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Audition tapes for VH1’s upcoming reality series, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, have been compiled into one video presentation and posted on the show’s official website. The video, which shows the casting process for Rock of Love, contains footages of numerous different women, some of who were open enough to share their sexual experiences. Read more »
This Sunday, VH1‘s newest dating reality series, Rock of Love, will premiere at 9pm ET/PT.  Out of the numerous women who auditioned for the show, only 25 lucky ladies were chosen to meet Poison‘s lead vocalist, Bret Michaels.  Similar to Flavor Flav‘s Flavor of Love, the chosen women will go through numerous challenges and eliminations until just one woman is left to be Michaels‘ rock star girlfriend. These 25 ladies are now one step closer to not just winning Michaels‘ heart, but also getting the opportunity to live the ultimate rocker lifestyle.  Read on to find out more about the diverse group of women of Rock of Love. Read more »
Episode Overview: After meeting his 25 potential lovers, Bret Michaels and the ladies enjoy a night filled with alcohol, more alcohol, and lots of talk about sex. By the end of the first episode, nine women are sent home.Sunday was the premiere of VH1’s latest reality dating series, Rock of Love. The premise is that 25 “babes” all vie for the love of Poison frontman and ’80s rock staple Bret Michaels. As he explains, he’s just looking for a woman he can be friends with, and have sex with. Then he’ll bring her home to meet his two daughters. Looks like Kevin Federline has some stiff competition for that Father of the Year trophy.Before meeting the babes, we meet Big John, Bret’s head of security. He is tasked with a difficult mission: procure an “awesome pad” for the babes to live in. This also includes scrubbing toilets, stocking the fridge with beer and a little light vacuuming. Head of security, maid, they’re really two sides of the same coin. Read more »
Episode Overview: The babes each get a chance to practice their phone sex skills to win the first date with Bret.  One of the girls may or may not be engaged, and the house divides into two groups before four more ladies are eliminated.In the Rock of Love house, the babes are all waking up, in various states of being hung over while Erin reveals she used to be engaged, or maybe she still is, which makes some of the other girls think she doesn‘t belong there for some reason.  Then, because they don‘t have to go to work (at strip clubs or Hooters franchises, presumably), they decide to get drunk all over again.  You can‘t really have a hangover if you never stop drinking. Read more »
At present, Bret Michaels is not only searching for the right girl on VH1‘s Rock of Love, but is also trying his best to lead an active and healthy life despite his continuous battle with diabetes. Michaels has been a type 1 diabetic since he was six years old.  For more than 38 years, he has regularly received insulin shots and glucose checks as part of his treatment.   He has also taken great measures in ensuring his diabetes is under control. Read more »
Episode Overview: Motocross skills decide what four ladies win the next date with Bret.  In the house, the fur flies over the raging debate on animal cruelty between Dallas and Lacey.Heather begins this Rock of Love by plugging her foursome, the A Team, with her, Brandi C., Lacey and Kristia, calling out the other girls as "fake."  I hope she‘s not talking breast-wise, because that‘s the pot calling the kettle stacked.  The babes discover the task today is motocross, a great idea is the object is extreme bodily injury.  Those fake boobs are looking pretty good right now - internal air bags.While trying on the gear, Magdalena laughs so hard when trying to get her helmet on she pees herself. That‘s not a euphemism, she literally urinated in her pants.  But really, after that girl dropped a deuce on the stairs on Flavor of Love, this isn‘t anything to be shocked by.  Even worse is Dallas, who nearly dies while driving too fast. Read more »
Bret Michaels loves music so much that it was one of the things that drove him to star in his own reality series, Rock of Love.  The 44-year-old musician and lead vocalist of Poison said in an interview last month that he agreed to do the series partly because he was given the opportunity to incorporate his music in the show. “Part of my whole reason for doing the show was that I would get to write the music for the show and get to play music,” Michaels told  “Most of the music in the show is solo material and Poison material.  So you‘re getting the best of both worlds.  If you didn‘t have music in a show by a musician, then that would be absolutely fake.” Read more »
