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On MTV tonight, fans will be glad they‘re seeing double.  Apparently, two seasons of the wild Tila Tequila wasn‘t enough.  Even though the Internet celebrity is out of the mix, the network brings in two new stars for the premiere of a different series, A Double Shot at Love.The reality dating show will be featuring the bisexual Ikki twins – Rikki and Vikki.  Twelve straight men and twelve lesbians will be fighting for the affections of either two ladies, in the craziest possible way.  This lovelorn group will undergo a number of unique challenges, in their attempts to win over the hearts of Rikki and Vikki.  There‘s twice of everything – excitement, jealousy and definitely the drama.  Add 24 other personalities and you get more than your fair share of A Double Shot at Love.  Read more »
MTV‘s bisexual dating show is back, only this time, there‘s no Tila Tequila. After striking out twice in the love department, she‘s stepped aside to make way for Vikki and Rikki, the bisexual Ikki Twins! That‘s right...twins! Twelve heterosexual men and 12 lesbians will compete to win the hearts of the bisexual Hooters girl twins. It‘s A Double Shot at Love.The daters are flown in via helicopter, being dragged in two giant boxes below the choppers. At least, that‘s what we‘re supposed to think, but that has to be illegal and it looks very fake. The twins want to trick the contestants, so Rikki will meet everyone while Vikki watches from her bedroom. Read more »
Could the bisexual MySpace queen be bitter about being replaced?  Tila Tequila has her opinions about everything, and she always has something to say.  Of course, she even has a book about it.  And during the reality star‘s book signing, she was approached by the press and asked about her take on A Double Shot at Love. Surprisingly, Tila didn‘t appear very interested in voicing out her thoughts on the Ikki twins.  Vikki and Rikki have already managed to push her out of the reality dating scene for now, but Tila knows there‘s no way they can substitute her.  The former star of A Shot at Love even shared a few words for the Ikkis in case they‘re listening.  Read more »
As the world gains more and more interest on bisexuality (particularly female), the stars of MTV’s A Double Shot at Love seem to be in the midst of it all.  The Ikki Twins took over the series from Tila Tequila, and surely got a lot of attention for the premiere of their show.  During a recent interview, Rikki and Vikki spoke about how they landed the job and their experiences on A Double Shot at Love.On how they got into the reality series, Rikki said, “We were both big fans of the show – I had actually sent MTV an e-mail saying I wanted to do it – so when it finally came up we went in and auditioned.  Even the day they told us we got it we were in disbelief because it was everything that we wanted.”  Read more »
Four girls and three guys have been given the boot on the premiere episode of A Double Shot at Love, and the Ikki twins tell us why.  MTV has released an exclusive video detailing the reasons for Vikki and Rikki‘s choices for elimination, ranging from total lack of interest to too much intimacy.  For the launch of A Double Shot at Love, the Ikki Twins had to make a tough decision in picking who should be sent home.  Rikki even said that “eliminating somebody on just first impressions is really hard,” but they agree with one another in the end.  Read more »
Previously on A Double Shot at Love: The lesbians and guys met the Ikki Twins separately before discovering that they‘re actually on a reality show with bisexual twins. The guys, conditioned by beer commercials, went insane.The show‘s first competition pits the boys against the girls by having them throw paint-filled balloons over a wall to get the other team‘s twin bed dirty. The unemployed sad sack Ben is forced to sit out. Before time runs out, Jersey boy Scott throws the pillows and sheets over the wall, getting them disqualified. Read more »
According to police reports, Kandice Hutchison, known as Kandi on A Double Shot of Love, died tragically while street-racing. Kandi, who was eliminated in the second episode of the MTV reality show, was killed in a car accident on October 21 after she finished filming for A Double Shot at Love.The Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram is reporting that police now believe that the accident that took Kandi‘s life was caused by illegal street racing and alcohol. Read more »
MTV launched exclusive videos detailing the highlights of the second episode of A Double Shot at Love, as well as behind-the-scenes clips of the show.  Surprise after surprise came crashing on the reality dating series, when last episode featured the Ikki twins‘ “big reveal.”  Despite the excitement, drama kept flowing in and out of the house immediately.  Rebekah and Xoe were pulled aside, because of accusations by Nick. Apparently, the Ikki twins were informed that Xoe and Rebekah were “touching Josh all night long” even though they were lesbians.  It was probably a false claim on Nick‘s part, and even Xoe said that she was only being nice to Josh and Nick “took it the wrong way."  Read more »
