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Grey‘s Anatomy begins with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) standing in her house of candles that she made for McDreamy. She is ready to begin her fairytale life with Derek, her "happily ever after," but she voiceovers that happily ever after doesn‘t happen. We cut to her rushing to the hospital where Derek is dying on an operating table after being hit by a bus. She screams and cries, but suddenly, we find out that it was all just a dream. Real-life Meredith jumps up from a nap in the on-call room, as her voiceover curses the person who invented "happily ever after." She rushes to a computer where Bailey, Derek, Hahn and the residents are all hovering. The national rankings for teaching hospitals is about to be released, and everyone is on edge to find out where Seattle Grace landed this year. Everyone is shocked and saddened to learn that they fell down to number 12 in the rankings, behind Cleveland Clinic of all places. Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy started its fifth season with a bang last night. So far, I‘m down with the addition of Kevin McKidd as Major McHottie to the cast. He‘s a welcome relief from all those milquetoast male types that Shonda Rhimes likes to write, but I‘m a little bit nervous that she might steer him too far toward the other end of the male macho continuum and make him too stereotypically manly.Each of the men on Grey‘s Anatomy seems to fulfill a single stereotype emanating from Shonda‘s brain, which leads me to wonder: does Shonda Rhimes even know any men? Read more »
If I could make one suggestion to Grey’s Anatomy, it would be to stop blatantly making the storylines of the patients at Seattle Grace mirror the lives of the doctors who are taking care of them. Meredith worries about moving in with Derek and meets a woman in her 60s who decides that she got bored with marriage and cheated with her best friend’s husband. Cue Meredith’s freakout. Izzie gets angry with Meredith over a silly comment she made to Alex but they witness two old friends making amends, they apologize to one another too. Alex tries hard not to let his “nice guy” side show but he can’t help but assist a woman who has run out of health care coverage. Coincidence? At this point, I think not… Read more »
As if Richard Weber wasn’t worried enough about the nation’s perception of Seattle Grace, what happens in Thursday night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy won’t help him at all. The hospital suffers from a plumbing leak, which begins to flood the hospital. The staff will have to work together to move patients and make sure that everyone is safe and taken care of. There’s still big issues in their personal lives that will keep them at least semi-distracted. George is getting prepared to retake his residency exam while Meredith and Derek sort through their relationship as they move in together. E! Online posted two clips this week, which give us insight to this week’s episode, “Here Comes The Flood”. Read more »
Grey’s Anatomy seems to be making several changes to the show this season, starting with the relationships of several characters. George and Izzie are dead (thank God) while Shonda Rhimes has promised to bring Derek and Meredith together and have it stay that way. In fact, the two are already moving together. It’s about time! New doctors are moving in and getting cozy at Seattle Grace, starting with Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt. Dr. Hunt is a military doctor on leave who finds romance with Dr. Cristina Yang. Entertainment Weekly reported this week that more docs will soon be heading the way of Seattle Grace, from interns to residents.** WARNING!  MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD! ** Read more »
After a week-long hiatus due to the vice presidential debates last week, Grey‘s Anatomy is all-new and back again this week. The two-hour season premiere set us up for a whole new, slightly more optimistic tone in the show. Everyone was disappointed to learn that Seattle Grace Hospital had fallen so low in the national rankings of teaching hospitals, but this was exactly the impetus that Chief Webber (James Pickens Jr.) needed to become a better teacher and a leader. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) continued to moved forward in their relationship, even making the decision to shack up together, but they are still rooted in reality enough to not take all the fun out of Grey‘s Anatomy.Meanwhile, of course, new romance is in the air with Hahn (Brooke Smith) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) trying out their new same-sex relationship and Major McHottie (Kevin McKidd) smooching Cristina (Sandra Oh). In this show, where couples seem to jump in an out of bed with each other as easily as lose my socks in the wash, I‘m wondering how long all of this will last. Will it all get washed away in the flood?Mild spoilers ahead. Read more »
Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) opens tonight‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy with Dr. Wyatt. She thinks she‘s finished with therapy because Derek‘s all moved in and she‘s happy about it. Way to make your entire life about a man, Mer. Dr. Wyatt knows better and says that although she‘s made a lot of progress, she‘s not done. But Meredith‘s all, "See ya! Wouldn‘t want to be ya!"Back at the ranch, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is indeed all moved in and pretty much taking over the place. He goes into Izzie‘s bedroom and starts planning out his new office after she and Alex move out. Wow, what a McDouchebag. This is news to Izzie and Alex (Justin Chambers). Meredith hasn‘t quite decided what she wants to do, however. Izzie (Katherine Heigl) bribes her with home-baked muffins anyway. Read more »
On Grey‘s Anatomy, it‘s bad enough that Seattle Grace Hospital has fallen from being one of the top teaching schools in the country to #12.  What didn‘t help matters was a leak in the hospital that ended up turning into a flood.  Dr. Bailey tried to warn Dr. Webber about the leaks throughout the hospital and get the surgical patients transported to area (and rival) hospitals like Mercy West and Seattle Presbyterian.  Dr. Webber refused to listen though and put people‘s safety at risk.  In order to turn things around, several things at Seattle Grace need to change and last night, Webber laid down the law and the new teaching protocol.  Here are the new rules and who they affect at Seattle Grace. Read more »
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Lexie is completely in love with George on Grey’s Anatomy – that is, unless you’re George. He’s so preoccupied with his own issues, both personal and professional, that he doesn’t even realize his new friend has some serious feelings for him. Dr. Sloane has noticed and doesn’t pass up an opportunity to take a dig at Lexie and call her “pathetic” for ignoring her work responsibilities in order to help George whenever she can. However, her photographic memory and superior research skills cause Mark to take a second look at her and it looks like these two may become friends. It seems, though, that there was even (dare I say) a spark? This hint at a romance between Mark and Lexie have caused BuddyTV to protest and this is one bandwagon I’m happy to jump on. Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy begins tonight at the frat house. Izzie (Katherine Heigl) interrupts Derek (Patrick Dempsey) in his bedroom, where he is inappropriately naked, save for a pillow covering his privates. He‘s waiting for Meredith to come home. Izzie asks Derek to ask Alex for 20 bucks for the pizza she just ordered because Alex (Justin Chambers) isn‘t talking to her.Meredith is helping Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) move into their beautiful new apartment. Hahn is also there assisting Callie and making Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina extremely uncomfortable. Hahn (Brooke Smith) asks Callie on a date. A date-date, actually, with perhaps some taking off of clothes at the end. Yowza. Read more »
<<PREVIOUS | NEXT>> For BuddyTV writer Debbie Chang, there is no single greater article of clothing on all of TV than Alex Karev‘s black wifebeater on Grey‘s Anatomy. It‘s casual and comfortable, but most importantly, it‘s easy on the eyes.Not all guys can pull off a wifebeater (as Seth Cohen taught us when he tried to imitate Ryan on The O.C.), but Justin Chambers is most certainly one of those guys. Whether he‘s taking care of his crazy girlfriend or distancing himself emotionally from those around him, it‘s impossible to resist Alex‘s choice of clothing while he‘s relaxing at home. Read more »
Let me just make a few things clear. I know that Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight is gay. We all know this thanks to the big mouths of Isaiah Washington and Katherine Heigl who didn’t shut up about it for what seemed like forever. I also know this because he opened up about his sexuality on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and I have seen pictures of him and his boyfriend. Furthermore, I know that the character he plays on Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. George O’Malley, is not real. I don’t care though. I want to date George O’Malley. If he was real, I’d pull Lexie’s hair out to stand first in line to date him. Sure he can be neurotic and at times, completely oblivious, but how any woman ever let George go is beyond me. Read more »
