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When someone describes a piece of entertainment as “whimsical,” that piece of entertainment is generally bad.  Whimsy is nearly impossible to pull off.  Pushing Daisies‘ success as a great, great TV show is almost completely predicated on creator Bryan Fuller and the balancing act he pulled off in the very first episode of Pushing Daisies.  The pilot set the tone for the series and, when it comes to a show as bat-crap crazy as Pushing Daisies, creating the perfect tone is imperative.  The show manages to be relentlessly dark in the brightest settings currently featured on television.  The characters are now fully formed as we get the second season underway.  While Daisies can be considered a procedural, it is wildly different than most in that the character development is seamlessly worked into each case, and the over-arching mythology of the series is ever-present.  As evidence, all you need to do is take a look at the sheer amount of exposition that was needed to set up the second season premiere.  Though it‘s hard for me to judge, having seen every first season episode, I imagine that the set-up was enough to bring new viewers up to speed. Read more »
I‘ve had over half a day now to think about the season premiere of Pushing Daisies.  The creation of Bryan Fuller, Daisies is unlike anything else on television.  The show should not work – it‘s completely preposterous, it exists in a world that has no relation to any sort of reality, and the plot lines are often convoluted to the point of silliness.  And yet, Pushing Daisies is one of the more enjoyable TV experiences a person can have.  Pushing Daisies is a constant smile, a fuzzy blanket, a television anomaly that is shameless in its need to entertain its audience.  I used to think of Pushing Daisies as an Adult Murder Mystery Fairy Tale.  In a way, I still do.  However, when trying to decipher why exactly Pushing Daisies is so pleasing to the senses, it hit me – Daisies is the opposite of and direct response to all of the humorless procedural dramas that populate the TV landscape.  Read more »
Pushing Daisies is so damn cool.  Really.  There is no pretension or unnecessary cynicism attached to Bryan Fuller‘s creation, just a heaping pile of ridiculousness that has one goal and one goal only – to put a smile on the viewers‘ face.  It‘s a free-for-all every week, and it‘s always somehow satisfying.  I think I figured out one of the reasons why tonight – while the cases each week are often convoluted and loosely plotted, all of the character stories, the mythology of Pushing Daisies, is intricately woven throughout the episodes in increasingly intelligent ways.  Emerson‘s daughter, Lily‘s emotional state, Olive‘s decision, Ned and Chuck‘s relationship – all these things were tossed in effortlessly into tonight‘s Pushing Daisies.  Read more »
Pushing Daisies, although technically a procedural, has a number of ongoing storylines that exist outside of each week‘s case.  Now that we‘re two episodes into season 2 of Pushing Daisies, we have a pretty good idea what the overarching plot lines will be this season.  Last night‘s clown-centric episode was another magical piece of TV candy, bright and dark, quirky, mime-heavy and involving an elephant diarrhetic, but it also furthered some important character issues.  Pushing Daisies is a fascinating piece of television, and let‘s all hope that the recent low ratings don‘t seal its fate.  We need shows like Pushing Daisies to thrive on network television.  Imaginations like Bryan Fuller‘s should not be stifled for any reason.  Nonetheless, let‘s take a look at the odds of whether some of this season‘s ongoing storylines will come to a head at some point during season 2 of Pushing Daisies.  Read more »
A little change of venue tonight on Pushing Daisies.  The entire episode took place at Olive‘s new home, the European nunnery.  You have to love a show with undercover Vatican police.  Especially when a large black man like Emerson Cod calls himself Italian.  Pushing Daisies continues to be as much fun as any other TV show on the air.  Now, all we have to do is get people to watch it.  Pushing Daisies is likely in danger of being canceled, folks.  The show has premiered early in the season to depressingly low ratings.  Please – recruit friends to watch the show.  We need Pushing Daisies. Read more »
Would you like to meet Emerson Cod‘s mother?  I suspect that if you‘re a fan of Pushing Daisies, your answer to the previous query will be “Yes.”  The mother of Emerson Cod is a Private Investigator, just like her son, but more hard-boiled.  After tonight‘s episode, I demand a spin-off featuring Calista Cod and her work as a PI in the modern world.  Smoking her cigar in the booth at the Pie Hole, you understood Pushing Daisies‘ Emerson Cod that much more.  His history shows up in his mother, and tonight‘s episode revolved around the relationship between the two as much as it did around the night‘s case.  Another solid episode of Pushing Daisies.  Please - get your friends to watch this show. Read more »
