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It‘s finally here, the second season of Jericho. Last season, nuclear bombs destroyed 23 major U.S. cities, and the residents of a small Kansas town banded together. Jake Green led Jericho into war with neighboring New Bern and the vast government conspiracy was closing in on Robert Hawkins.The episode begins with New Bern‘s leader Constantino in the Richmond house, surrounded by the military. Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) is brought in and lunges at Constantino, still holding a grudge over his father‘s death. Major Beck (Esai Morales) sits the two down. He‘s the new man in charge, and he‘s trying to end this border dispute that resulted in 136 people dead. Read more »
On last night‘s season 2 premiere of Jericho, fans saw Robert Hawkins (Lennie James) begin his new journey: stop the Cheyenne government by exposing its involvement in the terrorist attacks.   The remaining six episodes of this shortened season will hopefully bring a satisfactory conclusion to that storyline.BuddyTV spoke to Lennie James about this new season of Jericho.  Among the many topics discussed were the writers‘ original plan for a 22-episode second season, the two different endings they filmed for the last episode, depending on whether it‘s a season or series finale, and his awesome British accent.  Continue reading for the full transcript, and the mp3 audio file to hear how Lennie James really speaks. Read more »
The new season of Jericho premiered on Tuesday and chief among the most fascinating elements is the new government. I‘m just as intrigued by how a new government would form as I surmise the writers of Jericho are, and I suspect we‘ll see more about the beliefs and structuring of this as we move forward.For now, let‘s examine some of the more minor details, because, much as I love this show, there are some pretty big flaws I‘m finding, not including the notion that a junior senator from Wyoming apparently has the ability to launch a full-scale nuclear assault on two countries. Read more »
Amid the fighting, gunplay and vast government conspiracies on Jericho, the romance between Stanley Richmond (Brad Beyer) and Mimi Clark (Alicia Coppola) is a welcome distraction.  The comic foibles of a small-town farmer and a goal-oriented IRS agent is the perfect comic fodder to lighten an otherwise very heavy show.BuddyTV spoke to Alicia Coppola about the arrival of the second season of Jericho, Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS.  Coppola spoke about the new season, trying to learn sign language to communicate with Shoshannah Stern‘s Bonnie, and her strong desire for Mimi to hold a gun.  Continue reading for the full transcript as well as an audio clip of the interview. Read more »
Previously on Jericho: Major Beck began to rebuild Jericho, asking Jake Green to be the new sheriff. Robert Hawkins teamed with his wife and Chavez to reveal the Cheyenne government‘s involvement in the attacks to neutral Texas.Stanley (Brad Beyer) makes Mimi (Alicia Coppola) breakfast for her first day at work for Jennings and Rall. She‘s excited to return to a world of accounting and spreadsheets. They‘re happy with their boring life, which is a perfect cue for a helicopter to land on their front lawn. It‘s the advance team for President Tomarchio, and they want to use the Richmond farm as the location for the president‘s speech. Read more »
Only two episodes in, it‘s hard to get a handle on Major Beck, a central figure in the second season of Jericho. Played by Esai Morales, Beck is seemingly a toadie for Valente, a military man who obeys orders. But he also doesn‘t seem like an inherently bad guy, occasionally showing glimpses of respect for Jake Green and the job he does..BuddyTV spoke to Esai Morales about the new season of Jericho to get a handle on what may be up Major Beck‘s sleeve, if anything. Morales spoke about how he got the role, what it‘s like working on a cult hit show like Jericho, and his interpretation of his character. Continue reading for the full transcript of the interview, or listen to it. Read more »
Fourteen cast and crew members from the CBS series Jericho attended a panel at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention last Sunday, providing fans an opportunity to interact with the stars and producers of the apocalyptic drama.  Despite the appearance of stars like Kenneth Mitchell and Alicia Coppola, there was a distinct lack of nutty fans in the audience, and the small group that were there could manage only a handful of questions and a palpable lack of enthusiasm.  Jericho executive producer Jon Turteltaub cracked, "After this event today I‘ll be shocked if [Jericho] doesn‘t become enormous [in the ratings] -- with all 80 of you."Despite the low turnout and awkward atmosphere, the cast and crew of the series kept a jovial attitude and discussed their hopes for the future of Jericho. Read more »
