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ABC has ordered 13 episodes of Bryan Fuller’s unprecedented romance-crime drama called Pushing Daisies. Officially picked up for the network’s fall 2007 lineup, the upcoming series will be leading off the Wednesday night slot at 8/7c.Pushing Daisies follows a pie maker named Ned with the ability to touch dead things and briefly bring them back to life. Putting his expertise into good news, he helps an investigator to resolve murder cases by asking the deceased to name their killers. However, his gift becomes complicated when he brings his childhood sweetheart Chuck back from the dead, and struggles to keep her alive by not touching her again. Read on for the principle cast of Pushing Daisies: Read more »
Aside from the ABC dramedy Pushing Daisies, Tony-award winning actress Kristin Chenoweth has other projects coming up in the big screen.  This time, however, she will be using her vocal expertise in the Disney movie Tinker Bell.Kristin Chenoweth, a 38-year-old native of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is known as a theater, film and television actress, and a coloratura soprano.  Before landing the role of Olive on Pushing Daisies, she has performed in various musicals, concerts and Broadway productions.  Her other acting credits include The West Wing, Kristin, The Pink Panther, and Stranger Than Fiction. Read more »
With its pastel color scheme and fairy tale screed, Pushing Daisies is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest hits of the new television season, but is its unlikely premise and demand of nearly child like suspension of disbelief Wonderfalls 2.0? Both shows benefited from an amount of critical fore flashing that was nearly as absurd as their plot lines.  However, unlike Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies is finding positive hype flowing from a new and growing contingent of the media:  illegal downloaders. Read more »
According to ABC Television president Stephen McPherson ABC‘s upcoming series, Pushing Daisies, is set to premiere in the time slot Lost originally debuted in.  McPherson also told reporters last month that the network has been having difficulty finding an appropriate lead-in for the series because it so unique. "It‘s always challenging for new shows to find an audience, but I think its originality and the fact that it is different the way Lost was when Lost launched at 8 o‘clock," McPherson said in a news conference last month.  "I think it is a show that, you know, doesn‘t fit neatly behind any other show.” Read more »
Pushing Daisies, the near consensus best new show of the Fall, is magic.  About a pie maker who has the ability to revive the dead (though there are some very important caveats to this ability), Pushing Daisies is almost unexplainable.  It‘s told like a fairy tale, but the material is dark as is the humor, but it‘s all treated in a sweet, matter of fact way.  Anyway, just watch the show. Please.  Something this good deserves at least a few seasons.  And, looking at its time slot competition, Pushing Daisies appears to have a legitimate chance at ratings success.  Airing on Wednesdays at 8PM (Lost‘s first time slot), the show won‘t be going up against anything remotely like it.  However, this is only because Pushing Daisies isn‘t like anything else on television.  Let‘s take a look at who exactly Pushing Daisies will be up against this Fall.  Read more »
Premiere Date and Time: Wednesday, October 3, 8pmNetwork: ABCTime Slot Competition: Deal or No Deal, Kid Nation, Back to You and Til Death, America‘s Next Top ModelCast: Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride, Kristin Chenoweth, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Greene Read more »
Pushing Daisies is the consensus best new show of the fall season among the critical masses.  It‘s a little weird, however, portraying some dark material in a surreal fairy tale sort of way.  There‘s been lots of comparisons to Tim Burton‘s work when discussing Pushing Daisies, so it‘s only fitting that one of Burton‘s favorite actors, Paul Reubens (famous as Pee-Wee Herman), has been cast in a recurring role on the show.  Reubens will play “Alfredo Aldarisio, a traveling homeopathic antidepressant representative/salesman,” according to  That description is more than enough to understand the tone that Pushing Daisies is going for.  Man, this show is going to be fun.  Read more »
Molly Shannon, a former cast member on Saturday Night Live, is the newest name attached to ABC‘s fairy-tale/black comedy/drama Pushing Daisies.  The ABC show, which stars Lee Pace as a pie-maker with the ability to bring the dead back to life, is being regarded as one of the best, if not THE best, new TV show of the fall.  Molly Shannon is best known for the bizarre characters she played on Saturday Night Live, including armpit-smelling, Catholic schoolgirl Mary Katherine Gallagher.  Shannon‘s multi-episode arc on Pushing Daisies will begin around Sweeps time. Read more »
