Ep. #8346

Season 33, Episode 247 -  Air Date: 3/14/2006
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John Silva tells Victor that Newman Enterprises can sue Brad as well as Jabot, if Jabot knew of Brad‘s contract with Newman Enterprises. John Silva and Victor decide to make a formal demand to Brad, having him describe his duties at Jabot.Ashley overhears Jack and Brad discussing her relationship with Victor. They are aware of Victor‘s threat to sue, but Ashley believes that Victor will drop the lawsuit once she makes amends with him regarding his deal with Forsythe.Jack is frustrated that the producer hasn‘t signed on for the ‘Jabot House‘ project. Just as Jack asks the agent to find him another producer, he sees Phyllis standing at his door. Billy asks Brittany where Mac and Raul are.Brittany says that they‘ve been out in the pool house alone for awhile and Raul must be making the most his time alone with Mac. Billy wants to go check on them, but Brittany says that they need some time alone themselves. She goes to kiss Billy, but he hugs her instead. Brittany and Billy go to the p