Previously on Jericho: Mimi got a job working for the (probably) evil Jennings and Rall, Hawkins got proof of the government‘s involvement in the attacks, President Tomarchio was smarmy, and Goetz from Ravenwood came back into town. I hope he wasn‘t expecting a parade.A convoy pulls up to a military checkpoint in Indian Springs, Missouri. The leader of this road gang comes out, and it‘s…Dale Turner (Erik Knudsen), sociopath-in-training! He‘s trying to get to a trading post, but is turned around. Read more »
Before Tuesday‘s "Jennings and Rall" episode of Jericho aired, executive producer Carol Barbee appeared at WonderCon in San Francisco to discuss the fate of the series.  She mentioned that the ratings for the third episode of the season would likely determine whether or not CBS chose to produce more episodes beyond the seven that were already completed.  If the ratings swung upward from the previous week, that could bode well, but if they faltered then CBS would most likely refuse to order more episodes.  Well, the ratings are in:  Jericho pulled in 6.9 million viewers on Tuesday night, which is a 7.7 percent increase over its audience from the previous week, and a 2.9 percent increase over the season 2 premiere.  What could this mean for the future of the series? Read more »
Previously on Jericho: Goetz returned to town, but Jake Green won the first battle. Hawkins started to convince Major Beck that Valente and the Cheyenne government aren‘t all that great. Jennings and Rall employee Trish helped the town and promised to whisk Bonnie away to the big city, most likely to meet boys and experiment with drugs (which Shoshannah Stern already did on Weeds).Bad-ass Dale Turner (Erik Knudsen) does some shady dealings at Stanley‘s farm. Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) chastises him, and the next morning Goetz threatens to evict Dale from the store unless he registers with Jennings and Rall. Read more »
Jericho promised viewers a major death in last night‘s episode, and executive producer Carol Barber was on record as saying it would be “heinous.” In fact, many fans even predicted and expected it to happen. Sadly, that did nothing to lessen the emotional punch Jericho viewers experienced last night when Bonnie Richmond was killed.Indeed, it was as “heinous” a death as any fan could imagne. Bonnie, played by Shoshannah Stern, was such a sweet and innocent character, a lovable farm girl who was, in many ways, the only real family Stanley (Brad Beyer) had left. The fact that both the character and actress who played her are deaf only added to that innocence, a character so pure that it‘s impossible not to root for her. Read more »
The post-apocalyptic CBS drama Jericho has been wowing fans since it returned for a second season.  With only a total of seven episodes set to air, the series has been forced to ramp up the action and move things along at a breakneck pace.  The most recent episode of the series left viewers rocked by the unexpected death of Bonnie Richmond (Shoshannah Stern), who was gunned down while defending her home.  Now we have some spoilers for fans who want to know what to expect in the final three episodes of the season. Read more »
Previously on Jericho: Goetz and his men shot Mimi and killed Bonnie over some white-collar embezzlement. Elsewhere, Robert Hawkins slowly but surely continued to convince Major Beck the Cheyenne government is full of liars and criminals.They reshow the carnage after Ravenwood‘s assault on the Richmond farm, and damnit, Stanley (Brad Beyer) is breaking my heart. They discern it was Ravenwood, and Jake (Skeet Ulrich) orders protection for Mimi (Alicia Coppola). Major Beck is called away to New Bern, where someone set off a pipe bomb at the J&R office. Beck orders no retribution against Goetz. Read more »
The past two episodes of CBS‘ Jericho have not been easy to watch for fans of the post-apocalyptic drama.  First came the surprising death of Bonnie Richmond (Shoshannah Stern), who was shot and killed by Goetz while trying to defend her family‘s farm.  Then, in Tuesday night‘s episode, Bonnie‘s brother Stanley pointed a pistol at Goetz‘s head and pulled the trigger.  It was an extremely dark and morally questionable moment for a man who is usually looked at as one of the more upstanding characters on the show.BuddyTV readers haven‘t been able to stop talking about the shocking events of this week‘s episode.  Will Stanley‘s decision to deliver an eye for an eye bring even more trouble to the beleaguered townspeople, or was it ultimately the right thing to do? Read more »
