Ep. #8857

Season 35, Episode 253 -  Air Date: 3/25/2008
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Nikki warns Brad not to go to see Victor. She is sure Victor will know if he is lying, but Brad disagrees. Brad tells Victor that he knows about the Jabot situation through Ashley and how betrayed she feels. He assures him that even if he did have information about what was going on he wouldn‘t tell him.Victor is sure that Brad knows more than he is letting on. When John arrives home from his trip and wants to know about the business, Jack reveals that Brad and Nikki are the new investors in Jabot.Chris doesn‘t think that Michael did the right thing by siding with Jack; he needs to be objective if he is going to mediate between Jack, Brad and Victor.Mac is feeling the strain of working with Billy and asks Brock to help change her schedule at the shelter. Billy is looking at a picture of Mac while saying good night to Brittany over the phone.Victor arrives home and is surprised to see that Diane is still there. She starts lifting a heavy bag when Marissa stops her. Victor asks what‘