Ep. #9230

Season 37, Episode 121 -  Air Date: 9/14/2009
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Sharon is looking at her welted face in the mirror recalling the events leading up to Cameron‘s death when Nick returns and startles her. He notices that she isn‘t herself and suggests taking a vacation after he closes the deal with Cameron. Annoyed that he hasn‘t heard from Cameron yet, Nick leaves for work. Under the attorney/client privilege, Sharon admits to Michael that she killed Cameron. He advises her to go to the police, but she refuses. Nikki goes to see Gina in the effort to find out where Sharon went after the New Year‘s party. She‘s surprised to hear the party wrapped early and is even more curious as to Sharon‘s whereabouts until the early morning hours. As a gesture of good faith, Phyllis gives Jack the neofinitia orchid from Dru‘s bouquet. Jack is shocked, but pleased. To himself, he thanks her for putting Newman out of the running. Neil and Dru share some quality time together. When he brings up the orchid and Dru doesn‘t react, he realizes that Jabot must have one as