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What do you get when you take The Apprentice, a grand and prolonged job interview for billionaire business magnate Donald Trump, and replace him with one of the richest hip-hop moguls in the country?  You get VH1‘s newest reality show I Want to Work for Diddy.Diddy may not be the Donald, but the rapper, record producer, actor, and clothing designer is not doing shabbily on the business end himself, amassing an estimated net worth of $346 million in 2006.  Moreover, unlike Trump who might only be famous for his hairdo, Diddy is a multiple Grammy winner and once dated Jennifer Lopez. Read more »
It seems like Donald Trump isn‘t the only one on the lookout for the ultimate assistant.  Sean “Diddy” Combs, who is best known as a rapper and music business mogul, is now spreading his wings even wider on his newest endeavor, which follows in the footsteps of the phenomenal The Apprentice.  I Want to Work for Diddy, Vh1‘s freshest reality series, sets the spotlight on 13 aspiring individuals who want to get the Diddy paycheck.  The reality series spawned by Diddy himself, will feature numerous emotional, physical and mental challenges that will put the contenders on the spot to see if they can handle the stress of being the assistant of one of the most successful men in the music industry.Following his self-produced Run‘s House and Making the Band, Diddy steps into the limelight once again and challenges contestants to brush up their skills and put it to the test. Read more »
Tonight, the season finale of the VH1 series I Want to Work for Diddy will end the first season of the reality competition which aims to find an assistant for Sean Combs.  Much like The Apprentice, the contenders are tasked to undergo a series of tough challenges that would prove how worthy they are to be Diddy’s personal assistant.Now that the show is coming to an end, VH1 sat down with two contestants who often got into each other’s nerves during the competition.  Read on to find out what Boris and Kendra have to say about each other. Read more »