VH1 reality star Bret Michaels is better known as the lead singer of the ‘80s hair band Poison.  This year, Poison was back with a vengeance.  They released their first studio album in five years and hit the road on a 50-city tour.  The new CD, Poison‘d, features the original members: Michaels, C.C. DeVille, Rikki Rockett, and Bobby Dall.  DeVille is no stranger to reality television.  Fans may remember him on last years‘s The Surreal Life on VH1.On the new album, Poison covers their favorite rock songs including The Cars‘ "Just What I Needed," The Romantics‘ "What I Like About You," The Marshall Tucker Band‘s "Can‘t You See," KISS‘ "Rock and Roll All Nite."  The album is currently available on Amazon. Read more »
Episode Overview: The girls are tasked with writing and performing songs, and the results are pretty much as expected.  Bret and the girls get drunk which may have led to some sexy good times.  In the end, two more babes are booted off the show.After last week‘s eliminations on Rock of Love, Brandi C. mourns the departure of her good friend Kristia by getting hammered.  Rodeo is all sad because she misses her son, and Lacey sees this as an opportunity to bring Bret Michaels in and make him see that she‘s a wreck who shouldn‘t be here.  Lacey is playing this more like a game show than a reality show, trying desperately to exploit the rules and get the other chicks eliminated for bogus reasons.  Brandi C., drunk, wants to see Bret, so she does a little sexy pose outside his door, incoherently mumbling about how she needs to see him. Read more »
Lacey is one of the women vying for the heart of Bret Michaels on the VH1 reality series Rock of Love.  As a working and touring singer, she has shown more musical talent and ability than many girls in the house, yet she has still fallen in with the A Team, a group of alpha women also featuring Brandi C., Heather and Kristia.  Thus far, she has made the most nouse by having vocal disagreements with Dallas over the issue of animal rights.Lacey spoke with BuddyTV about her experiences on the show, her sneaky attempts to get others kicked off and her love of music.  Below you will find a complete transcript of the interview as well as the mp3 audio file. Read more »
Magdalena is one of the 25 women competing for the love (and possibly the trouser snake) of rock star Bret Michaels on the VH! dating series Rock of Love.  Born in Poland, her accent and deep voice gained her infamy on the show, as fellow contestants and even Bret himself compared her to a drag queen.Magdalena spoke with BuddyTV and talked about this very issue, so give a listen to the interview and judge for yourself.  In addition, she takes pleasure in talking about the many problems she faced with other girls, particularly Lacey, being phony and just trying to get airtime on the show.  Below you will find the complete transcript of the interview as well as the mp3 audio file. Read more »
Last Friday, Rock of Love‘s Bret Michaels and his rock band, Poison, performed at the Mississippi Valley Fair grandstand, with an estimated 28, 700 people filling the venue.  The massive turn-out broke the record previously held by such artists as Gretchen Wilson and Def Leppard, according to Fair general manager, Bob Fox. Poison, whose last concert in the venue was back in 2002, was on stage for nearly 90 minutes, wowing the audience with their hit songs, including “Something to Believe In,” “Unskinny Bop,” “Talk Dirty to Me,” and “Nothin‘ But a Good Time.” Read more »
Bret Michaels, star of VH1‘s Rock of Love, will be appearing in pixilated form on the latest installment of the video game, Guitar Hero, which is scheduled for release in October. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock will feature Michaels performing Poison‘s hit song, “Talk Dirty to Me,” and The Bret Michaels Band‘s “Go That Far.”  Players who successfully go through all the song levels in the game will get the chance to compete against former Guns N‘ Roses rocker and current Velvet Revolver lead guitarist Slash in a guitar solo duel. Read more »
