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Last season, My Name is Earl left viewers with Earl Hickey (Jason Lee) taking the blame for ex-wife Joy Turner (Jaime Pressly) for stealing a truck and ending up getting sentenced to two years in prison.  But as the third season takes the series in an extremely fresh direction, fans will see a very comical spin on prison life, as well as some sidesplitting action outside the penitentiary. Read on for more My Name is Earl spoilers. Read more »
On Thursday, October 18, Earl gets the opportunity to explore a different side of himself on a new episode of NBC‘s My Name is Earl.  Originally, the episode was slated to air on October 25, but for some yet-to-be known reason, the network has decided to broadcast it a week earlier.  This has left “Frank‘s Girl,” the episode featuring former Charmed actress Alyssa Milano as a guest star, with no confirmed air date, although chances are it will be shown the following week. So what side is it exactly that Earl will explore? Read on for plot spoilers. Read more »
Jaime Pressly, who took home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress last month for her work on My Name is Earl, has reached another career milestone.  On Monday, Pressly debuted her newly expanded contemporary collection from her two-year-old clothing line, J‘aime. Originally, Pressly‘s clothing line consisted of a simple knit collection, but has now expanded to include ready-to-wear items made from an array of fabrics, such as washed linen, cotton voile, stretch cotton sateen, chiffon and eyelet.  Further marking the growth of her clothing company, Pressly recruited European designer Renee Bardot to help bring her visions to life. Read more »
Tonight, Charmed actress Alyssa Milano will begin her multi-episode arc on the NBC comedy series, My Name is Earl.  Contrary to what was previously reported, Milano‘s character is named Billie Cunningham, not Samantha.  However, she will be serving as a possible love interest for the show‘s protagonist, who is currently behind bars.“I play Billie, who starts out as the girlfriend of Michael Rapaport‘s Frank, who is friends with Earl [Jason Lee] in prison,” Milano, who is expected to appear in My Name is Earl at least until December, told TV Guide.  “You sort of feel a connection between my character and Earl, but then they go their separate ways.” Read more »
Proving that a show can stay interesting even when its main character is in prison, My Name is Earl has remained one of the most consistent sitcoms on TV. Moving along into its third season, Earl, still continuing his quest to appease karma despite being locked up, attempts this week to help his friend, Frank, reunite with the love of his life, played by Alyssa Milano. Back in the free world, Joy‘s feud with Catalina reaches new heights with Darnell trapped in the middle. Read more »
This week, My Name is Earl made an interesting choice for its special, one-hour episode by barely featuring its title character at all. Instead we get a flashback of sorts, as we view a supposed Cops rerun from several years before our hero set off on his quest of redemption. As the Cops cameras go throughout Earl‘s town, just about every supporting cast member is featured, and we get a bit of history about the characters‘ pasts as well as some social commentary of the times. Read more »
Picking off where last week‘s episode left off, My Name is Earl this week has Earl and Randy‘s try to find their former friend and escaped convict, Frank. The Hickey brothers‘ search is overshadowed, however, when Joy finally gives birth to her sister‘s baby.We start off in the prison. Randy and Earl have just discovered that their old friend Frank has escaped from prison. Wanting to make sure to save his own reputation, the warden has tasked the two with retrieving Frank and allows both to leave the prison as long as they promise to not involve the police. Still angry at each other, the brothers decide to try and work past their differences and team up to find the convict and bring him back. Earl starts by interviewing Frank‘s partner in crime and quickly finds that before he was arrested, Frank hid a large amount of cash in the trailer that Joy now lives in. Read more »
My Name is Earl could have done it this week. They had the story laid out, the premise set and the characters developed enough that they could have easily set everything back to the way it was. Earl would have been believably released and he could be back on the streets checking items off his list by the end of the episode. But they didn‘t.In last night‘s episode, Earl continued his new mission of getting enough credits from the warden to get out of prison as soon as possible. This time, the challenge came in the form of a program the warden promised to the public, where one of the inmates is given the opportunity to reconcile with the people he wronged. Of course after making his pledge, the warden quickly realizes that he has no idea how to go about arranging the reconciliation, so he tasks the project to Earl, with the promise of knocking an entire 6 months off his sentence, effectively giving a mere 10 days left in the slammer. With the help of his brother Randy, as always, Earl goes through the files to find the perfect inmate to use for the highly publicized program. Read more »