Pushing Daisies deserves success.  So does Friday Night Lights.  So did Veronica Mars.  Why shows don‘t achieve the status that their quality should dictate is an accepted aspect of the TV landscape.  Things just work that way.  Shows are marketed wrong, they don‘t appeal to the right audience, they‘re scheduled against CSI: Scranton, etc.  Pushing Daisies hasn‘t even premiered and given its high-concept premise, its whimsical delivery of dark subject matter, and no-name cast, it appears possible (probable, even) that the show is primed to be this season‘s “Show that Everyone Loves But No One Watches”, despite the fact its the best new TV show of the season.  Is this sort of cynicism healthy?  Is it misguided?  Am I jumping the gun?  Read more »
As a producer and director, Barry Sonnenfeld is no stranger to quirky, off the wall and humorous storylines, which are often staples to his projects.  However, most of his body of work containing such elements has been for the big screen.  In his new television offering, Pushing Daisies, Sonnenfeld once again delivers the same combination of dark subject matter handled with whimsy and fantasy.Pushing Daisies is set to premiere on Wednesday, October 3 at 8pm over ABC.  Sonnenfeld, who serves as series executive producer, spoke to CanMag about his new pet project. Read more »
Pushing Daisies is unequivocally the best new show of the TV season.  Tonight‘s premiere episode is the most impressive network pilot since Lost, and is the most original piece of television since who knows when.  It is an astonishing feat that Pushing Daisies was even made.  Created by Bryan Fuller (creator of beloved, short-lived Wonderfalls), Pushing Daisies follows Ned, a pie-maker, who has the ability to bring dead people back to life.   While Pushing Daisies deals with mortality and death at all turns, it is portrayed in a hopeful, light manner.  The show is quirky and witty, laugh out loud funny at times.  The jokes are never sitcom-y, though, and come from character and story.  Death is dealt with matter-of-factly, humorously, beautifully even, while never belittling the characters.  The show has soul and heart, the likes of which I can‘t remember ever seeing on TV.  If my gushing here seems unnecessary, it‘s not.  If I were to write a straight up recap of the pilot, Pushing Daisies might seem morbid and hopelessly dark.  It‘s anything but.  Read more »
You were wrong, cynics!  Pushing Daisies, the critically lauded new fairy tale-comedy-drama from ABC, debuted last night and easily won its time slot, garnering very good ratings across the board, and dominating in key demographics.  This is great news for anyone who likes good TV.  Personally, I was prepared for the worst when it came to Pushing Daisies‘ ratings.  But, ABC publicized the best new show of the season well enough to bring in a big audience, which also had to have been helped by the show‘s universally incredible reviews.  To be fair, its time slot isn‘t all that competitive and the second episode will be a truer indication of how audiences are responding to Daisies.  Read more »
The pilot for Pushing Daisies was a stunning accomplishment.  For those who enjoyed it, anyways.  Much to my surprise, the reviews for Pushing Daisies have been mixed.  Not from critics (who mostly love it), but from my friends, some of whom are clearly cynical, cynical people.  However, love it or hate it, one of the biggest issues to arise after watching the ABC pilot is this: how can Pushing Daisies keep it up?  That is, how can the lush visual style, the constant wit, the overwhelming whimsical feel of Pushing Daisies remain in tact from the second episode on?  I have no idea what to expect come Wednesday, but it‘s not going to be as good as the pilot, nor will it be structurally similar.  Read more »
Pushing Daisies certainly isn‘t for everyone.  On tonight‘s episode of Pushing Daisies we witnessed a car that runs on dandelions, a character break into song, and massive quantities of death.  We learned that Chuck speaks Japanese, and that Emerson Cod went to art school and loves to knit.  The episode eases my fears as to how the show will progress throughout its first season.  The procedural element is definitely there, but the formula looks to be flexible.  All in all, Pushing Daisies should retain the ability to surprise audiences.   It  definitely did tonight. We begin with Young Ned once again.  This time we pick up when Ned heads to boarding school.  His father sent him away and never came back.  There‘s a cool little scene where Ned volunteers to help his science class with their frog dissections.  He, of course, brings all the dead frogs back to life.  This whole little flashback is mostly a way for the narrator to set up the stakes, to tell us once again what Ned‘s abilities are. Read more »