Six days before election day, Democratic standard bearer and frontrunner Barack Obama will grace the nation’s television screens tonight at 8pm – or at least on NBC, Fox, CBS, and MSNBC.  ABC will push through with regular programming – Pushing Daisies.On October 9, the Obama camp bought a half-hour of primetime from all the major networks to air a special “campaign-related program” for the nifty price tag of $1 million each.  Therefore, Americans have a choice to be made tonight.  Watch a most probably taped Obama ad or a new Pushing Daisies episode. Or America’s Next Top Model on the CW. Read more »
BuddyTV picks the top 15 places to grab a bite with our favorite TV restaurants.<<PREVIOUS     |     NEXT>>With only the freshest ingredients, every dessert from the Pie Hole is sure to leave you wanting more. The owner is a bit odd and the servers are a bit flighty, but all that will disappear as soon as you take that first bite, whether it‘s a la mode or not. It‘s also a great place to go if you‘re looking to hire a private investigator. Read more »
There has been much speculation regarding where Scrubs, now on ABC, will end up on the schedule when it returns for its eighth, and likely final, season.  A proposed mid-season schedule for ABC has been unearthed on Zap2It, and it provides ample insight into what ABC might be thinking come January.  The proposed schedule, which has supposedly been given to advertisers, places Scrubs on Wednesday nights at 8pm, the slot currently held down by critical gem Pushing Daisies.  Interestingly, the schedule has Scrubs in both the 8pm and 8:30pm time slots.  What this means is unclear.  Will ABC burn off two new episodes of Scrubs per week, as NBC once did?  Or is one of those slots simply a place holder while ABC decides what other show to place next to Scrubs? Read more »
Pushing Daisies, it seems, is all but gone.  Yesterday, production wrapped on the final episode of ABC‘s thirteen-episode order.  ABC is remaining mum on the subject, but all signs point to an imminent cancellation of the critically adored but little-watched series.  It‘s a sneaky way to cancel a series.  In a way, ABC can say that this isn‘t a cancellation at all, just merely the end of all the ordered episodes.  Their contract has run out.  Bryan Fuller‘s work on Pushing Daisies has been nothing short of magnificent, and it‘s a sad day for fans of the show.  There is some hope that ABC will decide to order more episodes, but the prospects are bleak.  Read more »
It‘s no pun if you‘re a Pushing Daisies fan, drawn to the show the moment it first aired last year, the moment Ned (Lee Pace) and Chuck (Anna Friel) “met” again, and the moment they started expressing their affections in the most untouchable of methods.  With all those reviews, it seems that the show itself is untouchable, but with cancellation all but happening, fans are up in arms to save their favorite quirky fairy tale.The thing is, there‘s no actual word whether the show will actually continue.  Everybody—fans, cast and crew—are clueless about its fate, and now that production for the last of 13 episodes set for this season has finished, the wait has never felt more excruciating. Read more »
As reported yesterday, the cast and crew of Pushing Daisies are still clueless about the fate of their beloved quirky dramedy.  Reports surfaced that the recently filmed 13-episode season could be the last for the series since ABC has given no indication that it plans to order additional installments to complete a full second season, despite the fact that what might be the final episode ends with a “huge cliffhanger” involving a lead character, according to series creator Bryan Fuller.While everyone anxiously wait for the network‘s decision on Pushing Daisies, cast member Kristin Chenoweth, who plays Olive Snook, a woman hopelessly in love with a man who doesn‘t seem to know she exists, has assured fans that she‘s still going to be visible on stage in case things don‘t work out on the small screen. Read more »
Pushing Daisies has been canceled.  Dirty Sexy Money has been canceled.  Eli Stone has been canceled.  ABC isn‘t using that dreaded c-word in its statements today, but it matters not.  You can‘t argue your way out of reality, and semantics only serve to soften the blow.  The producers on all three of those shows were informed today that ABC would not be picking up the second halves of their respective seasons, and that they have no intention of ever ordering new episodes.  This is the harsh reality of the television business, but it is little solace to the fans, rabid as they were, for each of these three shows.  That shows like Two and a Half Men and CSI: Miami can thrive while the likes of Pushing Daisies are largely ignored is at once unfathomable and depressing.  Read more »
