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Part 1 / 2 / 3One Tree Hill has employed a creative chronology (two TV seasons per school year). Was this to simply maximize the hoops season, or were there other reasons?It was partly that. In the second TV season we didn‘t play any basketball, which was the rest of their junior year, and I felt that the show suffered a little bit. A lot of times the basketball games for us are like the crimes, or it‘s the courtroom, the police precinct, or the medical operating arena - it was like our home turf. And while in all those other shows, they‘re rarely about the actual case or medical issue they‘re dealing with, it‘s more about the people. For us, that‘s what basketball was. It was never about playing basketball, but it was about what was happening to the people when this game or tournament was approaching. So, I did it for that reason. Plus, our kids are pretty accelerated, there aren‘t a lot of adults around, so I wanted them driving cars and doing things upperclassmen would be doing. Lucas and Nathan were important players on the team, the most important, and I just couldn‘t see that happening to freshman. And, I also wanted to keep them in high school longer. I know a lot of the shows that we started with, the kids are out of high school now and into college and what have you, and I always thought that there was a loss of energy when that happened. It‘s hard to have everyone go to the same college and everyone stay together for whatever reason, or you lose some of your principles. Last question. After this year, your High school characters will be going off to college. How will you make the transition into your 5th season?I want to do something that‘s unprecedented. And, maybe it‘s unprecedented because it‘s a bad idea, or maybe it‘s unprecedented like the Nathan and Hailey marriage: just because nobody‘s ever done it and it‘s actually a very good idea. I want to skip college. And what I would do is graduate them at the end of season four and then we‘ll pick them up five years later to start season five. The reason that this compels me is, first of all, I can drop into a world that feels new and, yet, familiar. What I mean by that is this: you know the characters and you‘ve been with them for four years, but you don‘t know what happened for the last four, and you can drop the audience into new situations. The kids can play closer to their age, and we‘ve done a lot of what we would do in college in high school, in terms of that accelerated behavior. The other cool thing it does, and this was not by design, I‘m not smart enough to design it this way, but the fact that Lucas and his mom and his dad, Dan, the fact that there was history, that we can always reach back and grab a piece of something over the last four years, like what happened with Dan and Karen, what happened before Lucas joined the team, etc. Like we dropped the audience into this world, but there was so much life before that, that you could always go back and grab a piece when you needed it. If Lucas is with a girl that we‘ve never met, or with Peyton, or with Brooke, or living with Hailey and Nathan or whatever, how did that happen and what choices framed that? So, while you‘re advancing and learning about his new career and what he‘s doing after college, you‘re also allowed to go back and pick out that night in college when it could have gone either way and the decision he made that night and how it frames where he‘s at now. And I haven‘t ever seen anyone do it, but I think it‘s a great idea and, as a storyteller, the adrenaline I had in season one is increasingly difficult to find, but as a storyteller, to drop into a new world with all these characters that I love and tell new stories and yet be able to bounce back once in a while, it‘s incredibly invigorating for me and I would think it would be for an audience too, as opposed to skipping ahead to college and doing the same old stuff.It makes a hell of a lot of sense, college never works on high school shows.I agree with you. I‘m a guy that‘s apt to tell you when I screwed up and when I‘m wrong or what I could have done better, and try to learn from it. I really try to check my ego at the door, but I‘ve got to tell you, jumping five years ahead, I think, is a great idea, and I‘ll be the first one to tell you if I was wrong about it. But when we, when I, step into my writer‘s room, we know when we feel the buzz of a great arc. When we wrote Psycho Derek, and talked about it as a group, we knew that it was a really cool storyline and that it was going to do great things for Peyton and make some great episodes and give us the flexibility to shake things up a little bit with her, and there‘s a buzz that you feel. There‘s a buzz that you feel when you write a great moment or when you come up with a great idea, you