Pushing Daisies is going to take an interesting ratings road.  Last night, it lost about 20 percent of its total viewers from last week.  This dropped Daisies to number two overall on the night, though it did still come out on top in the 18-49 demo.  This drop-off from its premiere was totally expected, so don‘t fret, fans of Pushing Daisies.  The ABC hype machine was strong going into the premiere for Pushing Daisies, and a large audience gave the series a chance.  It‘s a polarizing series, its weirdness a turn-off for some viewers, and it was inevitable that some viewers would give the pilot a chance and then decide that it just wasn‘t for them.  Last night‘s ratings should be indicative of what kind of numbers the show will receive for the rest of the season, which means it‘s still a success.  I can‘t imagine anyone like the first episode but not liking the second. Read more »
Two more days and we‘ll have another answer in what should be a constant question on Wednesdays for the foreseeable future: Can Pushing Daisies keep it up?  Will the magical whimsy continue?  Will Daisies manage to keep walking the tightrope of cute but not-too-cute, dark but not-too-dark?  Bryan Fuller and crew have given us two great hour of TV and, if the sneak peek that ABC has released of episode three is any indication, things continue to look good.  “The Fun in Funeral” airs on Wednesday and sees Ned, Chuck and Emerson return to the Couers d‘Couers funeral home where Chuck was brought back to life by Ned.  Here‘s a sneak preview from one of Wednesday‘s scenes: Read more »
Pushing Daisies is three for three.  Tonight‘s third episode of the series was just as good as the first two, maybe even a little funnier.  Olive Snook has made her way into the main action (or will so soon) after staying mostly on the sidelines in episodes one and two.  Chuck learns more about why she was revived, and the consequences her revival incurred.  Ned shows off his childhood light saber skills.  A conversational pirate motif is discussed in detail.  An extended Winnie the Pooh riff is provided by Chuck.  A pie laced with anti-depressants is eaten for breakfast.  And, we witness perhaps the only Asian descended from Confederates in TV history.  Sounds like your typical episode of Pushing Daisies, right? Read more »
Kristin Chenoweth is a woman of many talents.  She‘s an actress, a singer, has appeared in film, on TV, and on Broadway.  Perhaps best known for her work on The West Wing, Chenoweth now finds herself on Pushing Daisies, the fall‘s most interesting and well-received new series.  Kristin plays Olive Snook, an employee of The Pie Hole and unabashed lover of the pie maker himself, Ned.  The first few episodes of Pushing Daisies have seen Olive hang out her window in full-spy mode, sell pies with extreme enthusiasm and, last week, break into song.  Kristin was unavailable for our usual phone interview format, so we sent her along some questions and she responded via e-mail.  Her answers can be found below. Read more »
Pushing Daisies hits us up with episode number four on Wednesday, and I keep waiting for Bryan Fuller‘s glorious new series to disappoint me.  We‘ve beaten the “Can Pushing Daisies keep this up?” angle into the ground, so I‘ll save you any more thoughts on that front.  But, I will say that Daisies is looking like a winner no matter how you slice it.  The sustainability can only become an issue if a dud of an episode airs, something that has yet to happen.  Wednesday‘s episode is entitled “Pigeon,” and we can be fairly certain that it will involve at least one pigeon.  Below you will find a nice little YouTube preview of the episode. Read more »
If you needed some good news today, here it is: ABC has picked up Pushing Daisies for a full season. The charming dramedy began the season at the top of nearly every critic‘s list (including ours), and this announcement means we‘ll be treated to at least 19 more delightful episodes.The decision to pick up Pushing Daisies is both surprising and not. The shock comes from the fact that such an original show could not only find a place on network television, but thrive. The “not” comes from the fact that, three episodes in, it‘s one of the highest-rated new shows of the season, behind only Private Practice (the Grey‘s Anatomy spin-off that already got a full season order) and Samantha Who? (which follows Dancing with the Stars, and as such was destined to score big with audiences). Read more »
All this week, now one month into the Fall TV season, BuddyTV takes a hard look at the new shows to determine which ones we were right about, and which ones have surprised us the most, both positively and negatively.The new TV is full of pretty good shows. Of the 26 new series, I have successfully folded half of them into my weekly viewing schedule, an impressive ratio. But even more surprising is the number of truly great performances. Even if a show is just OK, there are actors delivering all-star, award-worthy performances all over the place. From quirky supporting characters to leading men and women, this year‘s crop of characters is one of the best. Read more »