Rock of Love finalist and musician Lacey has garnered a lot of criticism for her behavior on the reality series, but the animal rights advocate from Dallas has defended herself against viewer tirades, saying that what she has said and done is all part of her plan to make the show more interesting and dramatic. “Look, guys, everyone forgets that this is a TELEVISION show!  It is NOT real life! When I went on the show, I purposely strived to be the controversial one in the house… In real life, no…I don‘t go around pushing people into pools, or getting in people‘s faces, or poking people on the forehead with my finger,” Lacey wrote on her MySpace blog.  “If I just sat around, and was nice, and talked about nice things, etc, YOU GUYS WOULD NOT BE WATCHING THIS SHOW… People want to watch drama, which I, and some of the other girls, created.” Read more »
Episode Overview: The girls play a football game to see who wins the next date with Bret.  A letter written by Heather causes untold chaos, while both Justin Timberlake and Vanilla Ice play a role in Bret‘s decision to boot someone.After last week‘s alcohol-induced stupor on Rock of Love, Bret Michaels takes it down a notch and retires early,while the other girls get drunk.  Brandi M. (though with Brandi C. gone, she‘s now just Brandi) finally makes herself known, but it‘s by getting sloppier than the other girls and making a few enemies.As the episode title would suggest, the new task to win a date with Bret Michaels is a football game.  Brandi, Jes, Magdalena and Mia team up, though Brandi is unsure of Magdalena‘s knowledge of American sports.  Heather is proud to be with Lacey, but they also have Erin, who cant see over her own boobs, and Samantha, an emotional wreck. Read more »
Episode Overview: The girls do some tour bus challenges to win a date with Bret at a hockey game.  Lacey and Heather plot the demise of yet another contestant.  Everyone celebrates Bret‘s birthday.The ladies of Rock of Love are woken up and shuttled immediately to their challenge by Big John.  It‘s on a tour bus, and at each stop, two girls will compete against each other in a task.  The winner gets back on the bus, the loser is left behind.  Apparently the game has switched, and they‘ve gone from trying to win a relationship to trying to be a roadie.First up, Jes and Magdalena battle to pack a suitcase.  A sweater gets stuck on Jes‘ zipper, and she‘s out.  Next, Magdalena and Samantha have to change into "whore clothes"in a portable toilet.  Magdalena forgets to tie the laces on her stripper boots, so Sam, in a crotchless lace onesy, corset, and miniskirt, wins.  Keep in mind that "winning" and "losing" on this show are sometimes synonymous. Read more »
Cindy “Rodeo” Steedle may not be the one for rock star Bret Michaels, but she still has a lot of love and support to give to the Poison frontman.  The former Rock of Love finalist is throwing an end-of-tour after-party for Michaels‘ band next month in Georgia.  The event will take place right after Poison‘s concert at the HiFi Buys Amphitheatre. The band‘s lead guitarist and Surreal Life star C.C. Deville is set to host the celebration, aptly named Poison‘d, while Rodeo will be available to meet her fans.  The party will be held at Dominick‘s of Historic Norcross, a restaurant located located at 95 South Peachtree Street, Norcross, Georgia.  Event sponsors include Esterman Entertainment and Lane Productions. Read more »
Kristia was one of the 25 girls chosen to compete for the love of rock star Bret Michaels on the VH1 dating show Rock of Love.  Eliminated in the third week, Kristia bonded with Brandi C., Lacey and Heather, forming what they called the A Team.  Since the show has ended, she has stayed in contact with these girls.Kristia spoke to BuddyTV about how she initially was cast on the show, and when in the process she discovered the man at the center was her childhood crush, Bret Michaels, as well as her thoughts on what‘‘s been going on inside the Rock of Love house during her stay and after.Below you will find a complete transcript as well as the mp3 audio file of the interview. Read more »
Poison frontman and Rock of Love star Bret Michaels has been featured in the September issue of Blender magazine.  Michaels made the music-themed magazine‘s "Hot Report 2007," landing at the top half of the list at #43.  According to the musician‘s official MySpace page, the issue also features a photo of Michaels on his new American Ironhorse custom motorbike. Other celebrities that secured a spot on this year‘s Hot Report include Scarlett Johansson (The Horse Whisperer, The Island), Prince, OutKast, Eve, comedy duo Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Michael Cera (Arrested Development).  Topping the list is Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg, whose song, "Dick in a Box," with Justin Timberlake is nominated for an Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics Emmy award. Read more »