The romance between Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Erica Hahn certainly has Grey’s Anatomy fans talking this season. Neither has even been in a relationship with a woman before and on last week’s episode, we saw just how awkward and uncomfortable it can be when you charge ahead into new territory. Callie, having taken Bailey’s advice, lets Erica know that there has to be rules – and safety words. Erica was relieved that she wasn’t the only one freaking out and the two headed out on their first official date. Things won’t stay smooth between these two for too much longer as a new bisexual intern, played by Melissa George, hits Seattle Grace and stirs things up. Read more »
Previously on Grey‘s Anatomy: MerDer revolutionized the treatment of inoperable brain tumors and George finally graduated from being a lowly intern.  Callie visited Hahn‘s fertile crescent, Lexie lusted after George, and a real-life Army man kissed Cristina.This week‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy is fairly easy to follow because there‘s only one medical case. Of course, that one is a doozie, as Dr. Bailey orchestrates a massive 12-person simultaneous Domino Surgery with six separate kidney transplants. In other news, Callie doesn‘t like lesbian sex, Meredith finds something minor to fight with Derek about (as she always does) and the residents have some fun choosing which intern George gets. Read more »
Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy featured a pretty impressive surgery, which involved just about every doctor at Seattle Grace. Planned out by Bailey, 6 people needed a kidney transplant and they would all be performed at the same time, involving 12 patients total. What Bailey failed to check before admitting these patients is their dysfunctional family backgrounds. One man was so desperate to reconnect with his estranged son that he offered him $10,000 to donate his kidney to him and spend a few days with him in the hospital. Another man was cheating on his wife with another donor and when she found out, she nearly walked. Despite those massive issues, not to mention Meredith dropping a kidney on the floor, everyone survived and Seattle Grace started climbing back to the top of the national hospital rankings. Read more »
On November 13, Melissa George will make her way onto Grey’s Anatomy as Sadie, a bisexual intern who stirs things up. She’ll be hanging around for quite some time, telling Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello that she’s already filmed 4 episodes. Though we know that she’ll create problems for Erica and Callie’s relationship, which one she’ll choose to cozy up with remains to be seen. “They haven‘t told me, and I‘ve been asking them every day,” she admitted to EW. My money’s on Callie but that’s just me. Read on to find out what Melissa George had to say about Sadie’s past with Meredith as well as her future on the show. Read more »
For many Grey’s Anatomy fans, there may not be another relationship that was as emotional and is missed as much as Izzie and Denny. In season 2, she met him after he was admitted to Seattle Grace for a serious heart condition and the two fell for each other quickly. He died all too soon, and in many ways, could be blamed on Izzie who tried to take his treatment into her own hands. Denny left her an $8.7 million inheritance check, which she used to open up a free clinic in his name and his memory. This season, Denny (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) made a brief return in a dream sequence but rumor has it that Izzie will be seeing him again very soon. Read more »
The powers that be behind Grey‘s Anatomy would like us to know that no animals were harmed in the production of this episode. Uh oh, that can‘t be good.Tonight‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy begins with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) cleaning out Ellis‘ old boxes containing memorabilia from Meredith‘s childhood. Meredith finds her old Anatomy Jane doll. Read more »
What is it with the couples on Grey’s Anatomy? In almost every relationship, since the very beginning, usually one person acts like a jerk while the other just takes it. Case in point: Derek and Meredith, Burke and Cristina, Alex and Izzie, George and Callie, and so on and so forth.  I present Grey’s most recent offender: Callie and Erica. Anyone who’s ever been in an OR with Dr. Erica Hahn knows that she doesn’t take any crap. Bailey can certainly testify to that. On last night’s episode, the two butted heads over a young patient with an inoperable tumor. Erica was difficult, argumentative, and extremely abrasive. She doesn’t tolerate anyone who’s opinions and ideas don’t match hers and she certainly doesn’t tolerate any disrespect from residents or interns. Why, then, does she clam up every time Callie walks into the room? Read more »
