those years with the third installment of SNL‘s behind-the-scenes compilation "Saturday Night Live in the 90‘s: Pop Culture Nation," which will air Sunday May 6 at 9pm ET on NBC.  BuddyTV was fortunate to be a part of a press conference this morning with writer/director/producer Kenneth Bowser who compiled the clips for the special as well as comedian Tim Meadows (also know as The Ladies Man) who has been one of the show‘s longest running cast members.  The following is a recap of what transpired: Read more »
Saturday Night Live alumnus Molly Shannon returns to the big screen with her latest movie, Year of the Dog. Year of the Dog tells the story of a woman named Peggy (played by Shannon) who, after the death of her pet beagle, Pencil, sets out to become an animal rights advocate and in the process, finds love and companionship in another animal rights advocate named Newt, played by actor Peter Saarsgard. The film was written and directed by Mike White, with whom Shannon worked on the short-lived comedy series, Cracking Up. White had written the role of Peggy specifically for Shannon.  Read more »
Jimmy Fallon came to fame as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. Initially, he was a featured player and gradually progressed as a regular cast member. Recognized for his song parodies, he notably performed when Colin Quinn was doing Update and continued to perform on special occasions after he had replaced him. Appearing in 119 episodes from 1998 to 2006, he even became a co-anchor of “Weekend Update” with Tina Fey. Read more »
Molly Shannon’s major break came in 1995, when she was hired as a featured player on Saturday Night Live as a replacement for Janeane Garofalo. She was also one of the few cast members who were kept when program creator and producer Lorne Michaels revamped the cast. In her six-year stint, she played all sorts of recurring characters on the show, which included the quirky “joyologist” Helen Madden, and the 50-year old dancer Sally O’Malley. She was also popularly known for portraying neurotic, disturbed and overdramatic characters, and had made impressions of Courtney Love, Monica Lewinsky and Björk. Read more »
Finally.After a month of holidays, egg nog, and more Snoopy and Ralphie Parker than one knows what to do with, we‘re finally back to normal. January is upon us, 2007 has begun its tyrannical, 300-plus day reign, and our favorite TV shows will no longer bludgeon us with repeats. Tomorrow, January 3rd, brings the return of a couple of our favorites, as well as two brand new shows.After that, the flood begins, and over the next month virtually every original program will air new episodes. A full list of the returning dates for most every show on television is after the jump. Read more »