Oh A Double Shot at Love, with your soft-core porn tendencies and lipstick bisexuals, it‘s no wonder you‘re a hit. Tonight‘s Double Shot at Love contained much of the things we‘ve come to expect from an MTV Reality show: people who have become caricatures of themselves, hosts who have not learned the lesson of hosts past, nonsensical challenges, and a little skinny dipping thrown in for good measure. With their first elimination done, the Ikki twins are ready to really get to know the contestants who are seeking a shot at love with them. The first challenge for the potential-lovers today is the third annual bi-athlon. (Biathlon--get it? MTV is so subtle with these things.) The biathlon, which was really an obstacle course, pitted the boys against the girls for a sexy pool date with the Ikki Twins.  Read more »
When we left the Ikki Twins last week, a pox had been thrown upon their house by a jilted lesbian life-guard. After being eliminated, Jen screamed for the Ikki twins and all to hear: "I hope you both fall in love with the same people and have it all go to shit." Well-thrown pox Jen, because it‘s totally happening. Despite having a mansion full of available, hot-bodied, twenty-somethings of both sexes throwing themselves at them, Vikki and Rikki only have eyes for the same few people: Trevor, Rebekah, and Josh. A problem which we predict will only get ickier. If tonight‘s Double Shot of Love episode had been titled the same way Friends episodes were, it would‘ve been called: "The One Where Everyone Cries." For a bunch of 20 somethings living in a mansion, with endless supplies of alcohol and where anything goes sexually--there is an awful lot of crying. Every segment of tonight‘s show featured someone crying. The main offenders were Nick and Rikki, but Vikki joined in on the water-works as well. Sensitive "singer" Nick seems to have tears that are actually contagious; as every time he‘s in a room or even mentioned, Rikki breaks down in tears. Rikki swears she has some deep connection with Nick, but the only thing they seem to have in common is lots and lots of crying. Not exactly the basis for a great relationship. Read more »
The most recent episode of A Double Shot at Love left us asking one question over and over again: is Josh insane or just a pathological liar? In the 5th Episode of A Double Shot at Love, we join the Ikki twins and the six remaining contestants: Trevor, Scott, Josh, Rebekah, Xoe, and Rosemarie. Everything seems to be going swell with everyone: the Ikki‘s are falling for a couple of the contestants, while making out with the rest of them and the other contestants are getting along really well. Two of them, Josh and Rosemarie are getting a long a little too well; especially if they are really there to find love with Vikki or Rikki, and not with each other.As we know, Rosie and Josh, have hooked up at least once before, during the first night of residence in the casa de Ikki. Somehow, despite being a reality TV show filled with opportunistic competitors who‘d usually scream this information from the rooftop, no one has clued the Ikki Twins in on this make-out session. But that‘s all about to change, in a spectacularly dramatic way. When the Ikki‘s call the remaining contestants into the elimination room for "confession time," you know it‘s all over for the covert-couple. Read more »
Reality dating shows have spurned many hearts over the years, so two contestants of A Double Shot at Love took their chance to speak up about it.  Failing to win the affections of the Ikki Twins on the MTV reality show, 23-year-old Elise Young and 25-year-old James Shea instead opened up about their experiences on the series.  Discouraged by her time on the show, Elise noted how she felt the Ikkis were more interested in the male contestants rather than the female.  “It seemed like they had more fun with the guys,” she said.  “They reacted naturally to them.  I don‘t know if they were scared when it came to the girls.  It seemed as though they kind of had a more of a natural situation with the guys.”  Read more »
With the Ikki Twins taking over her spot on MTV, A Shot at Love‘s Tila Tequila has quite a lot of time on her hands these days.  She‘s been seen practically everywhere, and it looks like she‘s not stopping anytime soon.  Tila recently returned home from a holiday in Jamaica, getting some rest and keeping her spirits up.  Despite being on vacation, the bisexual MySpace queen found a few moments to connect with her fans via her blog.   Enjoying her break in the famous island nation, Tila Tequila wrote “I needed to do a last minute getaway and decided to go to Jamaica!  I have never been here before, and I must say....I absolutely LOVE IT!”  Read more »