realize how it will inform all the characters in their journeys. And that‘s what this idea does for me and does for the writer‘s room. So, I‘m hopeful we get the fifth season and, if we do, that‘s what I‘m going to present to my studio and my network because I think it‘s the best thing for the show and for the actors that have been here for 90 episodes. I think it will be fun for them too. Thanks Mark. Thank you. I really appreciate you guys. And, by the way, tomorrow night‘s episode is the biggest episode we‘ve ever made. It‘s great and I‘m very proud of it. And then we have one more before we go into our hiatus, it‘s amazing too. So, the next two episodes, I‘m as proud of them as any other episodes that we‘ve made. Part 1 / 2 / 3This interview is the fourth in a series of BuddyTV interviews with the creators, writers, and producers behind many of TV‘s hit shows. Thus far, we‘ve featured an interview with Hank Steinberg (creator of The Nine), an interview with David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik (the creators of The Class), and an interview with David S. Rosenthal (new Head Writer/Executive Producer of Gilmore Girls). Read more »
We recently had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Mark Schwahn, the creative mastermind behind One Tree Hill, the hit teen drama on The CW. Another interview in BuddyTV‘s series of sit-downs with the TV industry‘s biggest names, Mark Schwahn talked to us about the origin of One Tree Hill, on-set trials, the uncertainty of getting renewed and his exciting plans for season five of One Tree Hill.One Tree Hill airs on The CW every Wednesday at 9PM ET/PT.How did you get into the world of television? Read more »
The numbers have come out and...they‘re pretty much what everyone expected. If you aren‘t familiar with the term, "Sweeps" are the bi-annual time periods where advertising rates are set based on the strength of ratings. During November sweeps, the networks roll out their best stuff, rarely show a rerun, and often resort to extreme measures to rope in viewers. As expected, ABC won sweeps, and pretty handily. NBC and CBS tied for second, however, and this is a pretty large upset. NBC had fallen into fourth place last year, but it looks as if it‘s new batch of shows has helped push them back to respectability. Another factor is NBC‘s new Sunday Night Football, which brings NBC ratings while hurting ABC, who had Monday Night Football last year.  Read more »
Part 1 / 2 / 3Last year you had to weather the separation of stars Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush. Did that affect the on-set morale? How is it now?You know what, they were really professional about it. Last year, I didn‘t want to talk about it because it wasn‘t any of my business and it really didn‘t have anything to do with the show. We never, ever catered a story line to them, and we just can‘t. I actually told them, and I have said this publicly, I told them when they were dating and when they were engaged that I hope you guys are happy forever, but if you‘re not and something goes wrong, this is a business. We‘re making a TV show and I can‘t cater the story lines to your romances. We just can‘t. We have this huge ensemble cast and once they had their troubles they were very professional about it. I know it was rumored that they didn‘t want to work together and whatever, but they never approached me, their people never approached me, everybody just did their job. Now, I‘m not in Wilmington everyday. I‘m in L.A. most of the time, so I‘m sure they had their moments on set. You have your moments anywhere in any workplace environment where you‘re going through a breakup with somebody. This year it‘s so funny, I talked to Chad before the season started and he talked about wanting it to be very stress-free and I think what happens is when you get to the fourth season of a show it‘s real. It‘s not going anywhere. The first season you wonder if it‘s going to find its way and if you‘re going to be back. Then, second season the kids are buying houses and settling into Wilmington, and once you get to fourth season, this is what you do and you‘re going to be doing it everyday and you need to find a way to make it fun and enjoy your work. I think people get a little restless, and even actors and producers and writers like‘s kind of a nomadic existence where you go from project to project, especially in features, it‘s like you go to summer camp and you‘re with this group of people for a year and then you go to the next camp. With TV it‘s more of a marathon than a sprint, and I think all of the actors have realized that this is what they do and Wilmington is their home now and, at least for now, they should learn to have fun with it because hit shows are so rare. So, when I‘m there, it seems we have a lot of fun. We have our daily dramas, every show