Ep. #9466

Season 38, Episode 104 -  Air Date: 8/18/2010
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As Diane prepares to go shopping, she is surprised to find Victor at the door. Victor asks Diane why she moved his sperm deposits from one lab to another. Diane asks Victor if it matters now because she‘s already pregnant with his child. Leanna Love arrives and asks Victor how he feels about the impending arrival of a new heir to the Newman throne.Mac tells Billy that she knows he slept with Brittany and leaves the coffeehouse. When Raul and Rianna come in, they notice Mac is upset and ask Billy what‘s going on. Billy tells them that he and Mac had a misunderstanding and asks them if they know what‘s going on with Mac. Rianna explains that Mac had been asking questions about Brittany and him.While Sharon and Nina register Phillip and Cassie for school, Nina notices Mac at her locker. Nina senses Mac is upset and Mac explains that someone has let her down. Nina advises Mac not to leave town, but to stick around and work things out. Doris and Nick meet for lunch at the coffeehouse.Whe