There are few moments in a relationship more nerve-racking then meeting the parents. So imagine the nerves, for all parties involved, when you‘re bringing home not one girlfriend, but two. This week on A Double Shot at Love, the Ikki twins, the final four contestants and their families faced this conundrum. And just as one would suspect, many of the trips to meet the parents did not go well.The first family to be introduced to the Ikki twins, was golden boy Trevor‘s. Despite coming across as a mellow California guy, Trevor actually hails from a conservative family in Pennsylvania. So, imagine the shock, when their son walks in with not one but two new girlfriends. While Trevor‘s parents feign politeness after they pick their jaws up off the floor, they get a bit hot under the collar when the twins bisexuality is mentioned. When Vikki asks Trevor‘s Mom what she thinks about her son dating bisexual twins, the mouth agape Wendy answers "I think I‘ll take a drink," before taking a chug of her wine. Later in the home date Trevor‘s Dad says he believes bisexuality is a moral issue and admits that the Ikki Twins are not the type of girls he had hoped Trevor would end up with. Really Dad? When you imagined your little boy growing up you didn‘t think, "I hope my boy ends up with a pair of twin bisexual nude models?" But isn‘t that the American dream? Read more »
There‘s more to being a MySpace royal than a reality show and the most number of page views.  It was recently revealed that Virtual Greats LLC and Rock You have successfully launched the first official celebrity virtual goods for several social networking sites, and that Tila Tequila is a part of the phenomenon.  It‘s not really that surprising anymore, but this is apparently a new step for the A Shot at Love star.  The virtual products released on sites like Facebook, Friendster and MySpace have been set up on these networks through the popular application known as Super Pets . Don‘t think you can get a little Tila of your own though.  The idea behind this is that users of the program are now able to adorn their online “pets” with virtual merchandise. Read more »
Since Tila Tequila left MTV‘s A Shot at Love, she‘s been getting involved with a number of ladies and gents.  It seems as though she‘s not stopping anytime soon too.  News broke out that she and Courtenay Semel are through, because Semel appears to have gotten back together with her ex-girlfriend, socialite Casey Johnson.  Really, it‘s getting more and more difficult to keep up with these tangled relationships.  Anyway, Tila Tequila was recently spotted with yet another lady on her arm, as she seems to have moved on from her previous failed romance.  Just last Wednesday, the media saw Tila leaving Hollywood‘s Crown Bar with a girl clad in black leather.  This unnamed personality looked as if she was having lots of fun with the 27-year-old A Shot at Love star.  The couple was photographed being really close, with Tila causing quite a stir with some provocative poses. Read more »
It‘s down to the final three battling for the Ikki Twins hearts on A Double Shot At Love. We‘ve got the lone lesbian left Rebekah, Golden Boy Trevor, and good old Jersey Scottie still in the competition. In reality they could have done this episode in 15 minutes, because we‘ve all known since the second or third episode that Rebekah and Trevor were going to be the last two standing. After the season‘s third episode 51% of you thought that both of the Ikki‘s would fall for Trevor--and you were totally right. However, the 18% of you who said that they‘d fall for Rebekah were also right...because everyone is falling in love with everyone.Yes, the "L Word" (and no, not the Showtime show) was out in a big way this episode. Both Rikki and Vikki talked about falling in love with each of the contestants, though their declarations for Scottie were weaker than what they said about the chosen two. We should have kept a tally, but we are positive every remaining contestant and Ikki Twin used the world love to describe their feelings for someone else, which is just kind of sad for the contestants and very confusing for the Ikki‘s. Falling in love with one person is often confusing; so I imagine falling in love with three people, all while wondering if they‘re really in love with your identical twin, is downright maddening. Read more »
It didn’t seem too long ago that the Ikki Twins took the reigns from Tila Tequila on A Shot at Love.  Now, there are but two contestants left on this season of the show.  Vikki and Rikki recently talked to and shared their ideas on the final contenders of A Double Shot at Love: party girl Rebekah and surfer dude Trevor.  The twins think both contestants are incredible, but they have their quirks.  Rikki said, “Rebekah gives me butterflies when she touches me.  I love her family they are great.  Trevor I don’t see it cause of his family, but he is drama free."  Read more »