This week on My Name is Earl, despite the warden‘s original promises for a pre-empted release from jail, it looks like Earl (Jason Lee) will have to rely on his and his friends‘ own ingenuity to actually get out of prison. Find out what becomes of our unconventional, antithetical hero as we deliver spoilers for the episode entitled “Bad Earl.” Read more »
The day of Earl Hickey‘s release finally arrives in this week‘s My Name is Earl, but not actually in the way many may think. You see, according to the deal he struck with the warden back at the beginning of the season, Earl has been earning time-off certificates for helping the warden out with various tasks and finally Earl has accumulated enough award time to be set free. So, we open the show with Earl saying goodbye to his inmate friends and beginning what he believes to be his final walk down the prison hallway. Outside, Joy, Darnell, Catalina and, of course, Randy are all waiting to greet their newly released friend. When Earl finally makes it to the front gate, however, he is greeted with some unfriendly news. Apparently the warden was so impressed with Earl‘s natural talent of getting things done, that he decided that he needed to keep him around and shredded all of his time-off certificates. Read more »
Earlier today, NBC announced its Thursday night schedule for the month of January.  With the strike decimating NBC‘s must-see comedies, Thursday nights in early 2008 are not going to look very familiar.  This NBC announcement also reveals when the final episodes of 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, Scrubs and ER will air.  The NBC two-hour comedy block on Thursdays will be reduced to one hour in early 2008 to make room for The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition.   Read more »
ABC really wants to torpedo the premiere of The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition.  Following NBC‘s announcement that they were moving back The Celebrity Apprentice‘s premiere one week (from January 3 to January 10) to avoid college football and the final pre-strike episode of Grey‘s Anatomy, ABC announced today that they were moving back the final pre-strike episode of Grey‘s Anatomy to December 10 as well.  Both shows are set to air at 9pm.  Both of these announcements are accompanied by major shuffling of air dates for ABC and NBC shows.  Here‘s a look at where the final pre-strike episodes of some of ABC and NBC series will now fall.  Read more »
After spending an entire season in prison, Earl finally celebrates his first day out of the slammer in tonight‘s My Name is Earl. Unfortunately , despite a "Welcome Back" party, Earl doesn‘t quite come back to the life he was expecting after being released and struggles with his role now that he‘s supposedly paid his debt to society, and karma as well. He quickly meets up with his old crime buddy, Ralph (Giovanni Ribisi) and is soon back to his old ways, much to the disappointment of his friends and peers. Read more »
If wishes really could come true, I believe that we‘d never see the likes of Paris Hilton or Kevin Federline on our television screens again.  However, we live in a world where wishes are nothing but wasted breath, which is why K-Fed just finished up a three episode arc on One Tree Hill and Paris Hilton will soon be appearing on NBC.  Yes, the network announced today that the airheaded heiress will be embarrassing herself on the one hour return of My Name is Earl on April 3.  The episode, entitled "I Won‘t Die With A Little Help From My Friends," finds Earl unconscious and seeing various things from the real world in his comatose state.  One of the things that pops up in Earl‘s mind is Paris Hilton, who will be playing herself in the episode. Read more »
Previously on My Name is Earl, Earl Hickey (Jason Lee) was finally set free after spending the first part of the season in prison.  Unfortunately, his freedom was short-lived as he was hit by a car.  When we last saw him, he was lying on the road unconscious, along with the person who hit him who turns out to be his potential soul mate Billie (Alyssa Milano).Tonight‘s one-hour episode, “I Won‘t Die With a Little Help From My Friends,” marks the return of My Name is Earl in its original Thursday schedule.  Read on for a preview. Read more »