does, and if someone tells you they don‘t, they‘re lying. It‘s an emotional craft; there aren‘t any wrong or right answers. It‘s not medicine, it‘s not law. You can‘t look in a book and say this is the answer. They‘ll have their opinions, and I‘ll have my opinions, and sometimes it gets a little heated, but I love them for the passion, even when I disagree with someone about something. And I hope that they respect me because I‘m here 80 hours a week making One Tree Hill, it‘s all I do now. It‘s been a lot of fun, it‘s been great for me. You have an interesting time slot. You have a great lead-in with America‘s Next Top Model, but you‘re up against a couple of big dogs like Lost and Criminal Minds. What was your reaction when CW announced their schedule?Yeah, you know what, it‘s a great question and I was thrilled to be included anywhere they were going to put us on the schedule. I would have been really disappointed if we didn‘t get to complete the senior year of high school and finish some stories. I directed last season‘s finale and we left with huge cliffhangers and it really would have disappointed me to not finish at least those story lines. I always said that if they gave us a fourth season, they‘d want a fifth, and I still think that‘s true. You can look at the numbers and spin them any way that you want. I can spin the numbers and tell you what‘s really great about them and you can spin them and tell me what‘s really bad about them and we‘ll both be right. I wish our household number was better, it‘s been better, it was better second season. Our demos are really good, but they could be better, and our retention of Top Model: nobody has ever retained more of that audience than we do. I never worry about Lost or Criminal Minds or any of those shows. When I was on the WB, I worried about UPN because it felt equitable to me. Lost doesn‘t feel equitable to me. I‘m never going to win the battle. We‘ll beat them in a demo or two, we‘ll get more teen girls than they will, but in terms of households and stuff, everybody‘s got it tough. Fans like to think that there‘s competition between us and Veronica Mars, but it used to be us and The OC, then it was us and somebody else. I think that‘s fodder for the fans, but I have nothing but love and praise for the guys that make their shows because I know how hard it is. No matter where they put us, we were going to run into somebody. At least I‘m not against a Grey‘s Anatomy or a show that‘s really skewing to girls and women in a big way. I love Top Model as a lead in. I think they‘re the biggest and the best in terms of what The CW has to offer. When they go down, we go down. That‘s how it works, so I was happy to be included and I was happy with Top Model. Paul Johansson (who plays Dan Scott on One Tree Hill) has begun to direct some episodes. Is it different having a cast member behind the camera?Moira Kelly is directing this next one, she starts tomorrow, and she‘s directed one other for us. Paul‘s really good. He really understands the craft in terms of acting and he‘s a really good director. Moira is just finding her way and she will always put the actor craft first. Like for her, she‘ll go to the actors first and ask "What are you trying to do in this scene?", "What do you want to feel in this scene?", and that will dictate how she directs the scene. I think Paul will approach it more as a director saying "Here‘s what I need from you in this scene," even though he‘s an actor. I‘ve written and directed, and now acted a little bit. I did a small cameo in episode 10, so in a couple weeks will be the first time I‘ve been on camera. But, as a director, it‘s funny because I‘m coming to it having written the episode first, so I try to envision everything from a directorial standpoint when I‘m writing. Then I‘ll go to the actors and try not to be too rigid while also conveying exactly what I saw in my head. I think when actors direct, they‘re a little more free form and they‘re a little more respective of the acting craft. TV‘s a weird beast in the fact that we have so many freelance directors come in. Out of 21 episodes this year, we‘ll probably have 15 different directors, so what‘s weird is you‘re dealing with actors who are on their 80th episode of the show who inhabit those characters in a great way and know those characters really well, and then you‘re bringing in a director whose going to direct them whose maybe done one before, maybe a couple before, maybe none. And there has to be a trust factor between the two of them. So I think having the actors direct, the ones that aspire to do it and will obviously be good at it, I always felt Moira would be good at it, I think that shorthand and that trust factor between them and the cast is a little stronger than it might be even with someone like me.Part 1 / 2 / 3This interview is the fourth in a series of BuddyTV interviews with the creators, writers, and producers behind many of TV‘s hit shows. Thus far, we‘ve featured an interview with Hank Steinberg (creator of The Nine), an interview with David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik (the creators of The Class), and an interview with David S. Rosenthal (new Head Writer/Executive Producer of Gilmore Girls). Read more »
