Ep. #8442

Season 34, Episode 88 -  Air Date: 7/28/2006
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J.T and Colleen agree that Kevin is bad news and that Lily is using him to get away from her loneliness and family problems. Kevin clearly states to Lily that he does not approve of her friendship with Colleen. At his apartment, he turns on his charm and showers attention onto her and gives her champagne. As Jill sits down at Gina‘s, Gina reminds Jill that she is Kay‘s stepdaughter. Jill wonders if Gina will back her up in declaring Kay mentally incompetent. After going through their test, Kay tells Nikki that if Jill passes their test, she will get everything but if she fails, she will not see a cent. At dinner, Nikki announces to Jill that Kay has a surprise for her. Weber finds Chris‘s blood stained scarf. Michael tries to stop Weber from taking the illegally obtained (since Weber interrupted a medical session) into custody. Wes reveals to Chris that she remembered hurting Isabella in hypnosis.