After the long hiatus, My Name Is Earl finally returns with an hour long second-half-of-the-season premiere. Following suit with the beginning of the season, it again had various guest stars, not only featuring Alyssa Milano as Earl‘s love interest, but also giving us Carrie Aizley and Paris Hilton.We open with the NBC President taking time to give us a quick recap of what happened prior to the writer‘s strike, taking care to poke fun at the writers with some jabs undoubtedly scripted by the writers themselves. Read more »
Last week on My Name is Earl, Earl was left in a coma and trapped in his TV Land subconscious, leaving it up to Randy to finish off his list for him. This week, Randy and Joy take their first stab at the karma list. Using Earl‘s drool to choose their task, they select an incident where he and Randy stole a motorcycle. The owners of the bike turn out to be the hosts of American Chopper.In Earl‘s coma dream, he is greeted with the wonderful news that his imaginary wife, Billie (Alyssa Milano) is pregnant with their baby. Accidentally eavesdropping on a phone conversation with their make-believe neighbor, Joy, Earl believes them to be talking about an affair Billie is having with another man. In typical sitcom fashion, this misunderstanding leads to some outrageous circumstances and ends up foreshadowing Randy and Joy‘s real-life adventure. Read more »
Happy holidays, everyone!I know what I‘m doing during the holidays, and that is catching up on all my favorite shows that I‘ve missed this fall.  NBC Rewind is making it easy for me to do that because I can watch all my favorite shows online at  (I‘ve missed a few episodes of Chuck, so that‘s first on my list to watch on Rewind.)NBC is also helping us celebrate the holidays here at BuddyTV by providing us with a gift pack that includes Heroes season 1 on DVD, plus many more fun items!  Read on to see what you can win! Read more »
This week‘s My Name Is Earl, again starring Alyssa Milano as Earl‘s make-believe wife, gives us the conclusion of the "Earl in a coma" saga. Unconvinced that his good deeds will succeed in rising his brother out of his coma, Randy takes Earl out into the world to allow him to his own list item. With nothing but the best intentions, Randy searches frantically for a list-item Earl can accomplish himself, despite being unconscious. Read more »
Before we get into this week‘s My Name is Earl, which featured Jon Heder, let‘s recap what‘s happened in the season so far. We started off with Earl in prison after admitting to a crime he didn‘t commit in order to protect his ex-wife and the unborn baby she was carrying. Once inside, he struck a deal with the warden to work off his time through various tasks, lost all of certificates and, eventually, just escaped. In escaping, however, he was officially pardoned for his crimes, where he promptly gave up his list and was struck by a car. After spending weeks in a coma, leaving his brother, Randy, to finish his karma list for him, he wakes up from a lifetime-long dream where he married his dream girl, Billie (Alyssa Milano), decides to seek her out, finds her and promptly marries her. So basically he went from an inmate to a disillusioned criminal to a coma patient to a married man in one season. That‘s quite a jump from the first three seasons of Earl merely scratching another item off his list each episode. Read more »
Previously on My Name is Earl, Earl awoke to the realization that he had to actually get to know Billie, the woman he just married.  It turned out that she wasn‘t his dream woman after all.  While he took Joy‘s advice to learn to live with the little annoyances, Earl found it impossible where karma was concerned. It seems that Earl has had the last straw after Billie asked him to shave his mustache.  Fans will see how this one turns out on tonight‘s season finale.  Read on for a preview. Read more »
It‘s been quite a season for My Name is Earl. Starting out the year in prison, lasting through a coma and finally getting married, Earl has been through a lot this past season. But, strangely, the one thing he hasn‘t had much time to do, is work through his list without interruption. In tonight‘s two-part episode, Earl was finally forced to rededicate himself to the task karma put him up to three years ago, even though it wasn‘t quite the in the manner he had hoped. Read more »
Today NBC announced a more detailed schedule for its Fall premieres, including a few changes. The Molly Shannon/Selma Blair sitcom Kath and Kim will move from Tuesdays to Thursdays, leaving room for The Biggest Loser to gain 30 extra minutes. Also, the new series America‘s Toughest Jobs from the producers of Ice Road Truckers, will premiere this Fall as opposed to next Summer, which NBC originally planned.Additionally, NBC announced premiere dates for all of its shows. Heroes is returning one week later than previously announced and 30 Rock fans will undoubtedly be upset, and with good reason. Read on to see the new NBC Fall 2008 schedule and premiere dates. Read more »