In our exclusive interview with Mark Schwahn, head writer and creator of One Tree Hill, he told us his plan for next season of One Tree Hill. He wants to fast forward five years into the future, once all the characters are done with college and back in Tree Hill. This is both groundbreaking and obvious. Why hasn‘t anyone done this before? College years of high school shows never work, never retaining the magic of the high school days. Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
Any girl can possibly melt with Chad Michael Murray‘s dreamy eyes and model-like body. This 25-year old actor reaches a huge fragment of success as he stars in the popular drama series One Tree Hill. Often recognized by teen award giving bodies, this hunk positively draws attention worldwide.  Read more »
Sophia Bush emanates radiance and charisma the moment she goes on camera. As one of the eye candies in the showbiz world, she smoothly graces varied grounds ranging from print, to television and ultimately on film. Moreover, her inclusion in the drama series One Tree Hill has added much fascination for this young actress‘ glory. Read more »
If you‘re a big fan of One Tree Hill fan and pay attention to the online rumor mongering and general discussion, you‘re probably well aware of the "spoiler" I‘m about to discuss. Even if you read our exclusive interview with One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, you‘ll know what I‘m talking about. It concerns the writers‘ plans for the next season (the fifth) of One Tree Hill. Nevertheless, if you don‘t want the surprise ruined, read no further. Although I won‘t be relaying any specific plot information, this plan, if they go through with it, will greatly impact the direction of the show. I was watching a rerun of Buffy the Vampire Slayer the other morning and it made me revisit our interview with Mark Schwahn. It was the 5th or 6th season of Buffy and she was out of high school. It was in the midst of the "college years". The episode was fine (it was about witches), but it made me think of how superior the high school years were to the subsequent college seasons. Unfortunately, this is a universal TV phenomenon. Read more »
One of People Magazine‘s Sexiest Men Alive in 2006, James Lafferty effortlessly turns heads with his chiseled body and his gorgeous face. With abundant talent in basketball, this babe magnet fascinates spectators on and off screen. He is one of the few young actors who exuded sexiness at a very young age, a reputation that leaves steamy images in the minds of the viewers. Currently, he plays Nathan Scott on CW‘s One Tree Hill. Read more »
Incandescent in her own beauty, Hilarie Burton shows that she has what it takes to make it far in the entertainment industry as she takes on a number of projects even without experience. This blonde hottie ultimately landed a spot on the hit television series One Tree Hill and subsequently became known as the crowd’s favorite. Read more »
Tonight, One Tree Hill was rocked by a sex tape scandal.  Read that last sentence again.Think about it. Okay.  Now, if you‘re like me, this news does not shock you.  The fact that high schoolers would make a sex tape, be foolish enough to not destroy it, and then have it accidentally be shown at a high school party seems entirely plausible.  Sex tapes have become normal, common, even helpful in our society.  But, shouldn‘t we be shocked?  To be clear, I don‘t have my soap box with me; I‘m not a crusader and I‘m not going to preach.  I just find it interesting (and kind of funny) that I‘m not shocked at the audacity of a high school drama employing a sex tape as a plot device. Read more »
One Tree Hill won‘t be airing a new episode until March 28th and, considering there isn‘t much in the way of One Tree Hill news out there, it seems like as good a time as any to discuss the show‘s prospects of getting picked up for another season.  The points in One Tree Hill‘s favor are many: it has a loyal legion of hardcore fans, it‘s already been on for four seasons, its popularity hasn‘t waned, and the show, creatively, is as good as ever.  That last point is arguable, but from the One Tree Hill fans I know, the word is that this year has been as good as ever.  One Tree Hill has been on the verge of cancellation since it first hit the air.  The ratings have always straddled the line between acceptable and disappointing.  After every season, it‘s been a question whether or not One Tree Hill would be picked up for another season.  That kind of stress has to wear on a cast and crew.  So, One Tree Hill may not be the most profitable show on TV.  But, who cares? Read more »
