Ep. #9398

Season 38, Episode 36 -  Air Date: 5/14/2010
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Phyllis logs onto the Jabot web site and tells Victor and Victoria that the Glow kids are back. Ashley suggests they enhance the Glow campaign by having the contest winners attend a New Year‘s party with the Glow kids. They all agree with the idea, and take action immediately. Jill wonders, however, what will happen if the kids don‘t agree to this.After spending the night with Tricia, Matt is late for work, and Sharon assumes he is freaked over his incident with Tricia, but Nick assumes he‘s late for another reason. Sharon calls Matt‘s apartment and Tricia picks up the phone.At the coffeehouse, Raul and Rianna prepare to go to the Glow House, and Mac is positive she doesn‘t want to participate. Billy and Brittany ask Raul and Rianna if they are ready to go, and as Billy pays the bill, Brittany catches Billy looking at Mac.Michael enters Chris‘ office to find that she spent the night at work. Michael is wondering if it would be best if she doesn‘t get the job in Hong Kong when Gail t