When you suddenly lose your job, you usually end up scrambling just to find another one, right?  You can just imagine, then, the exasperation of the folks at the recently-cancelled Pushing Daisies, back when the show’s fate was still a big question mark.  After production for its 13th (and last) episode finished, there was a collective “what’s next?” across the cast and crew—a question only answered when ABC struck down its verdict, and rendered the show as dead after, say, Ned brought Chuck back to life.Now that the show’s fate is already clear, the folks behind the quirky Emmy-winning series have started looking for new gigs.  Perhaps some have begun looking, while others like Kristin Chenoweth have settled down; in her case, it’s on Broadway where she shows up next.  You can now add show producer Barry Sonnenfeld to the list, now that he has joined the crew of a series currently being developed for CBS. Read more »
The return of former writer Bryan Fuller on Heroes has been pushed by critics ever since the NBC series has been bashed as “troubled.”  The idea comes on the heels of the firing of producers/writers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander and the fact that ABC has pulled the plug on Fuller‘s latest series, Pushing Daisies.IGN recently caught up with the Pushing Daisies creator and asked him about his chances of returning to Heroes, where he served as writer for the first season and where he garnered special praise for the episode called “Company Man.” Read more »
The pie-maker with the ability to bring the dead back to life will use his power to solve yet another murder case on tonight‘s episode of Pushing Daisies.  This time, however, the investigation involves some scrumptious treats and a world-famous recipe.  To find out more, read on for a preview of “Comfort Food.” Read more »
The putrid aroma of injustice lingers on in the hallways of network television today.  Bryan Fuller, the writing mastermind behind Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, and the recently pseudo-canceled Pushing Daisies is in final discussions to sign a two-year deal with NBC Universal.  Word is that Fuller, who scripted a few of the most highly-regarded Heroes episodes in its first season, will return to the NBC sci-fi/drama, perhaps as soon as this season‘s twentieth episode. The contract is said to be in the seven-figure range.  Great news for Heroes fans, but it also means that Pushing Daisies has been extricated from any and all purgatorial confusion.  Pushing Daisies has no hope, it is dead, and Bryan Fuller will once again be working for Heroes.  Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
Last week on Pushing Daisies, Olive (Kristin Chenoweth) performed "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles in an episode with a food-themed murder case.  This week, she‘ll be singing "Candle on the Water," made famous by Helen Reddy from the film Pete‘s Dragon, as an accompaniment to the episode called "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy."Read on to find out what‘s in store for tonight‘s installment. Read more »
Tonight‘s Pushing Daisies marks the chapter in which Ned, Chuck and Emerson meet their match with a team of detectives in episode called “The Norwegians.”  Joining the main ensemble this week are Orlando Jones (The Adventures of Chico and Guapo, Everybody Hates Chris) as Magnus Olsdatter, Michael Weaver (Notes from the Underbelly, The Mullets) as Nils, and Ivana Milicevic (12 Miles of Bad Road, Fallen) as Hedda.Read on for a preview of tonight‘s Pushing Daisies. Read more »
For Kristin Chenoweth, it‘s goodbye Pushing Daisies, hello Legally Mad.  Moving from one quirky show to another, the 40-year-old actress has been tapped to co-star in David E. Kelley‘s new series for NBC. The pilot, which is entitled Legally Mad, is an offbeat drama about a woman who takes a job at her dad‘s law firm.  Chenoweth, who most recently appeared as Olive Snook on the ABC dramedy Pushing Daisies for which she received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy, will play Skippy Pylon, one of the firm‘s attorneys, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Read more »
With the cancellation of the ABC series Pushing Daisies, series creator Bryan Fuller has signed a seven-figure, 2-year deal with Universal Media Studios, enabling him to rejoin the writing staff of the hit NBC series Heroes, while Pushing Daisies cast member Kristin Chenoweth has already been tapped to co-star in David E. Kelley‘s new NBC series entitled Legally Mad.  Most recently, it has been announced that Pushing Daisies‘ writing duo Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts have come on board to supervise FOX‘s latest project called Bitches.Think Sex and the City but a little more hairy.  That‘s FOX‘s new project about a four women in New York who turn into wolves at every full moon.  The Hollywood Reporter calls the script "a quirky urban fairy tale." Read more »