One Tree Hill fans have to have the most ridiculously passionate fan base of any show on TV.  Seriously, just go look at the One Tree Hill wikipedia page.  It‘s insane.  They have separate pages for every single character whose ever been on the show.  They have full season recaps.  What is it going to take for the CW to renew One Tree Hill?  It should be a no-brainer.  I‘ve discussed this topic far too much already, so let‘s move on to happier subject.  Bryan Greenberg, who One Tree Hill fans know as Jake Jagielski, is starring in a brand new TV show that‘s set to premiere March 15th. The show is called October Road, and Bryan plays the lead character Nick Garret, who comes back to his small hometown after a decade long absence.  He returns after becoming a famous screenwriter, and hopes his original home can help cure his writer‘s block.  Read more »
Finally, finally, One Tree Hill returns with a new episode one week from today.  It‘s been a long time for all you fans out there, and if you combine this long wait with the fact that One Tree Hill has yet to be renewed for another year, you get some tense times for the fans.  I‘ve written extensively on the issue of One Tree Hill‘s possbile fifth season, but time is running short.  The cast and crew of One Tree Hill either have filmed, are filming, or are very close to filming this season‘s finale.  So, what‘s the deal?  When is The CW going to announce whether or not One Tree Hill will be renewed for another season?  Won‘t that decision affect what happens in the season (possibly series) finale?  Well, the way One Tree Hill plans to do a possible fifth season, they shouldn‘t have to alter anything. Read more »
One Tree Hill producers Michael Tollin and Brian Robbins’ latest big screen production project, Wild Hogs, has done well in both national and international box offices, having made close to $200 million worldwide. The film opened at the top in various European countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia. It stole the number one spot from the British comedy film, Mr. Bean’s Holiday, but its reign was brief, as results from the French box office indicated that Holiday had brought in $2.7 million, well over the expected figure of $800,000. Despite the poor reviews the film received from critics around the nation, the film has proven to be another successful venture for Tollin and Robbins, who are also credited as executive producers of the popular WB drama series, One Tree Hill. The two producers are the founders of their very own production company aptly called Tollin/ Robbins, and their collaborative efforts have spawned hit shows for the Nickelodeon network, namely All That, The Amanda Show and Kenan & Kel. Read more »
No, we really mean it this time. One Tree Hill returns tonight, May 2, with a brand new episode, entitled “You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love.” It’s the night of the prom - what will happen to Peyton, held hostage in her own home by stalker Derek (Matt Barr)? To refresh your memory, here’s The CW‘s description, though it’s still the same as it was in March when we first brought it to you:“It will be an unforgettable Prom at Tree Hill High when Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) discovers who was in the hallway when Keith (Craig Sheffer, who does not appear in the episode) was killed. Meanwhile, Peyton‘s (Hilarie Burton) decision to skip Prom leads to dire consequences. Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley (Bethany Joy Galoetti) vow to be romantic teenagers at Prom, while Dan (Paul Johansson) tries to win Karen‘s (Moira Kelly) affections, as the witness to his murder closes in.”  Read more »
The first of the final six episodes of One Tree Hill‘s fourth season hits the air tonight, and in honor of this much-anticpated event (for One Tree Hill fans, at least), we sat down with Mark Schwahn (creator/executive producer of One Tree Hill) and Joe Davola (executive producer of One Tree Hill) to talk about the show.  This is the second time we‘ve talked to Mr. Schwahn, and a lot has happened since we last spoke.  In this interview, we discuss the show‘s future (which looks pretty good, fans), the proposed four-year jump ahead for season five, and what‘s in store for the remainder of season four.Below you will find both the written transcript of the interview, as well as the full mp3 audio. Read more »
