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The wait is finally over for Law & Order: SVU fans who have endured four long months without the crime drama series. Tonight, suspense and terror unfold as Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) attempt to crack a mind-boggling case with a disturbing twist. Created by Dick Wolf, Law & Order: SVU is a spin-off of Law & Order about the Special Victims Unit in the fictitious 16th Precinct of New York City as they try to solve cases that are references to high-profile real-life cases or famous fictional works.  Apart from lead stars Meloni and Hargitay, the series also features Richard Belzer (Det. John Munch), Ice T (Det. Fin Tutuola), Dann Florek (Capt. Don Cragen), Diane Neal (Casey Novak), and B.D. Wong (Dr. George Huang) just to name a few. Read more »
NBC‘s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is known for its dark and graphic storylines, mainly because the show features cases involving sexually-based crimes.  Despite this, the long-running crime drama continues to draw viewers, and series star Christopher Meloni believes this is due to the show‘s ability to shed light on a dark area. “These are the bogeymen, but now you get to see them and people, victims, have to know there is no shame in any of it [what happens to them],” Meloni told The Washington Post‘s Kathy Blumenstock.  “A woman came up to us [during a shoot] and said, ‘Thank you for signing my picture, and I love that you catch the bad guy because the guy who molested me didn‘t get caught.  I want you to know that [the show] is very healing.‘  That has happened to me at least 10 times, and it‘s guys and girls both who say it.  I feel privileged that they feel comfortable enough to share that with me.” Read more »
Previously, it was reported that Emmy-nominated actor Aidan Quinn (Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, The Book of Daniel) would be gracing NBC‘s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a guest star this season.  However, not much information was given about the actor‘s character nor the date of his appearance – until now, that is.  According to Spoiler TV, Quinn‘s episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, October 16, and for all those who are curious as to what his role on the episode is, continue reading. However, for those who live for surprises, this is the moment to turn away as some plot spoilers lie ahead. Read more »
On Saturday, October 13, Emmy award-winning actress Mariska Hargitay served as the keynote speaker at the third annual Virtua Health Women‘s Health Symposium, which was held at the Burlington County College Enterprise Center.  At the event, the Law & Order: SVU star gave a talk that revolved around women taking responsibility for their own health. More than 500 women attended the event, which offered participants sessions on everything from metabolism and knee replacements to loss of sex drive and spider veins.  Other health-related issues, such as screenings, smoking cessation education, and sun damage assessment, were also discussed at the event. Read more »
Previously, it was reported that The Ultimate Fighter 1 light heavyweight winner Forrest Griffin would be guest-starring on an episode of Law & Order: SVU, although no specific details were given regarding the nature of his inclusion on the show. However, late last week, various MMA websites began reporting that the 28-year-old mixed-martial artist will be appearing on the drama series on Tuesday, November 13, and that producers have tapped him for a “bad guy” role. For those who are not so familiar with Griffin, he most recently defeated PRIDE standout Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 76, and the victory has placed him near the top of the UFC‘s list of 205-pound contenders.  He is, however, still recovering from a recent shoulder surgery, which is expected to keep him sidelined for the remainder of the year. To learn more about Griffin‘s Law & Order: SVU episode, read on for spoilers. Read more »
After laying low for nearly a year, Janine Turner is set to make her comeback into the limelight.  Marking her return is an upcoming episode of NBC‘s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit where she just landed a guest spot as an activist in a story about stolen embryos.Currently in its ninth season, Law & Order: SVU is a police procedural series that chronicles the life of the elite Special Victims Unit of the New York Police Department as they explore hard-hitting crimes.  It stars Christopher Meloni as Det. Elliot Stabler, Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson, Richard Belzer as Det. Sgt. John Munch, Ice T as Det. Fin Tutuola, and Adam Beach as Det. Chester Lake, among others. Read more »
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is just one of a multitude of shows whose fates are hanging in the balance due to the ongoing writers‘ guild walkout.  Its showrunner recently met with his crew of over a hundred to express his concern and empathy for their plight, as he and fellow strikers continue picketing. Meanwhile, even as executive producer Neal Baer hasn‘t penned any new material for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit since the strike began, we have spoilers for a couple of episodes set to air tonight and the following week. Read more »
Tonight on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, the team looks into the case of a polygamist whose families appear to have become a target.  Find out in spoilers to the episode entitled “Snitch.”Also, the complete fourth season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit arrives today on DVD. Read more »
If the box office returns of his last few movies are any indication, I‘m not sure anyone is begging to see more of Robin Williams.  He‘s what I like to call a "horseradish actor," because a little bit of him goes a long way. Despite my opinion, somebody out there must be begging for a glimpse of the manic comedian, because it was recently announced that he‘ll be making a rare television appearance on the 200th  episode of Law & Order: SVU, airing April 29.  Since the show isn‘t exactly a laugh riot, Williams will be tackling a dramatic role, playing an engineer whose life has gone terribly awry.  Also showing up in April will be film actor Bill Pullman, who will play the love interest of Mariska Hargitay‘s character, Olivia Benson. Read more »
Every day, we here at BuddyTV will let you know all the new shows airing that night to help you plan your TV-viewing schedule. In addition, we’ll highlight two episodes we think are worth checking out to help diversify your love of TV.Tuesday is reality night. Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, Beauty and the Geek, Hell‘s Kitchen, American Idol, it’s all on tap tonight. But for reality TV that actually inspires, NBC is the network to watch tonight for the season finale of The Biggest Loser, followed by the post-strike return of Law and Order: SVU. Read more »
CSI‘s Gary Dourdan isn‘t the only actor departing from his regular television gig.  Diane Neal, popularly known as Casey Novak on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, has also decided to part ways by the season‘s end of the police procedural drama. "Diane spent five years on SVU and was a tremendous addition to the SVU team.  She is looking forward to new opportunities and she will be missed," a spokesperson for Law & Order: SVU confirmed. Read more »
It‘s barely been a week since we reported that Diane Neal is leaving Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  The dust hasn‘t even begun to settle from that announcement and already we have another cast member confirmed to ext the series at the end of this current season. Adam Beach, who plays detective Chester Lake, on Law & Order: SVU, has announced his departure from the show at the close of this ongoing season.  Similarly, Neal, who essays the role of Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Casey Novak will make her final bow when Law & Order: SVU finishes its 9th season next month. Read more »
Last month, BuddyTV reported that a couple of film stars will be joining Law & Order: SVU as guest stars for their 199th and 200th episode.  These film stars happen to be Bill Pullman and Robin Williams.  Pullman‘s episode entitled "Closet," featured him playing Curt Moss, an editor of a fictional New York newspaper who later surfaces as Olivia Benson‘s (Mariska Hargitay) new boyfriend.  Pullman‘s character got tangled up with Benson and the rest of the detectives in the Special Victims Unit after Benson tipped Moss off about Lincoln Haver‘s case.Tonight, another grueling episode of Law & Order: SVU will air, featuring Robin Williams as a good guy gone bad after losing the people loved the most. Read more »