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Fiercely attractive, Courteney Cox entered Hollywood aiming to be a model but instead, she landed on a pot of gold when she took a chance on a comedy series. Pretty, smart and very sexy, she exudes a sunny aura, which dazzles her fans worldwide. Ultimately, she gives the viewers a taste of her versatile acting, as she became part of the serial drama Dirt. Read more »
Josh Stewart may appear as an average kind of guy but a closer glimpse of this celebrity will furnish an impression of a gorgeous hunk. Armed with a handy acting background, he takes on Hollywood with his witty personality and brilliant talent. Moreover, he became part of the show Dirt, which further exposes his thriving career. Read more »
On the season finale of Dirt, which aired Tuesday, March 27, 2007, Jennifer Aniston reunited with former ‘Friends‘ co-star Courtney Cox as she guest starred on the episode entitled Ita Missa Est. Dirt is a television drama broadcast on the FX Network, produced by Cox and husband David Arquette. On the said episode, Aniston played Tina Harrod, a lesbian editor of a rival magazine to Lucy Spiller, played by Courtney Cox. Apart from the much-awaited reunion of the two friends, the finale has another controversial tone, the kissing of Aniston and Cox. Read more »