The 2007 remake of the horror film, The Hitcher, came out on DVD on Tuesday, May 1st, boasting of a variety of special features, including aptly named featurettes like Road Kill: The Ultimate Car Crash, Fuel Your Fear: The Making of The Hitcher, Chronicles of a Killer and Dead End, and the usual deleted scenes. It was retailed at $20.99, while the HD/ DVD combo was priced at $39.98. The film, which stars One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush as Grace Andrews, Sean Bean as the hitcher and Zachary Knighton as Jim Halsey, is Dave Meyers‘ directorial debut and follows the story of a young couple who find themselves on the run for their lives after they encounter a maddened hitchhiker named John Ryder. Meyers, who is known mostly for directing music videos and commercials, told about his experience of working with Bush, who plays Brooke Davis on the WB series, One tree Hill. “I met her and we really got along great,” he said. “I thought she emotionally was really present for horror acting. I thought she really brought a whole level that you don’t really get. It was emotional and engaging.” Read more »
This week’s episode of One Tree Hill is one residents of Honey Grove, Texas have been anticipating for months. Why is this episode special to them? It was shot almost entirely in their town.Eight high school students from Honey Grove won the "Sunkist Brings One Tree Hill To Your Town" contest. Out of two thousand videos submitted, theirs was chosen, probably because they not only showed that they were enthusiastic about the show, but showed off their town’s potential as a shooting location. Read more »
On One Tree Hill, Lee Norris plays Mouth, one of the show‘s most beloved characters.  Lee got his start in show business at a young age, acting in numerous television shows, including The Torkelsons and Boy Meet World.  Mouth has had one heck of a season on One Tree Hill, as fans can attest.  Lee took some time to speak with us at BuddyTV  recently, and we discussed his recent experience on the set, the proposed time jump going into next season, and the stress of being on the bubble.Below, you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
One Tree Hill has been renewed for a fifth season on The CW, according to a report in Variety. The CW releases its official upfronts for next season tomorrow, but made an early announcement of the renewals of One Tree Hill, Supernatural, and Smallville. Four episodes are still left to air in the fourth season of One Tree Hill, including “Ashes of Dreams You Let Die,” set to air next week, and “The Birth and Death of the Day” and “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone,” which will presumably air before the middle of June. Tonight’s episode is called “The Runaway Found.” Beware of spoilers below.  Read more »
It was clear from the One Tree Hill finale that the creators were excepting a cancellation over their eleventh hour renewal (thought by many to be a result of the Girlmore Girls contract snafu.)  The One Tree Hill  finale was full of self-fulfilling beginnings and ends to situations which leave plenty of room for plenty of new story material when the show returns mid-season. Read more »
According to a friend of former One Tree Hill guest star John Cates, Chad Michael Murray strong armed the producers to get rid of Cates after he began to suspect the star was flirting with Murray’s ex-wife and Co-star Sophia Bush.  All this in the wake of Murray and Bush’s tumultuous five month marriage falling apart due to rumors of Murray fooling around with Paris Hilton, and during the time that Murray was engaged to a teenage One Tree Hill extra.  Somewhere, there is a whole new show in all of this. Read more »
Fueled by the season finale of America‘s Next Top Model and season high ratings for One Tree Hill, The CW saw its best night of ratings in its short-lived existence. America‘s Next Top Model has proved to be the rookie network‘s go-to show, easily its highest ratings earner week in and week out. Now, however, with this cycle ending and the show not slated to reappear for a couple months, the CW will need to find its audience elsewhere.That One Tree Hill earned its highest ratings night of the year is no surprise. The teen drama was coming off its highly anticipated State Finals episode that left its audience with an almost unbearable cliffhanger. Hopefully, it can keep up this momentum even when it (momentarily) loses its Top Model lead-in.  Read more »
One Tree Hill began this season, its fourth, by equally its highest ratings from the previous year, attaining a 2.5/4 rating for the season premiere. Since then, however, things have gone from hopeful to depressingly murky.  Read more »
Well, I know there‘s been a relative dearth of One Tree Hill content here on BuddyTV, but we‘re going to change that, starting yesterday with our exclusive interview with Mark Schwahn, creator/executive producer of One Tree Hill. Mark also wrote last night‘s epic episode, which I‘m sure will go down as one of the fan‘s all-time favorites.Sorry, if I‘ve spoiled it for anyone but, yeah, Tree Hill won the state championship. Although, they did fake out the audience pretty good, using an old radio broadcast to make it seem, from the beginning of the episode, that they had actually lost. Clever. Read more »