It‘s almost time! Tonight is the epic A Double Shot at Love finale and reunion show. We‘ll discover whether both Ikkis find love or if there are some incredibly awkward family gatherings coming up in the Ikki family future. In anticipation of the sure to be scandalous finale, we sat down and chatted with both Ikki Twins. Today we‘re sharing our conversation with Vikki who took the time to chat with us about body shots in Jersey and what it was like watching the show with her sister. Read more »
In an epic three hour finale tomorrow night we will learn the fate of the Ikki Twins and their potential suitors, Trevor and Rebekah. Will Vikki and Rikki each find love? Or will one twin head home broken hearted and facing a life-time of awkward moments now that their twin sister is dating their ex? You‘ll have to tune in tomorrow to see the shocking outcome. But today you can enjoy a BuddyTV exclusive interview with one half of the Ikki Twins, Rikki. Rikki was kind enough to sit down and chat about her favorite moments from the show and why there definitely needs to be an uncensored DVD of this season. Read more »
In a shocking turn of events on last night‘s finale of A Double Shot At Love, Vikki was the Ikki Twin to find love with mellow surfer boy Trevor. Last week, we sat down and talked with Vikki about what it‘s like to watch your boyfriend proclaim his love for your twin sister on national television and what‘s next for she and Trevor. Read more »
MTV made this season a double with A Double Shot at Love, and the Ikki twins are the talk of the bisexual town.  Now that they‘ve gotten exposed on television, Vikki and Rikki recently sat down to discuss their experiences on the show.  Prior to their stint on A Double Shot at Love, the Ikkis were avid watchers of its predecessor, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.  “We were huge fans of season one and two, and our manager ended up getting us an interview at MTV for the new girls,” Rikki admitted.  Read more »
Their reality dating series might still be on-going, but the Ikki Twins are still taking their own shots behind the camera.  The stars of MTV‘s A Double Shot at Love recently hosted an evening at Jet nightclub in The Mirage.  Guys and girls didn‘t hesitate to join the bisexual duo, as most of them vied for their attention and partied along.  Get Even More Ikki:Exclusive Interview with Rikki of A Double Shot At Love, Part 1 Exclusive Interview with Rikki of A Double Shot at Love, Part 2Exclusive Interview with Vikki of A Double Shot At Love, Part 1 Exclusive Interview with Vikki of A Double Shot At Love, Part 2 Read more »
You just knew it couldn‘t be a happy ending for everyone on an MTV reality show. Tonight‘s finale of A Double Shot at Love ended more like a Grimm‘s tale than a Disney story. Even the ‘lucky half‘ of the Ikki Twins has a lot of baggage to carry from now on. But let‘s not get too far ahead ourselves, when this episode started we were filled with hope for identical happy endings. With who, I can‘t quite tell--because despite being less than a day away from the final elimination, no one‘s feelings seem certain yet. Trevor says he is falling in love with both of the Twins and Rebekah says she can‘t decide between the two. We‘ve said it before and we‘ll say it one last time--this can‘t bode well. Our worries of impending heart-break are quickly confirmed by a voice-over that states repeatedly, "if the Twins choose the same person, that person will have to choose between the Twins." Uh-oh. Read more »
Not only did we learn which Ikki found love on last night‘s finale of A Double Shot at Love, we also got to see some of our favorites (and least favorites) one more time during the show‘s fiesty and incredibly awkward reunion show. First up was the Happy Hour Reunion, which brought back all the previously eliminated contestants. They were all there in their forgotten reality tv ‘star‘ glory. Seriously, the premiere was just a couple months ago and we remember about half of these people... thankfully. We‘d completely forgotten about "I‘m actually straight" girl Ashley and fundamentalist "all lesbians need is a really good man" James. Unfortunately, we were reminded of their existence once again last night. Read more »
For once, Tila Tequila isn’t too happy about the attention she’s getting.  Emily Farris, a blogger from, has received a cease-and-desist letter from the A Shot at Love star’s lawyers.  All Farris did was to use a picture of the Internet celebrity for her post, and Tila’s people threatened Nerve for mentioning the celebrity’s name without authorization. The letter that Farris received read, “It has come to our client‘s attention that you are using our client‘s name and image without permission.  Neither our client or any of her employees, agents or representatives have granted you the right to exploit either her professional name or image.”  Read more »