For those of you who felt the lack of that all-important chemistry between Dr. Erica Hahn and Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy, you weren’t alone. ABC execs weren’t feeling it either and told the people at Grey’s to get rid of her as soon as possible, according to Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello. A source close to the situation told EW that the execs took issue with “both the explicit direction Callie was taking and, more importantly, with the Hahn character in general.” Brooke Smith spoke out to EW this week and said that she was as blindsided as the fans were by this news. Read more »
Grey’s Anatomy fans were caught off guard this week when ABC abruptly fired Brooke Smith, who plays Dr. Erica Hahn, from the show. No one was more surprised than Smith herself, who never got any indication that anyone was unhappy with her performance on Grey’s. ABC execs were unhappy with the lesbian relationship between Erica and Dr. Callie Torres (played by Sara Ramirez). Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer of the show, released a statement saying that Smith was not fired for playing a lesbian. She was fired because of her lack of chemistry with Ramirez and a storyline that didn’t seem to be going anywhere. If you think the people at ABC aren’t trying to make Grey’s a little less gay, think again. Wait until you hear what they’re doing about Melissa George’s character. Read more »
Tonight‘s Grey‘s Anatomy opens with Meredith‘s voiceover musing about death, a common occurrence on Grey‘s Anatomy, actually. It‘s early morning and Cristina (Sandra Oh) wakes Meredith up by calling to discuss Ellis‘ old diaries, which are the Harry Potter books Cristina never had. Derek (Patrick Dempsey), who enjoys not getting woken up by a phone call at the butt crack of dawn, is annoyed to no end by Cristina. Later on at the hospital, Derek asks Mark (Eric Dane) to seduce Cristina to keep her occupied.Everyone is late for work today, even Bailey who is arguing with Tucker about marriage counseling. Read more »
Any episode of Grey’s Anatomy that features the return of my all-time favorite character Denny Duquette is a great episode in my book. At this point, it seems obvious that the writers at Grey’s must regret killing him off just a little bit before they should have because they keep bringing him up and he keeps showing up here and there. It seems that Izzie isn’t the only one who can’t forget about him. Fans are always overjoyed to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s face around the hospital halls, too – even if he’s dead and even if he hardly says a word. Though I’ll admit to welling up just about every time Denny showed his face, it was another couple on last night’s episode that had me crying like a baby. Read more »
Last week, Grey’s Anatomy shocked the press and fans of the show with the abrupt dismissal of Brooke Smith, who played Dr. Erica Hahn. Erica had become a love interest for Dr. Callie Torres (played by Sara Ramirez) but Callie was unsure whether she was ready to jump full force into a lesbian relationship. ABC made the decision for them, cutting the storyline completely and refusing to give Erica Hahn a proper goodbye. She was last seen walking out of Seattle Grace after arguing with Callie about their relationship as well as the hospital’s protocol for dealing with Izzie Stevens after she stole a heart for Denny Duquette. Many felt that Brooke’s firing was unnecessary and a former cast member of the show, Isaiah Washington, has jumped to her defense. Read more »
Tomorrow night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy should be interesting, especially with the appearance of a new intern at Seattle Grace named Sadie (played by Melissa George). Sadie was originally intended to be a person who was very open-minded when it came to sexuality. Rumors flew that she’d jump into bed with Mark… or Callie… or maybe had even jumped into bed with her old pal Meredith in the past. Grey’s creator and executive producer may have had one idea about Sadie but ABC execs had another. They have been cutting gay storylines left and right and recently, and abruptly, fired Brooke Smith who played Dr. Erica Hahn. Read on for a look at tomorrow night’s episode, “The Ties That Bind”. Read more »