Episode Overview: The girls pose for album covers to win the next date with Bret.  Lacey‘s insanity continues, and all the girls try to point it out to Bret.  One girl goes home, and Bret thinks "mediocricy" is a word.Bret Michaels is busy in the studio (yeah, right), so the Rock of Love girls are left on their own, and the task is a photo shoot for the "Sexy Six."  They‘ll each be shooting an album cover.  Samantha claims she will be good because she‘s done a lot of modeling for her photographer friends.  Lacey claims she‘ll be good because she knows music.  Only one of those makes sense. I‘ve eaten a lot of cake, it doesn‘t make me a world class baker.The girls are divided in half: Jes, Sam and Lacey vs. Heather, Brandi M. and Mia.  One girl will be the creative director, the other two are models.  The winning team gets a solo date for the director and a double date for the models.  Jes and Mia take the director jobs, Mia because she wants some face time with Bret.  I can‘t blame her, as here we are in the seventh episode and I still have no clue who she is. Read more »
Rock of Love remains one of the highest-rated shows on VH1.  The show‘s star, Bret Michaels, believes the reality series has been very successful because it has truthfully depicted him and the life he leads. "When you‘re doing a reality show, you‘re not an actor," Michaels told the The Post Standard in a phone interview.  "I was being me. And I think that was the reason it was the No. 1 (reality-TV) show for three weeks running.  People smell that this is a real reality show. My life in the course of a day runs many emotions.  I get up in the morning, take my insulin and go.  The show became part extreme dating and part survival." Read more »
At the end of Rock of Love‘s sixth episode, Magdalena- aka Legz- did not receive a backstage pass from Bret Michaels, signaling her elimination from the competition.  Looking back at her time on the show, the 27-year-old marketing representative said that she did not gain much from it, and feels she would have gotten more from another VH1 reality series. “I think that I would enjoy doing Charm School so much more than competing for Bret‘s heart.  It would be so much fun if we ever did that.  Maybe they can make me a better lady.  Maybe they can show me how to find a better man.  I could definitely benefit from that.  I don‘t really think I benefited from Rock of Love,” Magdalena told VH1. Read more »
VH1‘s Rock of Love has made a celebrity out of Brandi C.  However, prior to joining the show, she had actually considered joining another dating reality series on the same cable network. “I loved the concept [of Flavor of Love], and it really looked like they had so much fun,” Brandi C. told VH1, adding that the reason why she decided not to participate is because she felt no attraction towards the show‘s bachelor, Flavor Flav.  “I can‘t pretend.  I‘d have to be really attracted to the person.  And another thing is that those girls would just rip me apart.” Read more »
Episode Overview: The girls get interrogated by Bret‘s "superfans" to see who‘s really worthy.  One girl almost leaves, another gets a tattoo, and everyone is hating on Lacey.  What else is new?Within the first minute of tonight‘s new episode of Rock of Love, Jes calls Lacey "a conniving b*tch."  Thus begins my unofficial "Number of Times People Rag on Lacey" tally for the night.  The challenge is for the girls to meet some of Bret Michaels‘ biggest fans and answer questions.  Jes is glad outsiders will get to hear Lacey and tell Bret about how Lacey is "a f***ing fruit loop."  That‘s two.  Sam chimes in with a list a mile long of derogatory adjectives.  Three. Read more »
Rock of Love finalist Mia isn‘t shedding any more tears over her failed attempt to win Poison frontman Bret Michaels‘ heart.  For one, she said the 44-year-old rocker isn‘t exactly her type.  For another, she‘s looking for someone who doesn‘t have too much on their plate, and thus, has a larger capacity to commit. “He‘s got a lot of baggage for someone my age,” Mia told VH1.  “He‘s got a couple of kids and diabetes.  You‘re not supposed to drink if you have that, and he drinks a lot.  I‘d rather not be a babysitter…to any of them.” Read more »
Episode Overview: The ladies head to Vegas to see Bret perform and have some dinner.  Instead, they get sloppy drunk and two vomit at the dinner table.  One more lady gets sent home.Rock of Love is down to four girls, and as Lacey puts it, it‘s her and Heather vs. Jes and Brandi M.  Actually, there‘s only one winner, so it should be every girl for herself.  Unless the show is now about Bret Michaels picking two ladies to have a threesome with (I think I‘ll copyright that idea so VH1 can‘t use it for season 2 without my permission). Read more »