Previously on Jericho: Goetz killed Bonnie, and in return, Stanley killed Goetz in a morally questionable act. Jericho and New Bern appeared to come to an agreement, seemingly united against the oppressive occupation of Ravenwood and J&R.Major Beck, none too pleased about the murder of Goetz, orders his men to round up the usual suspects: those being our main characters. They invade Mary Bailey‘s bar. Jake (Skeet Ulrich) and the Jericho Rangers are holed up and Stanley (Brad Beyer) wants to turn himself in. Read more »
Jericho has never been a feminist show. Sure, Emily (Ashley Scott) had a few big action moments in the first season, but overall, this is a show about men taking back their town and fighting against tyrannical oppression. Jericho is about the rebirth of the Founding Fathers, and in keeping with that tradition, women are relegated to the status of Martha Washington and Betsy Ross.This is not necessarily a criticism, just an observation. Clearly the action adventures of Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) and Robert Hawkins (Lennie James) are what drive the series.  But only one episode remains in the second season, and looking back through the first six episodes, I‘m left wondering: what is the purpose of these women? Read more »
Previously on Jericho: 28 episodes of rather entertaining television. Jennings and Rall, in conjunction with members of the Cheyenne government, executed a attack on the U.S. Mastermind John Smith now has the last bomb and is plotting to blow up Cheyenne. Jake Green and Robert Hawkins plan a road trip to stop this.Tonight is the series finale of Jericho. For real this time. Much as you may hope, I doubt CBS will un-cancel it again. On the bright side, the Jericho team was smart enough to foresee this tragedy and so they filmed two different endings. As such, at least we‘ll be getting some closure instead of a cliffhanger. Read more »
Good television shows die every day.  Well, maybe not every single day, but certainly every season.  One of the good shows that died last year was the post-apocalyptic CBS drama Jericho.  However, unlike most shows that get canceled and then disappear forever to DVD, Jericho was resurrected for seven episodes due to the tenacity of determined fans.  Over 40,000 pounds of nuts were sent to the network, and finally they relented and allowed Jericho to have a second season.Last week the network announced that they were canceling the show once again, and this time they gave the impression that no amount of nuts would change their minds.  Jericho simply hasn‘t pulled in many new viewers over the past seven weeks, leading CBS to believe that producing more episodes isn‘t a wise idea.  Will fans say their goodbyes to the show and let it go on its way, or is it time for another campaign? Read more »
Fans of Jericho knew heading into last night‘s series finale that there would be a good amount of closure. Though the seven-episode second season was filmed before the writers‘ strike, the Jericho writers, led by executive producer Carol Barber, created two endings for the finale: a cliffhanger in case it was picked up for a third season, and an alternate ending that provided closure if it wasn‘t.Jericho was cancelled once again, and so we got last night‘s finale in which Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) and Robert Hawkins (Lennie James) saved the day, which in this situation meant starting the Second American Civil War. What, you probably wonder, would the original ending have looked like? In a new interview with TVGuide‘s Matt Mitovich, Carol Barber clues fans in. Read more »
In this day and age, cancellation isn‘t always the final death blow for a television series.  Joss Whedon‘s Angel was dropped by the WB after five seasons, and is now playing out its sixth season in comic book form. Futurama was axed by FOX years ago, but has since returned in a series of DVD movies.  Firefly was given the boot by FOX after only a handful of episodes, then went on to make a splash as a major motion picture.  There are numerous examples of shows that somehow continued on after being killed, even if the networks had no desire to support them.Considering all of the storytelling options available, it seems quite possible that the recently canceled Jericho could return in some form.  The executive producers of the series are currently exploring all options, but we have the three best possibilities. Read more »