A lot of fans will remember Nicky Geovonie from A Double Shot at Love.  She‘s the 25-year old self-proclaimed “platinum star” lesbian from Sayville, New York.  Confident with her lifestyle, she‘s glad of what she‘s accomplished on the show despite being eliminated on its third episode.  Even though she didn‘t appear as much on the series, she was still glad to be back for its reunion special. Loud and proud chef Nicky keeps audiences updated on her MTV blog, and she recently posted an entry regarding the thrilling reunion of the A Double Shot at Love contestants.  She went on to show her gratitude for being part of the show, as well as give some advice to those willing to take it.  Read more »
The second season of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila brought many interesting characters on screen, but you never thought you’d hear from them again until now.  One of the contestants on the series, who was known for headbutting a fellow contestant on the show, was recently arrested for allegedly beating up his girlfriend.  Chad Tulik was taken in by the police, who went to his home in West Hollywood after neighbors called to say they overheard hints of violence.  The cops then interfered, only to find Chad with a bruised and injured woman in the house.  Read more »
We‘re still in shock that Trevor chose Vikki over Rikki in last night‘s Double Shot At Love finale...and we‘re not the only one. Rikki was completely in shock too. Wouldn‘t you be if the guy had already declared his love for you and then chose your twin sister? Maybe Trevor still can‘t tell the Ikkis apart. In our second part of our exclusive interview with Rikki, the loosing twin discusses life after A Double Shot at Love, what it‘s like to see someone she loved dating her twin sister, and let‘s us know what‘s next for Rikki Ikki. Read more »
After Tila Tequila and the Ikki Twins, it would seem that audiences have had their fill of A Shot at Love.  However, MTV is bringing another round of the scandalous reality series, and is currently scouring the country for men and women to be on the show.   The network is in search of the “most eligible, alluring, outrageous, and adventurous men and women to go head-to-head for a chance to win the heart of our bi-sexual bachelorette in the ultimate battle of the sexes because all is fair in love and war.”  The identity of the next Tila Tequila/Vikki and Rikki remains unknown, but that won‘t stop the thousands of hopefuls from joining. Read more »
Despite her not-so-pleasant experiences in her reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, the diminutive internet sensation is set to launch another reality, but this time, it‘s going to be online and, Tila says, "100 percent real because it is live." Real Life with Tila may not be on MTV, but Tila says it‘s going to be more real than most reality shows which she says are "scripted." Read more »
While 26-year-old part-time cocktail waitress Cocktail may have won the Ray J-centered dating reality show For the Love of Ray J, fellow reality star Tila Tequila confirmed that she and the hip hop singer have in fact been dating for months."Yes, we‘ve been dating for a while but didn‘t want the media to find out because it‘s nobody‘s business," writes Tequila, who herself had a couple of seasons of looking for "love" via her own reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.  She adds that she is coming forward only to quell rumors that she‘s dating Tyrese and Diddy.  Read more »
A Shot at Love star Tila Tequila is joining the Twitter bandwagon, as she implied, via a series of Tweets, some deleted shortly afterwards, that she was impregnated by someone in hip hop. While, surely, some of the Tweets may verge on the exaggerated, Tila does vow that it is huge."I have some huge news to announce that would shake the whole country up, but maybe I shouldn‘t announce it," says one post. "I have some huge news to announce that would shake the whole country up, but maybe I shouldn‘t announce it... Trust me, this is life changing and not a small thing.  Even I was shocked when I found out... Let‘s all pray.  Let‘s just say I got hip hop." Read more »
A few weeks after hinting that she was carrying the child of someone "very famous" in the hip-hop industry, bisexual reality starlet Tila Tequila confirms the news in the same place where she first fueled speculations - Twitter.Posting on her account, the diminutive personality said, "I‘m gonna tell y‘all something real fast, then delete it ok? Since nobody is awake... reason why I‘ve been feeling sick on and off lately is because yes, I am pregnant!" Read more »
Tila Tequila can‘t seem to stop making the headlines.  The A Shot at Love star recently announced that she was expecting a baby, shocking the entertainment world when she revealed the news on her Twitter account.  However, sources have revealed that the MySpace queen isn‘t pregnant after all.  What‘s more, that early-morning statement of hers was simply meant as a joke to stir things up. Insiders have told Extra that all the Internet reports were a hoax and that Tila Tequila isn‘t really a soon-to-be mommy.  She was spotted vacationing at a beach over the past few days, looking as though she hadn‘t a care in the world.  The self-proclaimed bisexual star even went jet-skiing.  Isn‘t that a bit too much excitement for someone carrying life in her womb? Read more »