Now being a “shipper” is a very serious thing. I mean, as your characters fall in love, you do too. 2008 was full of great television relationships. We had to narrow it down to a lucky 20 for BuddyTV users to choose from.Any shipper fanatic knows their “ship” inside and out. I, for one, will always be a LoVe shipper. That is - Logan and Veronica of Veronica Mars. 2008 saw the development of new ships, the crumble of others, and the long lasting tension of our older ships. Overall, it‘s been a great year for most shippers.The competition will be fierce as there are a lot of fans out there. When we did our “Which One Tree Hill Couple is Best” showdown, Brook and Lucas pulled out the win from underneath Leyton and Naley fans. MiSa (Michael and Sara from Prison Break) fans have been known to be a powerful force. Read more »
There’s still no word on whether ABC will soon, or ever, air the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies—the latest to get the axe in the history of shows (Arrested Development and Veronica Mars come to mind) that are fan darlings, critic favorites, but ratings underdogs. But here’s a small consolation for fans of the Pushing Daisies pie-maker and his pals: the show’s creator, Bryan Fuller, is heading back to Heroes. And he’s bringing Daisies star Swoosie Kurtz with him! Read more »
We‘re in the final days of our "I Wish They‘d Bring Back My Favorite TV Show" Twitter contest where you get a chance to win a Blu-Ray Disk Player.  Hundreds of fans gave responded to BuddyTV‘s Twitter account to let us know which show from the past they‘d most like to see again.  Over 70 different canceled television shows have already been named.Click HERE to find out how to enter the contest. Read more »
Yes, a new episode of quirky and short-lived ABC series Pushing Daisies is set to air tomorrow night, but before you go off celebrating, the episode is the first in the comedy‘s last three before it bids goodbye, for good this time.  The unaired episodes, in fact, have all aired in the UK.In "Window Dressed to Kill," Emerson (Chi McBride) enlists the help of Chuck (Anna Friel) to investigate the murder of a window dresser when Ned (Lee Pace) declares he‘s no longer using his "gift" to solve crimes.  Meanwhile, Olive (Kristin Chenoweth) gets a blast from her past when the two cons she convinced to kidnap her as a child so she would finally get her parents‘ attention break out of jail and ask for her help. Read more »
Pushing Daisies, the quirky ABC comedy which looks like it is well-loved but nonetheless canceled after two incomplete seasons, will finally say goodbye on Saturday with the episode that star Kristin Chenoweth admitted will not give the series proper closure.  According to published reports, the cliffhanger ending in the episode upset many fans so it was altogether deleted.On "Kerplunk," the show‘s unintentional series finale, one-half of the Darling Mermaid Darlings‘ arch rivals The Aquadolls is killed.  In an effort to find the culprit, the Darling Mermaid Darlings come out of retirement, with the help of Ned (Lee Pace) as manager and Olive (Chenoweth) as stylist.  Since they still don‘t know that Chuck (Anna Friel) is still alive, she cannot participate in the case.  On the episode, Olive also gets close to Sid, with whom she shares her experiences in gender discrimination, since he was a male synchronized swimmer and she attended Vassar on a jockey scholarship. Read more »
Heroes has stumbled on yet another roadblock. Bryan Fuller, the man who was supposed to save the troubled series, has decided to leave the NBC show once again, consequently vacating his post as consulting producer. Based on past interviews, Fuller seemed very upbeat about the upcoming fourth season of Heroes. So why did he quit just a few months after he returned to the show with much fanfare? Evidently, Fuller‘s departure has to do with time constraints and his upcoming projects, and not due to any creative differences with Heroes creator Tim Kring--- as some have speculated. Read more »
Just a couple of days ago I thought American Idol was starting to slowly lose the plot judging wise, with the decision to have Neil Patrick Harris as one of the many personalities temporarily replacing Paula Abdul on the show--while he sings, sure, it‘s still an odd decision considering his more prominent background as an actor.  And no, don‘t get me talking about Joe Jonas: I know he performs, but if (some of) his fans are laughing at the idea of him judging the show, well, something must be up.But it seems the producers are getting some sense of sanity back in their heads, by recruiting a name that I never thought I‘d associate with Idol: Kristin Chenoweth.  Yep, the Pushing Daisies star (and upcoming Glee guest star), and most importantly noted Broadway performer, is set to join Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi when the show heads to Orlando for its callback auditions later this week, according to People.  Read more »
The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday at 8pm on CBS.  Hostedby Neil Patrick Harris, it looks like two shows will have astranglehold on the night: Mad Men for Drama and 30 Rock for Comedy, both coming in with an overwhelming lead in total nominations.But will they really prevail.  Check out the nominees for the majorEmmy Drama categories below and who I think will win, then make yourown picks and watch along with me Sunday night.Read More: Drama Category Predictions>> Read more »