Tonight on Grey‘s Anatomy, Cristina (Sandra Oh) is still bugging the hell out of Derek (Patrick Dempsey) by monopolizing Meredith‘s time. She wakes them both up by hopping into bed with them, bearing the news that Hahn (Brooke Smith) is gone. She no longer works at Seattle Grace. Derek is peeved by the intrusion, but gets up to answer the door. The visitor is Sadie (guest star Melissa George), who is Meredith‘s old friend from med school and who was her Cristina before Cristina was. She‘s kind of a rebel, but we‘ll get to that later. She took a break after med school to work in a morgue, but today is her first day as an intern at Seattle Grace. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Sadie call each other Death and Die, respectively, a story which Meredith is unwilling to share with Derek. (Cristina is all, "Her name‘s not Death. It‘s Mer.") After Sadie bogarts Meredith, Cristina sulks in the kitchen with Derek about getting kicked out of bed. She also spends the entire rest of the episode being rude to Sadie. Aww, Cristina is jealous.Elsewhere in the frat house, Izzie (Katherine Heigl) is still having a hard time letting go of Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) because he stubbornly won‘t leave her alone, despite being, you know, dead. By the way, Izzie still has that brown sweater that she knit for him back when he was still alive. Alex notices that there is something on Izzie‘s mind and actually shows compassion by offering to talk about it with her. He‘s not even a jerk about it, either. I guess if Izzie has visions of Denny walking and talking even though he‘s dead, then it‘s not too much of a stretch to believe that Alex (Justin Chambers) can be nice.  Read more »
I‘d like to start things off today by asking a few simple questions of Grey‘s Anatomy: Why do Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, and Alex all have the same shift and always walk into Seattle Grace together?  Since when is George not friends with anyone anymore?  When did Lexie become such a rebel?  What is it about Callie that makes Mark act like a half decent guy?  And just who the heck does Sadie think she is?  If last night‘s episode of Grey‘s left you feeling a little disconnected, you‘re not the only one.  Sadie showed up out of thin air, barging into Meredith‘s house and blurting out inside jokes that no one got.  These two must have been pretty great friends since Mer basically seemed to let her get away with murder. Read more »
There’s been a lot going on at Seattle Grace lately – and without much explanation. Dr. Erica Hahn left her position at the hospital without so much as a word to anyone about it. A new intern Sadie, with a history with Meredith, showed up and walked around like she owned the place. And oh, did we mention that Izzie is having sex with her dead fiancé? Just when you thought you couldn’t become any more confused, Shonda Rhimes teams up with Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello to clear the air about a few things while leaving us looking forward to other things. Be confused no more! The answers to your biggest Grey’s questions lie just ahead. Read more »
Born and raised in Scotland, Kevin McKidd is the latest acclaimed actor to join the cast of Grey‘s Anatomy.  He has established a name for himself playing roles in Trainspotting, HBO‘s Rome and last year‘s NBC drama Journeyman.  Now, you can watch him every week as Owen Hunt, the new trauma surgery attending at Seattle Grace Hospital, or as I like to call him, Major McHottie.Kevin McKidd spoke to BuddyTV today about the direction that this season of Grey‘s Anatomy will take, about his romantic pairing with Sandra Oh‘s character Cristina Yang and about what his Grey‘s Anatomy McNickname should be. Read more »
Grey‘s Anatomy starts with the Seattle skyline at night. I guess it‘s all about nighttime and monsters tonight. We see flashes of scenes which I am presuming will end the episode.But anyway, let‘s start from the beginning. It‘s the same night as it was in last week‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy. Izzie (Katherine Heigl) and Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) just kissed, which is making her freak out and think she‘s going crazy. Well, um, yeah, she kind of is. Denny suggests that they test her sanity by going all the way to home base, which they never got to do while he was alive. He takes his shirt off, as I swoon. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of Grey‘s Anatomy, the interns went all Lord of the Flies and just did whatever the hell they wanted.  Led by Lexie (of all people), they came up with the ridiculous and stupid idea to perform a surgery on one of their own while the residents were busy with their own patients.  One intern starts by letting the others inject him with an epidural and then putting in a catheter.  Then, Lexie decides they should all perform an appendectomy on him.  When he chickens out, Sadie volunteers.  Lexie becomes nervous about the surgery, as she should be, since none of them know what the hell they‘re doing but Sadie just cuts herself and just like that, the appendectomy is under way! Read more »