On one hand, the One Tree Hill finale was probably one of the best ‘series‘ finales ever made.  It tied up just the right things, while leaving just the right things open and unresolved.  Then it got renewed.   One Tree Hill fans aren‘t going to complain about that fact, of course, but what to do now that the show must go on?  Jump into the deep future, of course.  A move that has some fans feeling a little unsteady, and for good reason. Read more »
Sophia Bush, one of the principle cast members on One Tree Hill, will be returning on the silver screen with director François Velle’s drama movie called The Narrows.  The film, which is currently in postproduction stages, is slated for release in 2008.In The Narrows, Bush will be playing the role of Kathy Popovich, joining Kevin Zegers as Mike Manadoro and Vincent D‘Onofrio as Vinny Manadoro.  Written by Tatiana Blackington and Tim McLoughlin, the movie explores themes of suspense, murder and loyalty as it evolves with a coming-of-age story based on the novel entitled Heart of the Old Country. Read more »
One Tree Hill producers are looking to form a new basketball team for next season, from real high school basketball players.   The production set up an open audition in North Carolina looking for players from eighteen to twenty five to form the Tree Hill Ravens for One Tree Hill‘s mid season return.  In case you didn‘t know, the show will be jumping five years into the future, so all of the actors who played team members will need to be replaced, even the extras. Read more »
Fans of Danneel Harris have something to look forward to besides the upcoming season of One Tree Hill.  The 28-year-old actress will also be featured in the comedy movie Harold & Kumar 2, which is a sequel to the 2004 film Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.The One Tree Hill actress plays Vanessa and will be joining John Cho and Kal Penn as they reprise their roles as Harold Lee and Kumar Patel respectively. Read more »
Best known to One Tree Hill fans as Coach Whitney Durham, Barry Corbin kept busy in between seasons of the show by heading to the big screen.  Corbin has completed four films alone set for release in the next year.  His most high profile movie comes from Oscar-winner Paul Haggis‘s film, In The Valley of Elah.  The movie boasts an all star cast including Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, James Franco, Jason Patric, and Susan Sarandon.Written and directed by Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby), In The Valley of Elah is a story about a young soldier who mysteriously goes AWOL for four days after returning from the front lines of Iraq.  His father (Jones) and mother (Sarandon) hire a police detective (Theron) to help track him down.  His father finds out that his son was murdered and goes on a mission trying to piece together what led to his untimely death.  The movie was inspired by a 2004 Playboy magazine article written by Mark Boal.  In The Valley of Elah is set for a September 14 release date. Read more »
One Tree Hill is on the lookout for an older audience.  The jump into the future for many was the only way to go when the show delivered what was essentially a series finale.  Where would you pick up from dramatically when most of the loose ends were neatly tied up.  The problem with jumping five years ahead, is you can no longer point the show at its previous target demographic.Virtually all of the characters will be moving on to more adult lifestyles, situations and problems.  There will still be the allure of the high school sports motif, but this time through the lens of an aging local hero who is now the coach.   From here on out, the One Tree Hill gang is looking for an older, more mature audience.  But where does that bring the late arrivals? Read more »
One Tree Hill fans who live local to the shooting have been relentless in uncovering and reporting spoiler after spoiler as production of the fifth season moves forward.  Now on the second episodes, the local snoops have so far been able to assemble a very good picture of what the first episode will look like.  Warning, this is a little beyond the level of your average TV Guide listing and may contain details some would consider major spoilers. Read more »
One Tree Hill has some serious issues: its own nosy fans.  The first episode of One Tree Hill‘s new season has already been spoiled down to the finite details, including what everybody is wearing for a hair do.  So what does the rest of the season hold?  As a mid season show, One Tree Hill may have as many as 12 episodes in the can by the time it begins airing season 5.  Those 12 episodes could be just as spoiled by that time. Read more »