I‘ve run out of things to say about Pushing Daisies. Though, at this point it doesn‘t matter.  Those of you who love Pushing Daisies have kept loving it, the promise of the incredible pilot continuing on into subsequent episodes.  Pushing Daisies detractors still baffle all of us fans, but the ship has sailed and if you‘re not on it, fine, more room for the rest of us.  Wednesday is Halloween and the Pushing Daises crew had the foresight to bring us a special Halloween episode (although, really, any episode of Pushing Daisies could conceivably be a Halloween episode) that involves a heap of dead jockeys.  Works for me. Read more »
Pushing Daisies fans have a lot to be excited about these days.  This week, it was announced that Pushing Daisies has been picked up by ABC for a full season order, ensuring at least twenty-two episodes of one of the Fall season‘s best new series.  Tonight‘s episode featured a plethora of windmills, a mutant carrier pigeon and some buried treasure. Young Ned, at boarding school, was lonely and often played alone, thinking of happy childhood memories.  Back at Couer d‘Couers, Digby was also lonely, and set out on a quest.  To where, he did not know.  He was only looking for Ned.  One day, Digby showed up at boarding school, but the reunion was bittersweet, seeing as Ned was unable to touch Digby. Read more »
Pushing Daisies gave us a special Halloween episode tonight, and with it came another great hour of TV.  Not only was this week‘s case fun and engaging, their was ample character development, especially with the pie maker himself, Ned.  I‘m enjoying the formula of beginning each episode with a scene from Young Ned‘s life and how that informed who he is now.  This is necessary because, by nature, Ned keeps his feelings close to the vest and, while he may seem simple on the outside, Ned is clearly a complicated man.  Olive and Chuck had their moments as well, and we learned a lot about Olive‘s previous vocation.  Read more »
The WGA writers strike that started Monday hurts all scripted shows and all of TV, but no one is hurt more than new shows who are attempting to find an established audience.  If the strike were to last more than a few months and force networks to halt production on scripted TV until Fall 2008 (at the earliest), are audiences going to remember the ten or so episodes of the new shows that debuted in Fall 2007?  Established series have DVDs and a back-log of episodes that can flitter around in viewers‘ memories.  How will a series like Pushing Daisies, a show that, I imagine, relies on the momentum and rhythm of preceding episodes to inform its content, fare if put on hold for an extended period of time.  Will its audience come back?  How short will ABC‘s leash be?  How many more new episodes will fans get to see before the drought begins?  Read more »
As the WGA strike continues, more and more shows are being forced to try to make something out of their remaining scripts in the hopes of presenting viewers with a satisfying season, albeit a short one. According to TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello, ABC‘s Pushing Daisies has joined the roster of shows preparing for an early season ender as a result of the strike.  Show creator Bryan Fuller explained that the series‘ ninth episode, the last for which a script is written, can be used as a season finale should the strike bleed into the new year and beyond. Read more »
Here‘s the set-up for Pushing Daisies tonight: A dog breeder‘s coffee is poisoned and when Ned wakes him up for his story, the man says, simply enough, that his wife did it.  Unfortunately for Ned, Chuck and Emerson, the man is a polygamist who has four wives.  Now, it‘s not so easy to solve this crime. There is a lot about dog breeding tonight, and it seems like a pretty ruthless business.  Tonight‘s episode guest stars The Soup‘s Joel McHale as Harold Henden, the deceased dog owner (Joel McHale also was a cast member of the old Seattle sketch comedy show Almost Live, and I‘m partial to McHale because I once sat behind him at a screening of Tin Cup). Read more »
Fans of Pushing Daisies will get a special treat when star Ellen Greene‘s shows off her musical prowess on Wednesday‘s episode, “Smell of Success.” Greene has had a long career as a singer, and has appeared in numerous theater productions, including In the Boom Boom Room, Threepenny Opera and The Little Shop of Horrors.  A regular face on Pushing Daisies, Green plays Vivian Charles, Chuck‘s (Anna Friel) aunt who has a personality disorder. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Pushing Daisies was, perhaps, the best episode since the highly-acclaimed pilot.  The mystery was great, supporting characters well-realized and it was funny as ever.  Also, Paul Reubens was introduced as Oscar Vibinious, who should play a major role in the remainder of the season.  One thing that was very visible in tonight‘s episode was the spectacular amount of cleavage.  Both Anna Friel and Kristen Chenoweth tend to show off their goods, but tonight was the Chenoweth show all the way.  Can‘t say I didn‘t enjoy it.  Read more »