Fans of Jericho have been waiting for weeks to find out if CBS would order a third season of the series, and today the network finally made a decision.  Unfortunately, it‘s not the decision that fans were hoping for.  The network announced today that Jericho is officially canceled yet again, and this time they really mean it.The good news is that the producers of the post-apocalyptic drama shot two different endings to Tuesday‘s upcoming episode.  One ending would leave viewers with a cliffhanger in anticipation of a third season, while the other would tie things up a bit more.  Viewers will now be seeing the latter ending, but will it be enough?  Jericho star Skeet Ulrich recently told TV Guide that the last moments of the finale will leave fans "not terribly happy."To prepare viewers for the end of Jericho, we have some exciting promo pictures and hints on what to expect in the series finale. Read more »
I love how quickly most networks are releasing their DVD sets these days.  While seasons of Lost and Battlestar Galactica can still take many months to arrive in stores after airing season finales, shows like Friday Night Lights are released so quickly that you barely realize a season has ended by the time the DVDs hit the shelves.  I wish every season of television would go on sale so quickly, as waiting does nothing but make me cranky and impatient.If you happen to be an impatient Jericho fan, today is your lucky day.  CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment recently announced that the complete second season of Jericho will go on sale on June 17.  The seven episode set will even include the alternate ending that would have been shown had the series been picked up for a third season. Read more »
A couple of weeks ago, NBC officially announced that they would be bringing back Friday Night Lights for a third season thanks to a new deal with DirecTV.  Though the critically acclaimed drama gets low ratings, NBC found a way to make the show profitable by selling the rights to run original episodes to DirecTV.  The exciting agreement between the networks allows DirecTV to air the third season beginning in October, while NBC will repeat it in 2009.This last minute save of Friday Night Lights proved that there are still numerous ways to keep a low-rated show alive.  Now word has come out that Comcast may be interested in resurrecting Jericho in a similar deal.  Could the twice-canceled CBS drama rise from the dead yet again? Read more »
It‘s been a month since CBS officially axed Jericho for a second and most likely final time.  After allowing it an experimental seven-episode second season, the network once again deemed it necessary to send the series to oblivion. Although fans managed to undo Jericho‘s fate at the close of its maiden season via an onslaught of nuts hurled at the network powers-that-be, it doesn‘t appear any such campaign could sway the CBS bigwigs a second time.  Nina Tassler, CBS entertainment president, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and made a reference to Jericho while addressing the question of another show‘s fate. Read more »
When fans were able to bring back Jericho by bombarding CBS with tons of nuts, they thought they made an impression.  However, the series has now become double dead with the second season cut short after just seven episodes.  Fans were disappointed, and a few are still hopeful that they could pull off another save-the-show campaign.  The fact that the show was shut down twice says something about Jericho.  The low-rated show just can‘t survive on CBS. Nonetheless, some are hoping that Comcast will enter the picture and save the day--or the show, for that matter.  Recently, there have been talks that Comcast may enter a similar deal like that of DirecTV for another struggling but highly acclaimed show, Friday Night Lights.  But now that the future of Jericho is terribly bleak, the actors and actresses have resigned to pursuing other endeavors than waiting it off in the meantime. Read more »
Battlestar Galactica is still well into its final season, but before fans start mourning the loss, there‘s more news on the Ronald D. Moore spin-off Caprica. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paula Malcomson and Esai Morales have been cast as two of the leads in the new series.Malcomson, best known as the prostitute Trixie on HBO‘s Deadwood, will play the role of Amanda Grayston, a brilliant scientist, which Morales, most recently seen as Major Beck on Jericho, will play Joseph Adama, Bill‘s father.  In Caprica, Amanda and her husband pioneer the creation of the Cylons. In the pilot, their daughter Zoe is killed, but her DNA and consciousness live on as she is the prototype for the next step of humanity, the Cylon equivalent to Eve. Read more »
Regardless of what CBS says, it‘s beginning to look like nuts again.  The peanut protest in the name of Jericho‘s continued existence appears to be back, only this time, the nuts aren‘t headed for CBS but for Nielsen, the company responsible for measuring TV ratings. According to The Tampa Tribune, die-hard Jericho aficionados are scheduled to picket at noon today in front of Nielsen‘s local office in Oldsmar, in Pinellas County in Tampa Bay, Florida. Read more »
