Ep. #9112

Season 37, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/30/2009
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Victoria asks Victor if he‘s spoken to Nikki again, and begs him to stay at the ranch over the holidays. Victor breaks it to Victoria that he has nothing to say to Nikki, and that he will not be going back to the ranch at all.As Victor is moving his things out, Nikki tries to explain to Victor that she only bailed out Jabot to gain her independence. Jill complains about Nikki‘s involvement with Victor when John arrives at the meeting, asking if anyone has ideas for the Jabot web site. Jack explains his idea of having the kids return from the Glow House for the holidays.Jill explains that it might not work, because the kids aren‘t speaking. Billy and Brittany arrive and explain that everyone has worked out their differences, and the Glow House is a go. Victoria and Phyllis meet Victor in his office to discuss plans for the web site. When Phyllis mentions how she would like to do a make over and photo shoot with the winner of the contest, Victor agrees to use Malcolm to do the shoot. V