Bret Michaels, famously known as the lead vocalist of the glam metal band Poison, is currently starring of VH1‘s Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. The show follows the 44-year-old rocker as he chooses a romantic partner from 25 women brought together in one house. But unlike other searchers on reality dating shows, Michaels is not really looking for a soulmate but a “sexual playmate” instead.“I myself [am] looking for a good time and then I wanted a friend…a good time, a friend and then a sexual soulmate. Aren‘t we all looking for a sexual soulmate? Someone that is our friend and someone we could also have sex with,” he said. Read more »
Bret Michaels, star of VH1‘s Rock of Love, has been in the music business for a long time. His band Poison‘s debut album came out in August of 1986. While kids born that month might just now be of legal drinking age, twenty-one human years is more than a lifetime in rock years.Nevertheless, he‘s still just a young whippersnapper when compared to a real granddaddy of the rock world, Alice Cooper. Michaels recently paid tribute to the rock veteran, covering “I Never Cry” on Poison‘s latest album, Poison‘d, released this past June.But it would appear there‘s more than professional respect between the two. Cooper was recently spotted at New York‘s Fashion Week, and he not only confessed he‘s been watching Rock of Love, he‘s actually been giving Bret Michaels some advice. Read more »
Rock of Love with Bret Michaels has opened many opportunities for former participant, Brandi C., and despite being eliminated on VH1‘s reality show, she remains in the spotlight with her series of media hype, interviews and upcoming gigs.When she did an interview with BuddyTV last month, she said that she wanted to “stick with mainstream stuff” and that she‘ll be preoccupied with a string of projects. Read on to find out what‘s in store for Brandi C. in the coming months. Read more »
Episode Overview: The three remaining girls‘ parents show up, and crap hits the fan.  Heather and Lacey go after each other, and in the end, it‘s down to the final two.As the title of tonight‘s all new Rock of Love would suggest, Bret Michaels has invited the Awesome Threesome‘s parents to the house.  Heather‘s parents are first, and they seem quite normal, and she‘s very happy to see them.  Apparently they‘re divorced and she‘s not accustomed to seeing them in the same room together.  Jes‘ parents are quite different than I‘d imagined.  Her mom is quite short and rotund, her father kind of looks like David Letterman.  She describes her relationship with them as "kick ass."  Lacey is happy to see her father, as she‘s "daddy‘s little girl."  Her mother  (step-mom) looks like she belongs on Age of Love, or maybe even duking it out with Lacey on this show.  She‘s trying to pass for a much younger woman. Read more »
Bret Michaels, known as Poison‘s frontman and searcher on the reality dating series, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, is struggling with his diabetes while trying to find a girlfriend out of the 25 women on the VH1 show. As reported previously, the 44-year-old rocker has already talked about his continuous battle with diabetes.  Now, he talks about how the women on Rock of Love took his condition and even offers some advice to kids diagnosed with the metabolic disorder. Read more »
She was the Rock of Love contestant that everyone loved to hate. I mean really hate. Lacey Conner might have claimed on her blog to have purposely assumed the role of the house villain, but whether or not she meant for the viewers‘ reaction to be so strong is another story.While she had no problem making herself the enemy of the women of the house that she was finally asked to leave last night, Lacey has been outspoken about her being the friend of all animals. She‘s asked for help from fans of her band Nocturne for one animal in particular. Read more »
As Rock of Love with Bret Michaels wraps up, the 44-year-old Poison frontman will be taking his final two ladies to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for an exotic getaway.  For one last time, Heather Chadwell and Jessica "Jes" Rickleff will each vie for Michaels‘ heart as they take him on private 24-hour adventures for a chance to prove themselves worthy of his affection before he returns home and declares the woman who “rocks his world.”In the final episode fittingly entitled “The Rose and the Thorn,” Michaels will be faced with two options that come in the form of Chadwell, a 32-year-old resident of Las Vegas who worked as a stripper, and Rickleff, a 23-year-old bartender from Chicago. Read more »