After some speculation that she may be indeed be carrying a child in her womb, reality star Tila Tequila finally confessed.  It‘s been a month since she reported on Twitter that she was pregnant, telling the baby‘s father to finally reveal his identity.  However, this was later contradicted with further rumors that she wasn‘t really with child. There‘s always been controversy surrounding the MySpace queen, even before she starred on MTV‘s A Shot at Love.  Now, we get to find out the truth.  Tila Tequila recently wrote on her blog that she is, in fact, not expecting a baby - currently.  Read more »
Tila Tequila appears to be increasing her number of titles these days: there‘s MySpace queen, reality TV star, self-proclaimed bisexual, author, model and singer.  Now, she‘s added animal rights activist to the list.  The A Shot at Love celebrity decided to promote her beliefs in her Global Grind website, recently posting about her stance regarding fur.Saying that she‘s offered herself up as a spokesperson for causes she cares about, Tila Tequila admits that she won‘t be stopping until she gets the job done.  The starlet added that she‘s encouraging many to follow her example in making conscious choices about the outfits they buy - and so goes her crusade. Read more »
Armed with her big mouth and a controversial blog, Tila Tequila has decided to stand up and make herself heard.  This side of the A Shot at Love star has barely been seen on television, so one can only imagine how surprising it is to hear her talk about political issues. The self-proclaimed bisexual Tila Tequila has been giving her insights on Global, and she recently wrote an open letter to President Obama.  The reality television star addressed the issues of gays joining the military. Read more »
We never thought it‘d happen, but here it goes: reality star Tila Tequila announced that she‘s just gotten engaged.  She took to her official Twitter page and website to divulge the big news, telling everyone that she‘s tied to Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson."Tonight, my beautiful girlfriend has just asked me to marry her and check out this rock," the 28-year-old star of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila said.  On her site, she posted a video of her expressing her joy at the event. Read more »
Johnson and Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, who recently became the subject of controversy for getting engaged to A Shot at Love star Tila Tequila, was found dead in Los Angeles. She was 30.  According to TMZ, the cause of death is still undetermined but a law enforcement source said that it appears Johnson had been already dead for several days before her body was discovered. And now, the LAPD has opened a death investigation. Read more »
At a loss at what to do, Tila Tequila, who rose to fame as the star of the MTV reality dating series A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, decided to turn to Twitter to pour her sentiments about the death of her fiancee, Casey Johnson. The Johnson and Johnson heiress died in Los Angeles at age 30.  Read more »
Twitter makes our lives better and more connected in 140 characters orless. Unless, of course, you‘re one of these ten celebrities who‘veused and abused Twitter at their peril and our punishment. If we could go all tribal council on Twitter, we‘d ban these celebrities from ever logging-on and over-sharing again.  Read more »
Tax Day is upon us once again--the last day for filing tax returns to avoid penalties. And that means the stress levels are likely to rise as you rush to beat the deadline. The whole process is definitely frustrating, but it doesn‘t have to be. After all, there are people in this world who are far more annoying than taxes--and many of them are on TV. Here at BuddyTV, we‘ve listed our picks for TV stars who make tax time a slightly more enjoyable proposition than watching them.Don‘t see your least favorite star here? Sound off in the comments below! Read more »
I know, I know, this article‘s title doesn‘t make much sense. "What‘s so real about reality TV?" you might ask. "It‘s fake situations involving not-so-fake people. I don‘t watch that sort of thing!"And yet we still do, which explains why Heidi Montag remains as (supposedly) relevant as ever. It‘s also the reason why we watch the Kardashians make an issue out of birth control. And also the reason why Team Cupcake exists. And why we hate Rachel on Big Brother. And why Paris Hilton survived that sex tape and managed to run for president of the United States. Read more »
It‘s time to get a blast from the past on MTV. Starting Monday, June 25 the network is launching a three-hour morning block of programming called Retro Mania that dusts off old shows from the network‘s vault.  Read more »