HBO may have picked up 101 Emmy nominations, more than any other network, but the cable giant has a lot of work to do with scripted series. Only 17 of those nominations came for drama and comedies with True Blood leading the pack with just five nominations. For a comparison, The Sopranos averaged 16 nominations every season it was on.To compensate, HBO is developing a number of new dramas that are sure to up the network‘s pedigree. Here‘s the latest news on three shows to look forward to.  Read more »
It‘s fair to say that Glee is a hit. Lots of awards, a bunch of imitating shows on the way and oodles of fans make that obvious. But how did we get Glee? There‘s a long history of musicality on television, and every step brought us a bit closer to the crazy success of Glee. Read more »
Summer used to be a total bummer for us TV fans. As the last of our favorite shows wrote "S.W.A.K." in our yearbooks on their way out of town for the summer, one question haunted our dreams on those hot June nights: "What am I supposed to watch now?"That is, until Netflix Instant was born. For just $8 a month, you now have more hours of quality television living inside your computer (or fancy TV) than you could ever hope to watch. Netflix is not paying me to say this. They don‘t HAVE to, because it‘s a no-brainer. And if you watch enough streaming television this summer, you can be a no-brainer, too. No need to go outside at all this summer. What are you, a settler from olden days?There‘s so much to choose from on Netflix Instant that you may not know where to begin. That‘s what this handy Netflix Instant Summer Guide is for. Just pick your mood and dive head first into the stream.  Read more »
How do you top the combination of hot-tamale Mary Murphy and dancingly-dour Nigel Lythgoe? Apparently you do it with guest judges. On the same day that FOX announced actress Megan Mullally as the week-1 guest, reports have surfaced about a whole host of incredible celebrities set to grace the SYTYCD judging table.The dancers are going to have to perform their socks off if they want to upstage these people. Read more »
Over the course of most of this summer, thinking about the season 3 finale of Fringe has caused a mental condition most accurately described as silent screaming. Don‘t get me wrong -- it‘s been a good kind of screaming. The silent screams were mostly of "What happened there?", "What are they going to do next?" and "Peter!!!" variety. It‘s now time for those silently-screamed questions to be replaced by answers. Spoilers involving Peter‘s return, new relationships between old characters and some guest casting do this well. Read more »
If none of the new fall shows are tickling your fancy (though I‘d suggest watching an episode or two before damning most of them to your "skip" button), here‘s a comforting thought: The TV industry is a never-ceasing machine that will churn out new shows until the world ends or their ad revenue dries up, whichever comes first. (It will be the first one.)Oops -- did I say "comforting"? That sounded a little apocalyptic. But the bright side of the story is that today, in the heat of pitch season, four new and very different show concepts have been announced for development in the near or not-so-distant future, and at least three of them have exciting names attached. Let‘s take a break from looking at the fall schedule and take a look at them, along with a few other projects also in the works, shall we?  Read more »
It‘s already week 6 of Dancing with the Stars season 13? Where does the time go? And where do the competitors go, for that matter? It seems like only yesterday when we had 12 fresh-faced celebrities hitting the dance floor. Now, alas, there are but 7 remaining. Who will be next?We‘ll find out in the next couple of days, but now it‘s time to take a look at what‘s to come for week 6. Read more »
No, they won‘t all be in the same TV projects. But, in the span of mere hours, all three actors have had new roles announced for the upcoming months. In two cases, this means pilots intended for the fall of 2012. In one case, it‘s a guest-starring role in a current show. Where might you be seeing John Goodman, Ryan Phillipe and Henry Ian Cusick? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
Gone are the days when we could spend the entire summer lounging on the beach or watching TV, free of all responsibility or 9-to-5 schedules. Working adults have only a few short weeks to enjoy the sunshine before we have to go back to our desk jobs. What‘s even more tragic is that many of the places that would make great vacation spots, places that we‘ve seen our favorite TV characters visit a number of times, don‘t even exist. Here are a few of our favorite fictional locales that would make for a fun vacay. Read more »