Filming has begun for One Tree Hill‘s fifth season, which, as previously reported, takes place four years after high school graduation.  The next time viewers tune in to the series, the characters will be fresh out of college and already in their twenties.  Actor Lee Norris has no problem with the direction the show is taking, and believes fans will not be disappointed. “This season is more exciting than usual because they have done a time jump…  It‘s really reenergized my interest in the character and the show, and I think it will do the same for our fans,” he told independent entertainment writer Aaron Guerra. Read more »
Kevin Federline has officially won primary custody of Britney Spears‘ spotlight, for the moment.  The fledgling rapper has – thankfully – abandoned his recording career for the moment to pursue a more apt gig, playing a cocky wannabe rock star on One Tree Hill.  News of the former Mr. Britney Spears‘ latest acting gig spread faster than then that strange "Popozao" hand dance video K-Fed placed on YouTube last year. Read more »
One Tree Hill producers have set the record straight on why Kevin Federline is getting a small arc on the CW:  he‘s just that talented.  That‘s right, forget any notions that One Tree Hill or the CW are trying to cash in on Mr. Federline‘s nefarious rep for a bit of buzz in the ‘low‘ end of the hype spectrum, it turns out the erstwhile Mr. Britney Spears is just that good of an actor. Read more »
In an effort to make a difference, One Tree Hill‘s Sophia Bush joined the efforts of the Surfrider Foundation and Barefoot Wine to make the Wrightsville Beach "barefoot friendly."The 25-year-old actress, along with more than 100 volunteers consisting of students, surfers and other celebrities, pitched in to pick up trash on the beach and in the water.  Moreover, they walked miles to collect bottles, cigarette butts, cans, and other remains that can cause destruction with the wildlife and make the beach look filthy. Read more »
One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush, dominated this year‘s Teen Choice Awards, taking home a total of three awards: Choice Breakout Female in a Movie, Choice Actress in a Horror/Thriller Movie for The Hitcher, and Choice Actress in Comedy Movie for John Tucker Must Die.This is not the first time Sophia Bush has graced the teen-centered awards ceremony.  She was first nominated for a Teen Choice award in 2005, for her portrayal of Brooke Davis on the CW‘s One Tree Hill.  She was again nominated for the role the following year, but failed to capture the award on both occasions.  This year, she did not receive a nomination for the series. Read more »
Kevin Federline‘s first impression with the public was, to say the least, not a good one.  He left his pregnant girlfriend for Britney Spears, who has been in a downward spiral for quite some time now.  He released a rap album that was killed by critics and bought by hardly anyone.  His attempts to poke fun at himself, in a Super Bowl fast food ad, didn‘t get him many laughs.  But Federline has tried in recent times to change our opinion of him.  He has helped try to clean Britney up and has been fighting to take responsibility of their children.  He landed a small role on CSI last year and will be seen on the upcoming season of One Tree Hill.  Fans are mixed to the casting but perhaps we should all give Federline a break and see if he can pull this off.  Here are the top three reasons to give the guy a chance. Read more »
While the filming of One Tree Hill season 5 is currently underway, show production designer Alan Hook shares some set-production details that will hopefully entice viewers for the upcoming season. For four seasons, fans have seen the characters‘ respective bedrooms and how each of their spaces reflects their personality.  But for season 5, there will be some major changes and several new sets to accommodate the new drama waiting to be unfold. Read more »
One Tree Hill fans can breathe a sigh of relief, the season 4 set is in the can and will be released… eventually.  Initial reports had the release date set for January 1, 2008, but TvShowsonDVD is currently reporting that date as incorrect.  As for the set itself, it‘s the standard fair for a television box set:  All the episodes, some extras and more.  Why is it being released so late, you ask.   The reason is very simple. Read more »
Despite the fact that some online retailers have posted One Tree Hill’s complete fourth season DVD for release on September 25th, fans are in fact going to have to wait a little bit longer for the set.  Since One Tree Hill was renewed as a mid season show, the DVD release will be times more towards the beginning of its new run to help promote the season. Read more »