Sprague Grayden, well known for having either one of the best or one of the worst names in Hollywood, will play the daughter of the President of the United States on season 7 of 24.  Grayden, who most recently has been seen as regular on the now-defunct Jericho and in a recurring role on Weeds, will play the daughter of 24‘s new president, who will be portrayed by famed Broadway actress Cherry Jones.  As for Grayden‘s role on 24‘s seventh season, these things are shrouded in mystery.  Since it is 24, there‘s a good chance Gradyen‘s first kid character will be either be tortured, kidnapped, killed, kill someone, team up with Jack Bauer or all of the above.  Read more »
Dennis Hopper is very good at playing evil human beings.  One of his best, and most infamous scenes, came in the Quentin Tarantino-penned film True Romance, in which he faced off with Christopher Walken.  In that scene, which is far too racy too discuss here, Walken played to Hopper‘s character‘s inherent racism, eventually earning a mercy killing at the hands of Hopper and his mafia henchman.  I bring this up because Hopper has just been cast in the TV adaptation of Oscar-winning film Crash.  The cable channel Starz has ordered thirteen episodes of Crash.  The film focused on the topic of racism in modern-day Los Angeles, and will become only the second Best Picture winning film to be turned into a television show (the first was In the Heat of the Night).  Hopper will play a character named Ben, a maverick record producer.  Also joining the cast is Clare Carey, most recently seen in the now-deceased Jericho, who will Christine, a frustrated mother married to a real-estate developer.  Hopper has recently been on the television show E-Ring, as well as a small, but important role on the first season of 24. Read more »
After Jim Caviezel, Ian McKellen, and Ruth Wilson, among others, Lennie James, who appeared on the popular but canceled drama Jericho signed up to the AMC remake of the classic 1960s show The Prisoner.James, 42, who plays Robert Hawkins on Jericho, will play Number 147, a resident of the mysterious Village where a former secret agent, now known as Number 6, who will be played by Caviezel, finds himself imprisoned.  McKellen will play Number 2, the head of the Village and Number 6’s primary antagonist. Wilson will play Number 313, Jamie Campbell Bower is Number 11-12, while Hayley Atwell is also part of the project. Read more »
Just in time for the election, BuddyTV brings you our list of the 15 worst politicians from TV.<<PREVIOUS   |   NEXT>>By season 2 of Jericho, Gray Anderson became an honorable mayor, fighting for justice and the survival of America. But in the first season, he was the obnoxious rival to Johnston Green for the mayoral race. Anderson riled up the citizens and used fear to help get himself elected. He ran a dirty campaign and intimidated the people of Jericho into siding with him, and while he eventually did the right thing, we won‘t forget how he got elected. Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
Sera Gamble has been essential to the success of Supernatural over the past four seasons.  She‘s the woman responsible for writing some of the best episodes of the series, including "Jus in Bello," "Faith," "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Crossroad Blues."  Gamble has a knack for bringing to life the brotherly banter that Supernatural fans know and love, and soon she‘ll get to show off her talents in another sci-fi-themed drama.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gamble is co-creating and executive producing a new drama for Showtime entitled Syns.  Former Jericho consulting producer John McNamara is working with Gamble on the project, which centers on a world where humanlike synthetic organisms, known as Syns, are used for strange and unusual purposes. Read more »
After a compelling story-arc on HBO‘s Big Love, Oscar winner Sissy Spacek has decided to linger on the small screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 60-year-old actress has been cast as the on CBS‘ medical drama pilot that revolves around a "mobile team of volunteer doctors led by a driven visionary that travels the world and the U.S. helping those in need." Read more »
We may be in the middle of the summer, but shows are gearing up for the fall season and casting is fast and furious. Here are some of the big updates, including Skeet Ulrich‘s return to TV and some very notable guest stars.  Read more »
TV news in 300 delicious words or less ...Kara Wanted Off American IdolDespite her dad‘s sentiments about her disappointment of reportedly being cut loose as an American Idol judge (Fox still hasn‘t commented), Kara DioGuardi apparently has wanted off the show for a while. Read more »