One of the things that makes ABC‘s Pushing Daisies different from other dramedies on television today is its unique take on the concept of forbidden love.  The show‘s lead characters, Ned, played by Lee Pace, and Chuck, played by Anna Friel, cannot physically come together because if they do, one of them is certain to die. This is because Chuck is only among those whom Ned brings back to life with his special touch, and the moment they come into contact once again, Ned will send her back to the great beyond permanently. Read more »
To hell with you, formula!  Pushing Daisies, we know, is not a typical television show.  Words like “original,” “quirky” and “whimsical” have been used to describe what Daisies brings to the table, and all would be correct.  Up until tonight‘s episode, though, the show had retained a formulaic structure similar to those of crime procedurals.  While dressed up in an exceptionally original package, Pushing Daisies was at its heart no different than CSI.  Tonight‘s episode kicked that notion in the groin.  The writers threw that formula out the window, rounded up a bunch of guest stars, pondered the usefulness of truth and the truth of metaphors,  and gave us another taste of why Pushing Daisies is the best new show of the year.  Read more »
This is it.  The end of the line.  One week from today, ABC will air the final finished episode of Pushing Daisies.  Now, this is not the last episode ever (well, probably not, hopefully not...good god, it better not be.  End, writers‘ strike, end!), but the last episode for a long time, until at least the end of the strike.  Before the strike began, ABC renewed Pushing Daisies for an entire season, which bodes well for the series‘ future.  It‘s been reported that creator/show runner Bryan Fuller tweaked the script for “Corpsicle” at the last second before the strike began to make it feel more like a season finale.  The final moments of last week‘s episode lend credence to this claim, when Ned spilled the beans to Chuck about inadvertently killing her father.  Thanks to Isabelle the Great of SpoilerFix, we have a bit of spoiler-y information regarding next Wednesday‘s last 2007 episode of Pushing Daisies. Read more »
If that‘s the last Pushing Daisies we get to see until next Fall, then it was a good one to go out on.  There are no more new Pushing Daisies episodes in the can, so until the writers‘ strike gets resolved, tonight‘s “Corpsicle” will be where Ned and the gang leaves us for the time being.  I‘m OK with that.  Bryan Fuller said that he tweaked the script for this last episode right before the strike to make it feel more like a season finale.  He wasn‘t kidding.  Tonight‘s was a season finale and “special Holiday episode” wrapped into one, including an out of left field cliffhanger and a holiday miracle performed by a Binobo monkey named Bobo.  Read more »
Even though the writers‘ strike is over, ABC isn‘t waiting for a crop of new pilots to plan its fall schedule. Today the alphabet network announced that nine of its current shows will have a spot on next year‘s schedule. They represent a cross-section of familiar favorites and hot new shows.Many of the decisions are no-brainers. Lost, Grey‘s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives are all coming back next year, as are Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters, neither of which suffered from a sophomore slump commonly seen on TV (for example: Heroes).As for new shows, the powerhouse all-new Wednesday night line-up from the fall will be back, with Pushing Daisies, Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money all picked up for second seasons. Comedy hit Samantha Who?, which benefited largely from airing after Dancing with the Stars, will also return for the 2008-2009 season. Read more »
The week-long Paley Festival in Los Angeles has long been hallowed ground for television fans.  Over the years, the casts and creative minds behind the most popular and beloved series on TV have been welcomed at the Paley Fest to talk about their show, screen episodes, and interact with the fans.  2008‘s Paley Fest kicked into high gear on Saturday, when the cast of Pushing Daisies, along with creator/mastermind Bryan Fuller, showed up to entertain the masses.  Unfortunately, we at BuddyTV were not in attendance, but thanks to TV Guide, we learned what went down on Saturday night in the Cinerama Dome.  Read more »